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Court of the Dead

Jun 6, 2018

Chris RWK presents "Cluttered" & A Czee13 solo show "Creative Solitude" opening this weekend at Clutter Gallery

Clutter Gallery is presenting two amazing shows this weekend.

The first show is an amazing group exhibition curated by street artist Chris RWK!

Artists Include:
Abe Lincoln JR • Anthony Weirdeyeone • Aquarela Sabol • Biafra • Burn353 • Casey Kawaguchi • Chad Pierce • Chris RWK • City Kitty • Crummy Gummy • Czee13 • Danny Martin • DownTimer • Ekiem • Evoker • Hissxx • In prime we trust • Gigi Chen• Jay222 • JC Rivera • JCorp • Jos-L • JP Neang • K-Nor • Kid Lew • Kyle Kirwan • Leecifer • Lou Pimentel • Mathew Curran • Matt Siren • MCA/Evil design • Mike Die • Mike Egan • Mike Graves • Murrz • Nite Owl • Peter Van Flores • Pon • Quiccs • Rega • Royce • Sean Lugo • See One • Sinned • Smut Villain • Sugarfueled • Task One • Tommy the Animator • Travis Lampe • Turtle Caps • Vincent Scala • Zero productivity • Zimad • Mrs Zukie.

The second show is an amazing solo exhibition by UK street and toy artist, Czee13!

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on June 9th, from 6-9pm, at Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY. CZEE will be in attendance! 

Free beer provided by our friends at Lagunitas and Mike's Hard Lemonade, PLUS amazing Gluten-free treats from North Brooklyn Eats!!

Sales will be first offered to our Preview list subscribers. An email will be sent out on Saturday the 9th, at 12 (noon) est, with a link to preview and purchase.

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