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Court of the Dead

Dec 15, 2012

How-To: The Making of the B5100 by Tesselate


The B5100 is a sweet original figure (it's almost more of a playset) by Tesselate. Ever wonder how he makes his amazing and brightly-colored figures? Here's a guide he just published! It takes you from concept, to 3D renderings, to finishing, to silicone mould-making, to pouring resin. The whole shebang, from start to finish. Fascinating!


Seal #4: Death Resin Figure by Menace Inc Studios

This is the first full reveal picture for the Death figure by Menace Inc Studios. Made for the 7 Seals Resin Blind Box Series, Death is about 4" tall with his scythe. The figure was cast in resin with an iron coating. Jeff used a special technique to rapidly rust the iron and then seal it to stop the rusting process and fix the look of the piece.

Pictured is the regular version- 1 of 7 made. There is also one chase variant that will be kept a surprise.

Another special one-off version will be part of the big giveaway at midnight. Several of the artists involved in the 7 Seals event will make one-off figures to give away at that magical hour of midnight at the event.

More details can be found at the Facebook event page for the 7 Seals Release Party. The party will take place at the Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema in Greensboro, NC.


Alexis Rivera (Playful Gorilla) - Seal #1 The Conqueror / First Horseman
Chris Moore (WeBecomeMonsters) - Seal #2 War / Second Horseman
Cash Cannon - Seal #3 Famine / Third Horseman
Jeff Beck - Seal #4 Death / Fourth Horseman
Ricardo Luna (lunacyfx) - Seal #5 Mark of the Beast
Motorbot - Seal #6 Destruction
HX - Seal #7 The Seven Angels

Tru:Tek - "Golden Seal" Resin Piece

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Sam Fout's Bone Ghost Agents by Argonaut Resins

Sam Fout is back and he's finished off his Bone Ghost Agent resins!
The first fifteen sold out quick and these are the last eleven (Agents P through Z) that will go on sale Tuesday Dec. 18th at 10PM Est. time in the Argonaut Resins online store. 

The Bone Ghost Agent stands at 5.5 inches tall and will come with a clear tint martini glass, regular handgun, handgun with a silencer or the all-new, never released machine gun! They will be signed by Sam Fout along with his custom Agent art print and custom box with the Agency logo on top. 

The Bone Ghost Agent is designed by Sam Fout and sculpted, cast and molded by Eric Nocella Diaz and produced by Argonaut Resins. The Bone Ghost Agents will go for $85 for the solid colors and $100 for the clear tint variants (plus shipping and handling).

Agent P = pink
Agent Q = orange
Agent R = Infrared Variant (red clear)
Agent S = grey
Agent T = purple
Agent U = Hologram Variant (blue clear)
Agent V = peach
Agent W = blue
Agent X = Jade Idol Variant

Sam Fout ->
Argonaut Resins online store ->

Bad Apple Rotofugi Exclusive by GOIN x Mighty Jaxx - Preorders Open 12/17!


Rotofugi has announced a preorder for an exclusive run of just 50 Bad Apples, the gorgeous graffiti work by French artist GOIN which was turned into an 8" resin figure with the help of Mighty Jaxx of Singapore.

Cast in a sick bright green with a black grenade, it's set to retail for $110. It's important to note here that what you see above is really close to the final product, but still a mockup. The bandanas on the final copies will have a debossed pattern like this:

They go live in the Rotofugi store on Monday, December 17th at 11AM Central Time. The first preorder edition of 300 sold out in just a few days, and my hunch is that this much smaller run will be gone in a flash, so be there!

Dec 14, 2012

New O.M.F.G. AP series - King Castor


File under: HOW DID I MISS THIS?!

The King Castor O.M.F.G. Artist Proof has been released.  Buy it here for $6 or get an AP with sketch card for $12.  The original flesh color is also available for $3 each.

I have gone on record that this is my favorite Series 1 figure.  I have ordered my AP with sketch (and an extra flesh one because I am weak).

Also, if you haven't pre-ordered your O.M.F.G. Series 2 (in Tenacious Toys White here, complete list here) what are you waiting for?

Gingermarshalls by 64 Colors

The creating duo who make up 64 Colors is joining in on the latest holiday themed custom push by releasing ten different custom Gingermarshall Custom vinyl toys tonight, December 14th, at 10PM EST. Priced at $130 each plus shipping, each cute custom comes perfectly painted with each custom having a unique face and emotion. All the custom Gingermarshalls come with a gingerbread boy accessory, which is also painted with different emotions. Even the candies on top of each of Gingermarshall's head have a different emotion painted on. Very nice touches overall, making each custom unique. These will most likely sellout quick, like most of 64 Colors other customs. So, if you want to acquire one of these awesome customs, make sure to have your favorite Gingermarshall loaded in the browser and start the F5 madness before 10PM EST. 64 Colors has made it a bit easier on collectors by making a product page for each one of the ten Ginergermarshalls.

Gingermarshall 01 by 64 Colors
Gingermarshall 2 by 64 Colors
Remember, these customs will go on sale December 14th at 10PM EST, or 7PM PST. That is a few hours from the time of this post. Good luck and happy holidays!

Follow 64 Colors here:
64 Colors Site
- Mark-Anthony

Secret Agent Fox by Gomi

A stunning 3 inch Dunny from Gomi. Look at this excellent scuplting he showed on this fox. Love his paintjob loads too. Great work!

Follow Gomi here:

About to go S.A.M.

Custom sculpted and painted Uglydoll vinyl

Toys.  Art.  Monsters.

A deceptively simple tagline that encompasses the lion's share of what you will find under the Small Angry Monster banner.  This newest incarnation of Adam Pratt's creative outlet is already shaping up to be the best yet.

The shop is open here: with a handful of new customs and a ton of stuff in the works which I am currently sworn to secrecy on so...keep an EYE out!

Custom painted Hellgnome resin figure

Dec 13, 2012

Critters and Treegar Double Drop Tomorrow from BigManToys


BigManToys is all set for a double drop of kick ass, yet very affordable, resin on Friday 12/14 at 6PM EST. For just $13 each you can buy one of their Critters-inspired minis or a Treegar Sapling from their online store.

This is wave 3 of the Critters, which you may notice look suspiciously like the deranged alien flesh munchers from a certain wonderful 80's B-movie. They stand just 1.5 inches, but are packed with detail by the exceptionally well-programmed sculpting unit known as Zectron. There are 35 individual pieces in this wave, no two the same, and you can check out a sneak peak of every one in the store right now.

The Treegar Saplings will be available in at least 3 colors, the flesh and neon orange shown here, plus neon pink and a possible mysterious fourth color. You may recognize this guy as well, because a 5.5" inch version was recently cast in resin and that did so well they decided to scale him down for a mini figure release. In my opinion, this one is just right!

Holiday Themed Custom Sets by The Jelly Empire

It's the Holidays and The Jelly Empire, aka Selina Briggs, is celebrating by creating some awesome holiday themed customs. Comprised of an Argonauts Resins Mini Tuttz and a Jellybot, each custom set is priced at $60 plus shipping. The first set is includes a Mini Tuttz Grinch and Max themed Jellybot. Jellybot Max even has the attached reindeer antler. Amazing attention to detail. The second set is peppermint candy themed, complete with red and white striped Mini Tuttz and Jellybot. Both sets will go on sale Friday, December 14th, at 3pm EST (or Noon PST).

The Tuttz that Stole Christmas Set by The Jelly Empire

Peppermint Candy Set by The Jelly Empire
For more pictures, head on over to The Jelly Empire blog, here. While you are looking around The Jelly Empire shop, why not purchase a mystery bag original sketch or some stickers, all of which are awesome.

Follow The Jelly Empire:
- Mark-Anthony

Dec 12, 2012

Snow Dome Customs by LunaBee

Amazing UK artist LunaBee recently released some wonderfully wicked cute holiday themed customs. Made from a mini munny and mini foomi, these custom Snow Domes are only 65 GBP, or roughly $105, which includes worldwide shipping. I love the amount of detail that LunaBee puts in her pieces and these definitely do not disappoint. Many of LunaBee's customs tend to be 1 offs, although LunaBee does produce a themed mini series every now and then. For example, Dragatomi still has one of LunaBee's Skeleton Parade Dunnys left, here. These Snow Dome customs would make a great gift, although, they may not arrive in time if you happen to live outside of the UK. International shipping aside, these customs are awesome.

The Little Green Fir Tree Custom Snow Dome by LunaBee

All I Want For Christmas Custom Snow Dome by LunaBee
While you are checking out LunaBees shop, make sure to check out her custom halloween release, Zombees! Also, give her Facebook fanpage a like.

Follow LunaBee here:
Facebook FanPage
 - Mark-Anthony

Custom PAW! and Androids by Fuller


James Fuller, of Fuller Designs, has been kind of quiet as of late. However, he always seems to be working on something. Whether it's completing customs pieces for his own mini Series or a custom commissioned wedding topper, Fuller keeps a steady flow of work. I've always been a fan of Fuller's work and his latest commission work is outstanding. I am definitely digging the White Rabbit custom, which uses Coarse's PAW from the False Friends release. From Fuller's description of the piece, it's just half of a set which is going to also include a Mad Hatter, which I imagine is going to be made off of the NOOP figure. I'm looking forward to what else Fuller has in store for the custom toy world.

The White Rabbit Custom False Friends PAW by Fuller
Diablo III Custom Android by Fuller
Ghost in a Shell Custom Android by Fuller
If you want to get on Fullers long list of Commissions, make sure to hit up his website and send him an email. You won't be disappointed.
Follow Fuller Designs here:

- Mark-Anthony

Darth Maul Android

Look at this crazy good custom Android from Troymartinart. I will post some more works from this guy soon, he has made some excellent customs. You will see him more often since someone commissioned him for 14 Androids!!!

Follow Troymartinart here:

Dec 11, 2012

Gummy Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson!


It's harvest time! New 7.5" sofubi by Scott Tolleson! On December 14th at 10am Pacific time, Scott releases his newest creature- Gummy Deadbeet! Available only from his web store it's limited to 20 pieces, made of clear, red vinyl and priced at just $60 each.  Comes bagged with header card.

This is a follow up to Scott's other awesome figure Black Root Beet that released back in November. It SOLD OUT instantly.


Fonzo Love NY custom show at MPH!

Can't miss this!!

On January 11, 2013 the always gracious my plastic heart crew are hosting another massive custom show. This one's curated by our friends at Freak Store Venezuela and all customs will be using Fonzo as a platform.

64 Colors, Andrew Bell, Aya Kakeda, Beast Brothers, Chuckboy, Fuller, Hydro74, Ian Ziobrowski, Jeremiah Ketner, Scribe, Southern Drawl, Rsin.....soooo many artists you know and love!!

Many of these artists are local so I'm sure there will be lots of them at the opening night. It'll be a great night to shake some hands, snag a Fonzo custom and maybe a walk out with a quick sketch too!

See you there!


HUG: BLAMO's 4th Annual Custom Show at Toy Art Gallery

Opening Saturday, December 15th, Toy Art Gallery is hosting the BLAMO TOYS 4th Annual Custom Show, featuring the HUG character! With over 60 artists customizing the latest addition to BLAMO's collection of characters, the lovable HUG character, the show will be sure to have many different artist interpretations. This should should be an awesome show, be sure to RSVP here.

Please join us, the Blamo Toys gang, and many of the featured artists on Saturday, December 15th from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

Custom 2" HUG by TASKONE

The show is going to run until December 30th. Check out the show site to see the amazing list of artists participating in this event. Collectors who are not able to attend the show should anticipate TAG putting up pieces not sold at the opening, on TAGs online store. Most of the shows at TAG tend to get packed, so arrive early and bring a camera, participating local artists are sure to attend.

- Mark-Anthony

Busted Cap - New DIY from Andres Zamora


New from Andres Zamora comes this cool little DIY. Available now for $12.00 and limited to only 100 pieces initially, I know some customizers who this would work perfect for their styles. 

Busted Cap Resin figures by AJZ DESIGN Busted Cap resin mini figures are hand crafted and designed by artist Andres Zamora and are availabe now at  Representing a fusion of Urban Art/fashion on a 2.25 inch toy these mini figures sport a baseball cap inspired head and sneakers.  Future series will be developed in different colors and sizes but this initial series run is created as the original white version.  Featuring detachable legs, and a soft white texture this initial run of Busted Caps are limited edition to 100 pieces.  Formed in a solid white resin these figures can be customized and added to any collection.  For more information visit the Busted Cap website.

Sad Oni is Sad...

Look at this excellent Dunny (3 inch) from Gabriel Carpio. Love all the details and the azteca style he used.

Follow Gabriel Carpio here:
  - Don P

Dec 10, 2012

B I T T E N by Squink!

Really dig this one, amazing details!

Custom Dunny with hand sculpted details and hand painted in acrylic paint, with matte & gloss varnishes. Materials: Vinyl figure, polymer clay, acrylic paint, matte & gloss varnish.

Keep an eye at his will be launched within this hour!

Follow Squink! here: 

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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