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Court of the Dead

Oct 21, 2017

The 38 Custom Dunny Collection by MP Gautheron Released today on

Kidrobot were stopped in their tracks when they found MP Gautheron’s instagram page. The vibrant colors and fine details of her pieces are something of a special kind of art. They immediately reached out to her in the hopes of bringing the audience of collectors a unique custom Dunny series and were more than thrilled when she agreed to do a set of 38 individual custom Dunny’s for This one-of-a-kind custom Dunny collection officially released today for collectors in the USA on

This exclusive collection features 38 intricately hand-painted custom Dunny creations featuring MP Gautheron’s signature style applied to 3-inch, 5-inch, 8-inch and 20-inch Dunny’s. Each art piece is signed, numbered and comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity signed by MP Gautheron which includes the name of the piece, number of the piece and photos authenticating an official part of The 38 Custom Dunny Collection by MP Gautheron.

The collection is available at Kidrobot.

About MP Gautheron:

MP Gautheron is a French artist based in Lyon, France. She has always been immersed in an artistic environment, as her mother is art professor and painter. Since her childhood she has navigated between her mother’s classes and art schools. As a painter and sculptor, her graphic universe is a mix of skulls, animals, nature and patterns.

After seeing a skull filled with colorful pattern, a French toy collector asked her to paint a designer toy. This was the beginning of her venture into the world of customizing art toys.

Her toy customizations are filled with colorful hand painted designs and some even react to black light. Recently she has began adding sculpts to some of the toys, bringing a new dimension to her customs. Today she juggles between her paintings exhibitions and her toy customizations.

SooperCrapz turns handcrafted wooden sculptures into playable art toys


Take ‘em apart, put ‘em back together, paint them, Build Your Own Story!
Post-apocalyptic robot themed DIY art toys has just launched on Kickstarter

Budapest based SooperCrapz is a melting pot of emerging European creatives from contemporary artists through designers to street artists, specializing in the creation of robot themed wooden sculptures and DIY art toys.

SooperCrapz originally started as a love project of the street artist ‘Binshua’ a few years ago, when he started handcrafting robot themed sculptures in his bedroom, reusing scrap wood of nearby hardwood processing factories. Recently he teamed up with his mates to bring the wooden sculptures to a wider audience in the form of DIY vinyl art toys that are fully costumizable and playable in terms of paintwork and assembly.

Oct 20, 2017

Rampage Toys Exclusive Hags and Cornicornos Drop Monday Oct 23 at


We've teamed up with Rampage Toys once again to drop a couple exclusive sofubi figures just before Halloween.
The Blue Specter Zombie Hag creeps it up with doll eyes and a removable Hag head which can be displayed on its own as a frightening Hagball. Blue Specter Zombie Hag is 10 inches of clear blue soft vinyl, painted by Jon Malmstedt. These Hags are $120 each and limited to 6 pieces.
The tasty little Cornicorno is 1.5 inches of yellow sofubi, painted by Jon Malmstedt to resemble everyone's favoritest Halloween candy treat. There are 25 of the little Cornicornos available at $15 each.
Blue Specter Zombie Hags and Cornicornos will be available on the Tenacious Toys site on Monday October 23 at 4PM EST.

Sugar Fueled's Sweet Success


 As the show comes to an end, the acts retire for the season & the vendors begin to pack up what's left of their delicious treats. Every buttered kernel of popcorn, every salted pretzel, every treat imaginable  gets thrown into the trailer...except for one. Far off into the darkness lies a forgotten spindle of the most delicious, hand spun cotton candy this side of the west coast.

Our confectioner for this evening was none other than the one and only Sugar Fueled." A Little Dirt Never Hurt" came to NYCC as a themed piece for PiQ's " Cirque Du PiQ"
This sugary maven used this opportunity to really connect to the audience by giving us a little piece of him. The spindle is a retired paintbrush of the artist; one that was used to create other magnificent pieces such as Spun with Love, Your As Welcome As Can Be, Belle and many many more. Adding this piece to your collection is more than adding just another custom; it's completely engulfing you to a simpler time. One reminiscent of the days of old.

Oct 18, 2017

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book