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Court of the Dead

Jul 15, 2017

Swole Weasul Resin Figure realease from Neil Ewing


Introducing the new "Swole Weasul" 5" resin figures from Neil Ewing. These figures come in  three different styles, Night saber golden flavor, Plum rum raisin gumdrop and DTown sprite. They are available now for $40 a piece on Neil Ewing's website.

DKE Toys SDCC 2017 Batch #5 - Mark Todd, Killer Bootlegs, and CNE

Welcome to the fifth BATCH of DKE Toys SDCC 2017 CON STUFF!

STR WAS: DTH VDR by Mark Todd

Last year we got more attention about Mark Todd's Chewback figure than just about anything else. Here is his follow up. Mark hand sculpted the piece, it was cast in resin and then he hand painted each one and crafted a cape and saber. The card back is signed and numbered 
and is printed on a risograph which is the same type of machine his zines are printed on. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $55

Bio: Like many kids raised in the 70's, Mark was influenced at an early age by Star Wars and comic books. Unlike many kids, he grew up just a few miles from the Vegas strip, it's neon and glitz looming over the city. He graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and currently lives and works in the Los Angeles area with his wife, artist Esther Pearl Watson, their daughter Lili and two French Bulldogs, Mr. Pickles and Gherkin.

Starkiller Coffee by Killer Bootlegs

Hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded figure. 
Signed and numbered edition of 50

Bio: Born in the 80s, Killer Bootlegs artist Peter Goral's childhood was saturated with action figures, cartoons, and classic movies. When he was 4 years old, his father showed him a bootleg copy of The Empire Strikes Back. Little did he know that this would start Peter on the path to being at the forefront of the bootleg toy movement. Today, Peter's artwork is highly sought after by collectors and has been in galleries worldwide. He has inspired and mentored countless other resin artists to follow in his footsteps. What started as a hobby collecting toys has grown into a full-time career for Peter, letting him do what he loves best every day, play with toys.

A Real American Value Meal by CNE 

This one is from a new company on the scene, CNE or Chicken Nugget Enterprises. This is their take on what this cybernetic chicken would look like as a GI Joe style figure. Sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G Toys.

Card art work was an existing painting by Jason Edmiston that they got permission to use and the card back was designed by Carlos Espinoza of MOC Toys. Each piece is hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure. 

Edition of 100. $65

Jul 14, 2017




Summer Slime

Join us after the Convention floor closes for SDCC Exclusive editions and mystery surprises. Refreshments will be served.
Saturday, July 22, 2017, hosted at the original Gunnzo location*.  2445 Juan St, San Diego CA 92110
Free tickets to enter the drawing to purchase figures will be distributed starting at 6:00pm
Ticket numbers called via random drawing at 7:30pm.

DKE Toys SDCC 2017 Batch #4 - Carlos Ramirez, Scott C., and Random Skull

Welcome to the fourth BATCH of DKE Toys SDCC 2017 CON STUFF!

Santo Vader by Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez is formerly a member of the Date Farmer collaborative. Carlos hand made a wooden figure which was cast in resin. He hand painted and decorated each one individually and carded them on a hand painted card back which is cut from plywood. Each one is unique. Signed and numbered out of 30 on the back.  Each figure is about 4 inches tall. At $100 this is one of the best deals of the show. You can't get a piece of his art for less and when the Date Farmers were still partners paintings ranged in the $5-25k range. 

Carlos has worked with many galleries including:
Ace Gallery, Los Angeles/Beverly Hills 
New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles 
Jonathan Levine, New York 
The Luggage Store, San Francisco 
Upper Playground, San Francisco 

His work has been featured in numerous publications including:
Modern Painter 

The Great Showdowns by Scott C

The Great Showdowns are a series of paintings, art shows, and books depicting classic pop culture good guys and bad guys. This figure was sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G toys who helped bring Scott C's characters to life.
You get two hand cast and hand painted resin figures on each card featuring Scott C's signature. He also numbered them out of 50. 
$100 each 

R2-DPoo by by Random Skull Productions

Signed and numbered edition of 40
Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure 

Alex Hallman was born and raised in Pottstown, PA, a small city right outside of Philadelphia. He started Random Skull Productions in the summer of 2013 with two original sculpts one of which was Darth Buddha. With the help of Instagram and a few friends his resin casting and custom toy career took off. Some of his other releases include Sid the Slug and Casey the Coffin. 

Jul 13, 2017

You Know What's Hilarious About Coupon Codes?


Nobody ever uses them!

Well, OK, that's not entirely true. But for all the codes we've set up, you'd be VERY surprised how few people actually plug them in during checkout.

Probably because we don't make it easy enough to get the codes.

So, here's brief rundown of the codes we've spread around, and where to find them:


We'll start you off by giving you a few for free:

NINJA5 - 5% off any order, any item, one time use - you get this when visiting from our blog
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There ya go. 8 different codes you can use on your next 8 orders. Specific instructions as to how to get the codes. I expect all of these codes to be on RetailMeNot and SlickDeals by the end of the day.


Preorder Mojo Today! Kickstarter gaming counter live now.

Mojo by D1 Gaming is the best new gift item for Magic players and tabletop gamers.

Counters for both your score and your opponent’s
Share it with a friend by flipping their total toward them
Keep track of Commander Damage, Poison or Energy with the Secondary Counter
Compact enough to fit in any deck box
Compatible with many other games like Star Realms, Ticket to Ride and many more
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New Manly Art Enamel Pins Available at Select Retail Shops via Disburst

 It's always super exciting to watch our artist friends move from one-off, handmade items into wholesaling. It gives the artist a chance to get their work into more outlets, more exposure, recognition. Always great for their brand.

Jason Chalker's brand Manly Art is making that transition right now. Check out these SWEET pin offerings that will be available through your favorite pin retailer! Shops interested in stocking Manly Art pins (and the MANY other unique pins that are available now) should sign up and place an order with Disburst.

Jul 12, 2017

1/6 x 1/12 Synthetic Human Clear Edition By 1000Toys Release Info | The Toy Chronicle


1/6 x 1/12 Synthetic Human Clear Edition By 1000Toys Release Info | The Toy Chronicle

The initial sale of the 1/6 Synthetic Human Clear will happen at BAIT (BOOTH #5146) during San Diego Comic-con (July 19 ~ 23). The following week it will be available at Wonder Festival 2017 Summer (July 30) and ACG HK (July 28~Aug 1).

Oh my, seems Tenacious Toys got a mention there:

1/12 scale Global online sales will begin from JULY 31 at the following retailers:
Ami Ami (Japan)
3D Retro (USA – West Coast)
Tenacious Toys (USA – East Coast)
Ko-re Ko-re (UK & Europe)
JP TOYS/Playhouse Store (Thailand)

Up Up Away Kyoot Kickstarter by I Break Toys - A Designer Toy Collective Production


“Up Up Away Kyoot” is a self-appointed super hero fighting for all things cute. With a homemade costume, a K sewn on his chest, he climbed up onto the biggest box he could find, and blew the biggest bubble he could blow. All in the hopes that he would take off into the sky in search of action and adventure. 

Created by Artist Lisa Rae Hansen aka I Break Toys - - Up Up Away Kyoot is 4 " tall on his own but a full 7" once perched upon his trusty box. The original resin is shown below and this Vinyl reproduction will be an exact replica. There will be a Kickstarter exclusive colorway in Green/Black and additional colorways announced as the campaign progresses.
Both Lisa & The Designer Toy Collective are incredibly excited about this project and are very confident in our ability to bring it to life. All they need is help from you to get started!



Jul 11, 2017

DC Comics XXRAY Wave 4 Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Killer Croc in stock now



XXRAY Wave 4 Killer Croc:
XXRAY Wave 4 Harley Quinn:
XXRAY Wave 4 Deadshot:

Wave 4 of the Jason Freeny Anatomical DC Comics characters includes these 3 characters from Suicide Squad. Widely panned by critics, we actually really enjoyed this flick. It was weird, but hey, normal is boring! Fuck normal! You know what? Purple text. Cuz fuck it.

4 inch tall figures, super detailed. Brought to life by MightyJaxx.

Shop our MightyJaxx section here and our Freeny section here

BIO NUGS Custom DIY REBLANK Huck Gee from Ian Ziobrowski


This is Ian Ziobrowski's "Bio Nugs" from this past Saturday's ReBlank Huck Gee DIY show at Clutter Gallery.  Inspired from his 2015 Custom of The year "FP-420"  this piece takes place in the year 2420.  Crafted from the inside out with clay, wood metal and plastic, Nugglife pushes all ways of survival, by creating a world within a world.  What can be so ugly from the outside sure looks beautiful from within.  Take a peek inside and view its world.

DKE Toys SDCC 2017 Batch #3 - Manly Art, Credenda Studios. and Dollar $lice Bootlegs DRAFT

Welcome to the third BATCH of DKE Toys SDCC 2017 CON STUFF!

Bounty Hunter by Manly Art

Each backing card is an original painting!!!! All 24 are different portraits of everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter.
Signed and numbered out of 24. $150 and comes with a sparkly blue Fett resin figure.

Jason Chalker (aka Manly Art) is an East-Coast based illustrator and toy maker. He has done illustration work for Upper Deck and Topps on brands such as Marvel, Mars Attacks, and Star Wars. His Pimp2-D2 action figure line has managed to find its way into the collection at Rancho Obi-Wan and the homes of collectors around the world.

Muckuss by Credenda Studios

Beau Greener of Credenda Studios has a follow up to his bounty hunter horror film mash up line. The previously sold out Freddy Fett, Bossk Lives and Galactic Chainsaw Massacre is followed by Muckuss which mashes up Zuckuss with Michael Meyers.
Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure 
Signed and numbered edition of 30

Junkie the Krusty Clown by Dollar $lice Bootlegs
Dollar Slice is at it again and this time with a not so politically correct version of this cartoonish clown. Junkie got in trouble and now you can own it.
Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure. Magnet articulated.
Signed and numbered edition of 30   

Bio: John Pryor better known as Dollar $lice Bootlegs is a yeti on acid.  Hailing from Carmel Valley, CA, John Pryor improves the planet one toy at a time with a heavy leaning towards fun.  He's also a great cook.

Jul 9, 2017

DKE Toys SDCC 2017 Batch #2 - Little Lazies, Jason Adams and DrilOne

Welcome to the second BATCH of DKE Toys SDCC 2017 CON STUFF!

Yoclops by Little Lazies

This is one of the most special exclusives DKE has ever had. Each piece has been hand sculpted by Leah Lester of Little Lazies. No two are exactly the same but they are so close to one another that it's kind of hard to imagine that they aren't cast and she made 50 of them!!! They are signed and numbered on the bottom of the figure and carded in a package she designed and are only $55.  

Bio: Little Lazies are weird, little, clay creatures made by Leah Lester, a monster maker living in Seattle, WA. How did it all start? Leah was a full time cake decorator who very much enjoyed sculpting out of edible paste for the cakes she created. One sunny day in June 2010 she said to herself, "I want to make a monster for the top of this cake!" So she did just that... Soon after, her friends started encouraging her to create these characters into clay; something that they could keep for a lifetime. So with that, Leah bought some clay and with lots of practice, experimenting, character developing and imagination her monsters evolved into what they are today - the Little Lazies

Job Wars by Jason Adams

Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 20. $55

Bio: From Fort Worth, Texas, Jason is an approved Lucasfilm artist (Topps Star Wars sketchcards), Marvel artist (Upper Deck sketchcards), and has done cover work for BOOM!- Studios (Bravest Warriors).  Influenced by early punk rock, Jason employs DIY style that uses hand cut stencils, spray paint, and markers to create unique original pieces.  When he’s not spray painting, Jason also works in the custom toy world creating hand poured resin action figures.

Instagram: art_of_jason
Twitter: @artofjason

Boss Vaderus Maximus Pin by DrilOne

DrilOne made a Vader helmet a few years ago for DesignerCon that was a Mad Max mash up. He turned that image into a pin. This is the "Soviet Era" color way with a red star on the forehead. Limited to 100 pieces. $10 each. 

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book