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Court of the Dead

Dec 14, 2017

Zukaty Resin Mini Bruzzy Debut and Pre-Order Release Available NOW


"Hey guys, I'm Bruzzy a friendly cute sometimes creepy and moody monster, I love to play naughty games, listen to heavy and loud music and eat a lot of nutty chocolate, I'm about 4.5 inch tall, weight 4.5 ounces, I've got a double face side head to suit my mood and a awesome body :), I'm all made out of smooth resin by that crafty dude that goes by Zukaty. I'm looking for new friends to play and have fun, so here's you chance. Don't miss out. Hope to meet you soon, yours Bruzzy."

Available in:
-Red cast with black rub and High Gloss finish (max run 15) @ $55 US each + Shipping
-Blue airbrushed and hand painted (max run 10) @ $80 US each + Shipping
-Pink airbrushed and hand painted (max run 10) @ $80 US each + Shipping
-Set of all 3 will include cold cast 30mm Bruzzy head pendant (max run 8) @ $200

Please note that these will be made to order, so expect a 6-10 week for production, dependant of number of pieces made.

All Mini Bruzzy figures are hand made, and hand painted, so expect minor differences from original pictures, but all with be made with love and to high standard.

Bruzzy figures will be packaged in bag with header card and will include B or Z Letter neckless accessory.

Preorders available NOW, close on Friday the 22nd of December @ 

Blanks available on a made to order basis, later in the week, to be announced on Zukaty's Instagram feed.

Pictures HERE

Zukaty owes a thank you to @willydigitalsculpting for his help with the 3D sculpt and @evanmorgan93 for the 3D printing.

fb @
twitter @zukaty
intagram @zukaty

SPHYNX by SomeStrangeThings release


SPHYNX is the best company a punk goth girl can have: always ready to eat stupid souls with it’s big fangs and diabolic tongue; always visible in the dark with its red fire eyes; always free of blood spots and so with it’s metallic matte paint; and of course plenty of accessories like it’s ouiha pointer, perfet to talk with other people. But warning: don’t feed it before midnight.

SPHYNX is a limited series of 30 units, homemade handcrafted resin toys, 150mm 5.9 inches high, painted with acrylics, tattooed with transfer techniques and various attached rivets (plastic / metal) studs and spikes.

This sculpture is world wide released and available from now at the SomeStrangeThings Store at the price of 150€. Deliveries are planned during Spring 2018.

Dec 10, 2017

Holy shit SDCC owns the term "comic con" now

"a jury in San Diego today decided in favor of Comic-Con International... in its long-running battle with Dan Farr Productions and Bryan Brandenburg, organizers of Salt Lake City Comic Con, over the use of the term "comic con" (or comic convention) as a descriptor for a pop culture fan event.... jury decided that the Comic Con mark is valid and that Salt Lake City used it in a way likely to cause confusion to customers."

"In upholding the trademark, the Court ruling allows SDCC to seek licensing agreements with over 140 events in the US that call themselves comic conventions, or else require those events to rebrand."


I mean, as a toy retailer who exhibits at such events without selling a single comic book, I can't say that a rebranding of say NYCC would harm my toy business. But I can see this being a HUGE FUCKING ISSUE for comic book-centric events around the country. Some of the smaller events like Five Points Fest do not incorporate the term "comic con" into their names... but still... this is going to be a major annoyance for a whole boatload of events who probably already have their own trademarked names, websites, LLCs, etc that incorporate the term comic con...

-Benny Kline
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