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Court of the Dead

Aug 6, 2011

Trip to MPH & the Jeremyville & Buff Monster show at Cotton Candy Machine

Yesterday was fun- I met up with Kris Dulfer of Kid Ink Industries and Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys to chill in NYC before Jon leaves for Japan. We stopped at Kidrobot and then popped over to MyPlasticHeart, where we met up with Eric from Argonaut Resins and Rob (who you might know as "Smack"). Also stopping in: Grim from IHeartCoolStuff, and Cho, 2 more locals. It was a regular party! We all talked toys, like true nerds, and I played with MPH's new resident puppy. 

MPH just got a big Toy2R shipment so I got to play with the brand-new 7-inch Clear Qee Bear for the first time. The arm joints are AWESOME! They can go in any direction. Definitely a cool new feature. Our shipment containing these figures is arriving early next week.

After we finished bothering Vin at MPH, Kris, Jon, Rob and I hopped on the train and went to Brooklyn. We stopped in to refresh ourselves on a bar which is, conveniently, at the end of the same block as Tara McPherson's new shop & gallery, Cotton Candy Machine. KANPAI!

Here's the CCM shop, and Jon poking thru his stuff as we wait for the show to open. Jon thinks this isn't a good picture, but he's wrong. It's a GREAT picture!

Time to go in!

The show quickly became PACKED, and there were probably 100+ pieces hanging on the walls. Straight up jammed on the walls! Tara's colorful artwork meshes perfectly with Buff's use of pink and Jeremyville's cartoony style. A great show!

... and of course the Sucklord showed up and walked in screaming. Literally. He quieted down a little when I showed him where the free beer was. (THANK YOU TARA FOR THE FREE PBRs!!)

There were lots of awesome production and custom toys for sale. Here are Buff's customs of his own figures. I also saw someone buying one of Buff's Destroyers, a huge piece with silver antlers! Great day. Godspeed to Jon Malmstedt, we'll miss you buddy!
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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