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Court of the Dead

Jun 17, 2016

Huck Gee's The Blank Custom Show at Clutter Opens July 9th

Huck Gee has laboured over his signature skullhead blank DIY figure for a LOOONG time, so it's really exciting to see what these talented artists do with one!

The Blank Show - Clutter Gallery - Grand Opening July 9th

Artist Roster:
2Petalrose • Artmymind • Buff Monster • Camilla d'Errico • Charles Rodriguez • Daniel Fleres • Doktor A • Dolly Oblong • Fakir • Frank Montano • Gorilla • Huck Gee • Sket-One • J*RYU • Jamie Lee Cortez • Jason Freeny • Jenn & Tony Bot • Jesse Hernandez • Joe Ledbetter Jon-Paul Kaiser • Jonathan Legarte • Jump Jumper Ant • kaNO • Kevin Gosselin • Luke Chueh • MAD • Malo April • Otto Björnik • Quiccs • Rsin • RXse7en • Squink

Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Jun 16, 2016

Back the Cronus Magnus Kickstarter Campaign by Eric Smith

Cronus Magnus campaign details:
This campaign is a follow up to my previously successful 2014 Project: Vulkira Kickstarter campaign. Because every heroic robot needs a nemesis, I bring you Cronus Magnus™! By backing this campaign you will help me build on and continue my vision for my line of Vulkira vinyl (and resin) toys and my planned, accompanying Vulkira comic book!

Inspired by my favorite giant Japanese robots and limited to 300 pieces with a painted glow-in-the-dark colorway, Cronus Magnus will stand 10.5" and will have 3 points of articulation, foil belly sticker as well as interchangeable hand/weapon attachments. Cronus Magnus will be packaged in a printed box.

As of the time of publication, it's 27% funded!

Goodleg's Defender of BAD TASTE Now Live!


Goodleg Toys proudly presents another trash movie resin toy incarnation: The Defender of Bad Taste! A homage to Peter Jackson’s Lord Crumb, as seen in Jackson’s early cult movie “Bad Taste” from 1987. Hand sculpted, hand casted, and hand painted, standing around 3.75" tall, the figure comes in hand pulled blister on hand made card. (Gun included!) The edition is limited to 15 pieces only - 10 no-border (flesh), and 5 green-border (washed) pieces. Priced at $65 and $70 a piece plus $8 international shipping, the Bastards have just landed in the Goodleg shoppe (on June 16th, at Midnight GMT+1).

Klim Kozinevich Interviewed on Adventures in Design Podcast

Our friend Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks is interviewed by Mark Brickey on the AMAZING Adventures in Design podcast. They talk toy design and development, working with clients, managing development projects and the evolution of Klim's career... all the dirty details, from tendonitis due to days of sculpting by hand, to the early moment of desperation that led Klim to don a homemade monster suit and hand out resumes outside of Toy Fair.

REALLY fun to hear the backstories of "the dude behind the dude." He's come a long way since then, stacking up some of the biggest brands in the world as his clients. Listen here on the AID website where you can play the track via SoundCloud or iTunes.

Jun 15, 2016

WeLoveFine Teams Up with Patricio Oliver to Benefit Orlando Victims & Families

Patricio Oliver (PO!) has submitted a beautiful shirt design to WeLoveFine. WLF is currently selling these shirts with a portion of the sales to benefit the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families. Click here to buy a shirt and support the cause: Men's shirts and Women's shirts.

For the Masses Podcast by Suburban Vinyl's Rob Lumino Launches on Blindbox Network

For the Masses illustration by Xavier Alvarez aka @inprimewetrust
Rob Lumino (owner of the recently closed Suburban Vinyl art toy shop in NJ) is an industrious guy. Like me, he has always held down a few jobs at the same time, launched new ventures while running other ventures. He knows a thing or 2 about a thing or 2, and frankly, if I were as smart as he is, business-wise, Tenacious would probably go the same way as Suburban Vinyl. But no, Tenacious soldiers on into insolvency and Rob Lumino has already leveled up to the next great renaissance in art toys: podcasting!

Here's his quote on For the Masses, his new podcast on the Blindbox Network:

With Suburban Vinyl closing its brick and mortar, I needed something to do. So to make a long story short, I decided to do a podcast focusing on artists and try to bring them into view as much as their artwork is.
As I was deciding this, GM over at the BlindBox Network, and host of the Blind Box Podcast, asked me if I'd like to host a podcast.

Well great minds think alike and psychopaths do also.

So somewhere in between there is GM and I. (Or me and GM. This ain't a grammar podcast who cares.)

So debuting this week is For The Masses!!! ChrisRWK is our first guest and it's an hour of me getting Chris to talk about his life to this point and he's just beginning!!!

I'd like to also thank our sponsor for this first episode, Boundless Brooklyn (

Send inquiries to:

 During his time running Suburban Vinyl, Rob has met and done business with nearly every working artist in the lowbrow art & art toy scene. It's no surprise that his first guest is someone with a bit of clout: Chris of Robots Will Kill, possibly the most notorious graffiti art / underground art crew in NYC.

Tune in to Rob's new show. I guarantee it'll be a show less about abstract speculation, and more about getting to know the people that make this whole scene vibrant and fun. Follow @forthemassespodcast on Instagram for updates!

Jun 14, 2016

Fire Starter Night Gamer x Plaseebo


This is a one of a kind vinyl mash-up custom Plaseebo Night Gamer. He has red glass eye inserts and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit to light up the night. Hand painted with Monster Kolor sprays. Signed and dated 2016.

The Fire Starter Night Gamer will be available on Friday, June 17th from the Plaseebo web-shop.

TOY OF THE DAY: Kidrobot Mishka Dunny Series Blind Box

  • in stock
  • this is (1) blind boxed mystery figure
  • you might get any one of the styles pictured, or even a chase figure that's not pictured here
  • each figure approx 3" tall
  • designed by Mishka
  • produced by Kidrobot

Jun 13, 2016

TOY OF THE DAY: Yummy World Blind Box Keychains by Kidrobot


  • BLIND BOXED - you will not know which character is in your box
  • 1" tall keychains
  • produced in China
  • by Kidrobot
YUMMY WORLD and Sprinkletree come to life with this cute blind box keychain series featuring all of your favorite YUMMY WORLD characters as well as some new ones.  Each blind box features one collectible keychain surprise.
Not only are the keychains great accessories for your keys, they also can be used as fashionable zipper pulls for your luggage, backpacks, purses, coats, wallets and more.  Get ready to be the talk of your town with YUMMY WORLD accessories!
Collect the full series of foodie keychains including the taco keychain, peas in pod keychain, watermelon keychain, raspberry keychain, cherry keychain, kiwi keychain, deviled eggs keychain, bacon keychain, peanut keychain, chocolate kiss keychain, gumdrops keychain, pistachio keychain, lemonade keychain, chile keychain, cake pop keychain & iced latte keychain.
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