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Court of the Dead

May 25, 2018

Ron English Young MC 7-inch vinyl figure In Stock Now - 1 LEFT



Before there was MC Supersized, there was Young MC. Ron English’s iconic character has been captured in the prime of his youth in the form of a 7 inch vinyl figure with a box design by Ron English. The latest in Ron's ongoing POPaganda concept.

This means hi where I’m from, really, new resin from Nervis Wreck


This is the newest resin release from Nervis Wreck titled “this means hi where I’m from, really." The piece stands at about 2 & 3/4 is made of solid resin, wire, and painted with acrylic.

 This little nibiruan drone is giving us s big hello. Comes equipped with his onboard computer on his back connected by comm wire running to his organic ecm. Packaged in plastic bag with handrawn header card. The piece is $45, with free shipping domestic, international add $10.

Email Nervis Wreck or go to their instagram for more information.

SUM-thing wicked this way comes! New from Planet-X and Plaseebo


From PLANET-X and PLASEEBO the SUM vinyl figure will make it’s U S debut from the PLANET-X booth No.328 at the Clutter FIVE POINTS FESTIVAL in Brooklyn on June 2nd & 3rd 2018.

A few one of a kind SUM hand paints signed by Bob Conge will be available at the show, followed by the general release in July. SUM has a switched internal color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries and inset glass eyes.

FIVE POINTS EXCLUSIVE #6: Bluenose Danger Dog Resin by NEMO


The sixth exclusive we are revealing for our Five Points booth is this custom painted bluenose colorway of our shop mascot Danger Dog 2.5" resin. Mike NEMO Mendez sculpted this with care and love, and he seems to really enjpy painting them too!!

This color is a very popular color for pitbulls in NYC. Our dogs are reds but we run into as many blues as we do reds. NEMO captured the essence of a bluenose perfectly here. 3 pieces painted for Five Points, $40 each. Snag yours at Booth 234! More pics below the map.

May 24, 2018

"Molotov Man" Custom Tequila Vinyl by Patrick Wong


Canadian illustrator and artist Patrick Wong shows his new piece simply titled "Molotov Man" transforming the custom vinyl figure into a bomb throwing rebel.

Created as a commissioned artwork, Patrick's Molotov Man repeats the motif seen in many of his past vinyl and resin releases including fusions with pop culture icons, Optimus Prime and Mickey Mouse.

The piece was produced from Muttpop's 8" Tequila Classico vinyl figure and comes complete fabric bandana and sculpted "Pepsi" bottle.


FIVE POINTS EXCLUSIVE #5: Tenacious Toys Snapback Caps for $15

We had 6 different color variants of these Tenacious 59Fifty snapbacks created for Five Points (props to Joe aka Hungryghost).

Orange, Blue and Pink embroidery on both black and gray caps.

We are going to pick ONE version of these to sell in our shop this year, and the general consensus is that the gray cap with pink embroidery is the coolest, so that'll probably be it. ALL OTHER COLORS will remain limited to what we have now, which is 2 units per color!

These caps will be $15 each at Five Points (no, that's not a typo), so make sure you get to Booth 234 early to score your favorite color combo. More pics after the map.

FIVE POINTS EXCLUSIVE #4: Forces of Dorkness Vader Moths

Our fourth Five Points Exclusive reveal is this giant 13" wide resin Vader Moth figure by Forces of dorkness. Pictured above is the “Emperor Moth” and the other 4 are named just by their colors: “Pink” “Green” “Purple” and “Yellow”. Pics below the map.

Each moth is 13” wide,  9” tall and about 2” deep and each one weighs just a smidge over a pound.  They are 100% resin and hand painted.  

Cast from an original sculpt by Forces of Dorkness. These are the only 5 (each one of a kind!) as the mold was destroyed after they were cast.  Each “Vader Moth” comes with a limited edition FOD sticker pack and the new FOD fabric patch.  

$100 each and available only at the Tenacious Toys booth at Five Points Festival June 2-3 2018

FIVE POINTS EXCLUSIVE #3: UME Toys Little Miss Pressure Pot Gray

The third exclusive we are revealing is this Little Miss Pressure Pot figure by Rich Page aka UME Toys. This is a 2.5" tall resin figure which comes bagged with a header card and a custom sticker. This release is limited to 10 pieces at $30 each. Find Little Miss Pressure Pot at Booth 234. More pics after the map.

FIVE POINTS EXCLUSIVE #2: Nerviswr3k Switchface Red Pill Drone

The second exclusive we are revealing is this red resin Switchface Pill Drone by Nerviswr3k.

This is a 2.5" Switchface Pill Drone figure which comes with four interchangeable magnetic faces. A face for your every mood! The Red Switchface Pilldrone set is $75 and is limited to 5 sets at Booth 234. More pics below the map.

FIVE POINTS EXCLUSIVE #1: Nerviswr3k Purple Deluxe Inner Child Set


The first Five Points exclusive we are revealing is this sweet 2-piece Purple Deluxe Inner Child set.
The set includes a purple 4.5" Inner Child vinyl figure and a purple 2.5" resin Pill Drone. The Pill Drones are hand cast and hand painted by Nerviswr3k. The Deluxe set also contains an original sketch by Nerviswr3k, and will come in a box adorned with Pill Drone sticker art by Gavin Rivas.
There are 20 Purple Deluxe sets and they will be $85 each at Booth 234. More pics below the map.

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