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Court of the Dead

Dec 22, 2012

Fonzo Iron Bat by Southerndrawl

Southerndrawl made this mindblowing custom Fonzo for the Fonzo Love NY show @ MPH (Jan 11). Enjoy!

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Dec 21, 2012

Super Grover and Minion

This guy is on fire, two more commissions finished. The Super Grover is my favorite, wich one is yours?

Super Grover, 4 inch Munny
Minion, 3 inch Dude

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Chester by Umetoys

An amazing custom Fonzo by Umetoys. The whole concept is extremely well executed. I love those hands!

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Classic heros by JFury

The latest from JFury. It is great to see so much diversity lately from this wonderfull artist. These 3 inch Dunny's are looking hot1

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     - Don P

7 Seal Blind Box resin series by Menace Inc now up for sale!


Following a successful release party last night, the remaining blind boxes from Menace Inc Studios' 7 Seals blind box resin artist series are up for sale at the following link for $30 each:

Menace Inc. Studios | All Products | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

There is an accompanying limited-edition 11 x 17 inch print as well, which you can pick up for just $10:

Dice Age - Toys, Art & Endless Games All in One!


Dice Age is art, it's a game, and it's a toy, but it's more than that. Lovingly designed and submitted to Kickstarter, they were originally supposed to be produced by a factory overseas. When the factory did not come through as promised, the designer was left with orders to fill and no product. Why should it end there? In an inspiring tale of perseverance, they began casting by hand in resin, and painting each one. Now they are being made available to the rest of us as well!

As with traditional dice, there are no limits to the games you can play with these. There is a Compendium outlining the aspects of each die (40 different sculpts in 2 series so far) and there are at least 4 primary games being played already. The website attempts to document them all, from short and simple (a stacking game) to a fairly complex strategy game for 2-4 players that can take up to a half hour.  
To play the games, all you need is a handful or more of these lovely clunkers, and at an average cost of about $3 each, that's not hard to get. At the site you will find the option to make custom 2-packs from each series, so you can pick the pieces you want, or you can order a complete set of either series. Each of those are hand-painted by the designer but there is also an option to buy 15 unpainted dice for $32.


Four Horsemen to Revive Power Lords in 3 3/4!

“The Mayan year has begun. As foretold in 669 AD by the famous prophecy carved into Monument 6 in the Mayan site of Tortuguero, this date signals the return of the “Bolon Yokte Ku” — The Nine Lords of Power. It is therefore, with great reverence, that the Four Horsemen of the Toypocalypse hereby proclaim the return of the Nine Power Lords and reveal the identity of a Tenth who dwells among us and has the power to save us all.”

At Toypocalypse 3 in NYC this February 9th, the Four Horsemen will unveil prototypes of their new Power Lords, based on the vintage line by Revell. Having acquired the license and teamed up with the original creator Wayne Douglas Barlowe, they plan to release a 3 3/4" scale action figure line with a mixture of traditional articulation and Glyos-compatibility.

At the new Power Lords website you can sign up for the Official Fan Club and get early merchandise as well as advance notice of sales and first chances at product. This is available at $20, $50 and $150 levels, so there is something for fans of all kinds. I'd highly recommend choosing one of these if you are serious about collecting these figures.

The 4H have proved with their Outer Space Men figures have proved that those boys know how to handle the Glyos system with typical aplomb, so rest assured this will be a line to watch, and grab quick! 


Dec 20, 2012

" Slow Rider" and "Tambo Inca" - Customs by Kevin Gosselin

Kevin Gosselin recently posted a few of his latest completed customs on his blog: a Custom 3" Betso Dunny and a Custom 5" MadL. Known for his great sculpted pieces, these two latest customs by Kevin are indeed some awesome sculpted pieces.

The "Slow Rider" is a custom 2011 Betso Dunny. The Rabbit rider comes complete with a canteen and sleeping blanket, just like any proper rider. The rabbit rider looks similar to the smaller rabbit Kevin created inside of a backpack for the Most Wanted 3 Dunny Series. I like how Kevin incorporated the Betso Dunny in this custom, rather than just completely recreating a whole new figure, you can still tell that the Betso Dunny is still within the custom.
"Slow Rider" - Custom Betso Dunny by Kevin Gosselin

"Slow Rider" - Custom Betso Dunny by Kevin Gosselin
The Custom 5" Madl, titled "Tambo Inca" (Inca Fort), is another sweet sculpted custom. The detailing in all of the steps and brickwork is amazing. The Inca styled face and added moss-like texture just adds to the great detail yet to be seen in this custom. I'm sure the recipient of this custom will have tons to look at when he/she gets the custom in hand.
"Tambo Inca" (Inca Fort) - Custom 5" MadL by Kevin Gosselin

"Tambo Inca" (Inca Fort) - Custom 5" MadL by Kevin Gosselin
"Tambo Inca" (Inca Fort) - Custom 5" MadL by Kevin Gosselin
Both customs seem to be commission pieces and therefor not for sale. For any collector wishing to have a commission made by Kevin Gosselin, Kevin always seems to be taking commission requests. Keep in mind the list may be quite long. Also, Kevin is working on getting the Kozik Bust he created for the Kozik show at 1AM Gallery, mass produced in a sense, sometime next year. So if you are going to request to be added to Kevin's commission list, be patient like the collectors of these 2 customs and you are sure to not be disappointed.

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- Mark-Anthony

Custom 3" Fatcap by PJ Constable

If you don't know who PJ Constable is, get to know this teen's art. PJ Constable is a young and talented UK based artist who continues to amaze people, including myself, with his unique and colorful characters. Getting invited to group shows left and right, PJ has a very unique style in my opinion. I first met PJ at Kidrobot London, during the 2012 Dunny release. A collector as well, PJ was there with his family for the artist signing and dunny series release. PJ brought with him a few customs he was working on, blogged about here, which turned out to be great art pieces once he was done painting them up. His recent completed work happens to be a 3" custom FatCap commission for another cool artist, Mike Die. The colors and sculpt on this piece look quite nice and I love the little details like the cracked pot and real toothpick. Mike is one lucky collector.

Custom 3" Fatcap by PJ Constable
Custom 3" Fatcap by PJ Constable
WIP Custom 3" Fatcap by PJ Constable
 As PJ continues to grow and create great pieces of art, he will undoubtedly be tasked with a long commission list, so get at PJ while you still can. Hopefully, he has time to squeeze you in. Keep in mind that PJ is still in school and creates in his spare time. I look forward to seeing more of PJ's work in the future, whether it'd be a part of a group show, custom commission or maybe even a solo show down the road, only time will tell.

 Keep up with PJ Constable here:
Store - Slowly growing
- Mark-Anthony

Motorbot's Toy of the Month Club!

Motorbot, of Deadbear Studios, recently released a Toy of the Month Club. This is basically a pre-order for 12 (or maybe even more) different resin sculpts that will be created by Motorbot. Each subscription will include an exclusive colorway and in some cases, an exclusive figure not available to the public. Each figure is set to ship on the 10th of each month and the club is limited to only 10 Subscriptions, starting the month after a subscription is paid for.

I personally love the idea of artist subscriptions, however, I can see how fronting a bunch of money can be a bit taxing on anyone's budget. Motorbot's Toy of the Month club is actually really affordable. Considering, that most of Motorbot's typical figures sell for $20 plus shipping, the subscription cost of $270 (which I believe includes shipping) for Motorbot's Toy of the Month club is great offer for any collector!

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- Mark-Anthony

Dec 19, 2012

Custom Groper Being Auctioned to Benefit Victims of Sandy Hook Shooting

 This custom-painted resin collectible is being auctioned on eBay by a guy named Eddie Ortega. The platform is the Groper, which was created by Rich Fournier (Triplikid). 100% of the money raised from this auction will be donated to United Way of Western CT.
Rich writes:

This incident hits particularly close to home for me, both literally and figuratively. I live about 10 minutes from Sandy Hook elementary, and I have a son the same age as the Children in those classrooms who had their lives taken from them far too soon. My Son's school was in immediate lockdown, and initial reports had put a second person of interest heading into my home town. And while those reports were incorrect, thankfully, the panic and helpless feeling is not something anyone should feel.

I am lucky that I can go home and hug my children extra tight, and tell them how much I love them.

Please, consider supporting Eddie's effort to make a small difference, and bid on his customized piece.

NUGGLIFE Grow-Op #2 with DEA Headquarters by Ian Ziobrowski

 This is the full, ridiculous reveal of Ian Ziobrowski's Grow-Op #2 and DEA Headquarters 10" MadL set, which comes with a boxed set of 6 custom 3" Dunnys and one 3" BIC Buddy. It's epic. Ian's been grinding away on these customs for months- there was a reveal of sorts at our NYCC booth but here are all the pictures for you to drool over. Also check the cool video by Jordan Ahern:

This is the NUGGLIFE Grow-Op #2 with DEA Headquarters. This set includes 2 10" MADL's with six 3" custom dunnys and one 3" custom bic buddy. This set was part of the creation of my newest character's of the year SMOKEY, and Agent Ox! Now each MADL comes with LED lighting and easy access battery. Characters fit inside each operation allowing you set up to the clients desire. Here's a little something about the story:

For the past 3 years I've been working on a series of works portraying a seen in American society for hundreds of years now. NUGGLIFE a world were underground influences emerge to create an exclusive lifestyle......the hustler!

​ These three characters of mine Nuggs, Thugz, and Crooked ED, are out to do what they do and demand, and everyone goes home happy. Now of course there's people to interfere with NUGGLIFE's transactions. In this new set I've included something that's never been seen before, "The DEA Headquarters". This operation is much worse than NUGGS expected. Now with tracking technology, cloning devices, and a hide out the DEA are back in action! 

- Ian Z


Dynomight NYC ( is excited to announce its new platform figures, Z0MZ [Programmable Minions]! Standing in at 4 inches tall, these handmade resin minions are limited to only 35 pieces per design. Does this mean you're going to have to shell out a few hundo for each piece? Nope. These exclusives will only run you a mere $35. (Plus shipping and handling.) Dynomight wanted to make this series as affordable as possible. One figure will be released each month. Each Z0MZ minion will be shipped in a custom made box with a foam insert for protection. 

Huge props to Bigshot Toyworks ( for doing the sculpt and manufacturing. They do fantastic work! 
  • 8 versions (6 designs + 2 blanks)
  • 4 inches tall 
  • Hand painted
  • Hand-applied industrial decals
  • 0 points of articulation (For display, not for play.)  
  • Resin
  • 35 pieces per design
  • $35 (plus shipping and handling)
  • On sale in January

chiBOO DIY resin figure by Toro Toys

Toro Toys is now releasing their chiBOO 1-inch resin sculpt as singles for just $5 each! That's a crazy low price for a really simple and cool little sculpt. I dig it. Buy it here.

chiBOO are spirits from beyond our world, lost souls if you will. If they are lost why are they smiling you ask? Because they are glad to meet you! Give them a home and they will be your friends forever.

Cast in durable solid white resin and 1″ tall, this release is intended for designer artists and customizers who want to make their own special chiBOO figures.

7 Seal Sneak Peek: Cash Cannon's 3rd Horseman "Famine"

With a little help from some of our friends, Cash Cannon has been learning a lot about making resin figures this past few months. It's really opening up his skill set to a whole new type of artistic expression. Cash is, by trade, a tattoo artist. This is a WIP shot of his "Famine" sculpt for Menace Inc Studios' 7 Seals Blind Box Series, which will be released locally in one of my favorite states, North Carolina, on Thursday. Check the Facebook event here.


Alexis Rivera (Playful Gorilla) - Seal #1 The Conqueror First Horseman
Chris Moore (WeBecomeMonsters) - Seal #2 War Second Horseman
Cash Cannon - Seal #3 Famine Third Horseman
Jeff Beck - Seal #4 Death Fourth Horseman
Ricardo Luna (lunacyfx) - Seal #5 Mark of the Beast
Motorbot - Seal #6 Destruction
HX - Seal #7 The Seven Angels
Tru:Tek - "Golden Seal" Resin Piece


The 7 Seals are based on the biblical 7 Seals of the Apocalypse. Each of the 7 Seals being broken to usher in that level of the Apocalypse.

1st Seal - Antichrist / The Conqueror(The First of the Four Horsemen)

2nd Seal - War(The Second of the 4 Horsemen)
3rd Seal - Famine(The Third of Four Horsemen)
4th Seal - Death(The Fourth and Final Horsemen)
5th Seal - The Mark of the Beast
6th Seal - Total Global Destruction
7th Seal - The Seven Angels

Each Seal theme was given to one of these awesome resin artists for them to come up with an original sculpt of what that seal meant to them. They will each cast 7 standard versions of their design as well as 1 Chase Variant of their design.

"Peenito" by PopCornHead

The latest 3 inch Dunny's from PopCornHead.

   "Direct From Canada my new Custom Dunny "Peenito" Came to make the Xmas much Happier!"

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Cool Munnyworld Customs by 64 Colors

Creating cool customs is something that seems to come naturally for the 64 Colors duo. 64 Colors recently put up some very sweet customs in their shop: a 7" Trikky, a 7" Foomi and a 4" Trikky. Each exquisitely painted custom comes with an equally exquisite hand painted accessory. I love the way 64 Colors creates the eyes on each piece, as well as the depth of the wood-like texture. Awesome pieces of art for any collection.
"My thoughts are not my own", 7" Trikky by 64 Colors

"Double Vision", 7" Foomi by 64 Colors

"Gentleman Woodland Trikky" by 64 Colors

The 7" pieces are priced at $375 each, while the 4" Trikky is going for $230, plus shipping on each piece. Also available in their shop is a cool 5.5 x 7.25" painting titled "Thoughts", which is priced at $325 plus shipping.

Folllow 64 Colors here:
- Mark-Anthony

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book