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Court of the Dead

Sep 23, 2022

Dirty Leia 10-inch custom statue by Forces of Dorkness

Vendor: Forces of Dorkness Type: Custom Price: 299.00 PREORDER - made to order - 2 week turnaround time What else could you expect from certified Star Wars fanboy Forces of Dorkness but a sexy Princess Leia?  Flexing all of his creative muscles, he turned Prime’s 10" Dirty Snow statue into his version of Princess Leia: Snow's hair was replaced by a 3D scan of a vintage Princess Leia figure, which was then blown up to size and adjusted to fit onto Snow’s head. 3D printing and UV-curing cement finalized the fit. The same process was followed to miniaturize a vintage R2-D2 through 3D scanning, adjustments via 3D sculpture and then 3D printing. All of the parts were combined like a dirty, dirty Princess Voltron and then hand painted by Forces of Dorkness to create the Dirty Leia. * Title: Dirty Leia  * Customized by: Forces of Dorkness * Platform designer: Prime * Producer: Strangecat Toys * Material: Vinyl * Size: 25cm or 10inches tall * this custom Leia version is limited to 10 pieces maximum Buy it here: Buy it here:

Sep 22, 2022

Back to the Future Einstein Mag Pup 4 inch vinyl figure by Reina Koyano

Vendor: 3DRetro Type: Vinyl Art Toy Price: 39.99 Officially licensed Back to the Future 4" Einstein Mag Pup Vinyl Figure * Design by Reina Koyano * Edition of 500 Age range: 14 and over * Produced in limited numbers by 3DRetro Buy it here: Buy it here:

South Park Treasure Cartman Anatomy 8-inch Vinyl Figure by Kidrobot PREORDER

Vendor: Kidrobot Type: Vinyl Art Toy Price: 74.99 They say that beauty is only skin deep, and the real treasure lies within... Quite literally, in Cartman’s case. In partnership with South Park, this new premium vinyl art figure allows you to take a peek inside South Park’s greediest kid after he discovers what he thinks is treasure in an old cave in the “ManBearPig” episode. The South Park “Treasure Cartman” Anatomy Art Figure stands 8 inches tall. Coming 2022 from Kidrobot. Buy it here: Buy it here:

Sep 21, 2022

Custom Vandul-Bot by tadzombie666 - Red Tokyo Edition

Vendor: Clutter Type: Toys Price: 200.00 This is a custom one off figure by Mexican artist @tadzombie666. 5" tall, original vinyl designed by Vandul and produced by Clutter. This item is one of a kind! Buy it here: Buy it here:

Sep 20, 2022

UMA enamel pin set

Vendor: Tenacious Toys Type: Pinback Buttons Price: 20.00 A 3-pack of 1.5" enamel pins featuring UMA (Unidentified Mystery Animal), a character by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. This 3-pin pack is exclusive to Tenacious Toys. Each pin has 2 locking posts in the back for solid attachment to your shirt, cap or bag, and a smooth high quality finish! Made in a limited edition of 300 sets, with a debut at NYCC 2022. Buy it here: Buy it here:
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book