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Court of the Dead

Aug 9, 2014

NYCHOS Lepus Pellis Os Omentum (non-flocked) by Mighty Jaxx


Word from Mighty Jaxx is that these unflocked black colorways were limited to 50 pcs for a Singapore toy show, and they have 20 left. Don't sleep, these will be gone in a heartbeat. Click the link below:

Lepus Pellis Os Omentum (non-flocked) | Mighty Jaxx

Scott Wilkowski's "The Uncanny Valley" Solo Exhibition at Clutter today in Beacon


Scott Wilkowski's "The Uncanny Valley" Solo Exhibition Preview

The online viewing period for this show is from now until 2PM EST. After this allocated viewing period has expired, all items available for purchase. Sales are on a first come, first served basis.

The Online Show Preview is now viewable & pieces may be ordered from 2-5PM EST at:

| Clutter Magazine

Aug 8, 2014

Monster Kolor Custom Toy Show August 16 at PIQ Inside Grand Central Terminal

Announcing our August 16th Monster Kolor custom show and pinstriping demo at PIQ inside Grand Central Terminal! Curated by Matt Walker of Monster Kolor and me, Benny Kline of Tenacious Toys, this show will feature 20 artists who work with various Monster Kolor brand paint products. Expect to see monsters, robots and all manner of freaky, vividly-colored creations! Sure to inspire you to create your own custom toys... I got hooked the very first time I used Monster Kolor paints.

Soft opening Aug 15 immediately after I set up the show, but if you can, come August 16th at 3pm to meet Matt Walker and the Monster Kolor artists and get schooled at Matt's 3pm pinstriping demo. If you're in town Aug 17 for the NY NOW trade show, there will be a party in the evening at PIQ as well to kick off the convention! I will be there in the shop all 3 days.

Come to the Shuttle Passage in GCT to find PIQ, which is NYC's premier and most conveniently located art toy shop. Many of the participating artists will be in attendance.

Artist roster: 

Piece by MechaVirus
Rainy Day Antagonist by Evilos

3A / Ashley Wood ADVENTURE KARTEL - ZOMB MD 1/6th Scale Collectible Figures

FUCKING EPIC NEW LINE from ThreeA!!! Maybe my favorite ever! Wallets will be crying out in pain all over the world... better call a doctor...

3A / Ashley Wood ADVENTURE KARTEL - ZOMB MD 1/6th Scale Collectible Figures

WHEN AND WHERE: On Sale Now At Bambaland Store


Counts towards AKLUB
Includes two 1/6th Scale Articulated Figures - Zomb MD and Albino Nurse


Aug 7, 2014

"8 Bit and Beyond 2" Customs by One-Eyed Girl

Artist Kasey Tararuj, aka One-Eyed Girl, always creates some awesome in her own unique style. Kasey's latest customs, "Duck Hunter" and "Yosh and Baby", were created for the "8 Bit and Beyond: 2" group show at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Curated by Chogrin, the show centers around the video game characters. However, inspiration is not limited to the 8 bit realm of characters, hence the "Beyond". Kasey's "Duck Hunter" piece is inspired by an 8 bit video game classic, Duck Hunt. Kasey created the obnoxious dog and target duck using a 4" Bub and some great sculpting and paint work to bring the piece to life. This piece is priced at $200 and is going to initially be available at the Bottleneck Gallery during the show.
Kasey also created a second piece for the "8 Bit and Beyond: 2" show, "Yosh and baby". This piece was inspired by Kasey's favorite childhood video game, "Yoshi's Island". It features the character Yoshi and a baby Mario, which was created from a 4" vinyl Joe Ledbetter piece. Again, Kasey uses inspiration to create a well known character in her own unique style. This wonderful piece is priced at $175 and will also initially be available at the show. Opening reception for the "8 Bit and Beyond: 2" show is Friday August 8th from 7pm to 9pm. Those in the area should take a trip out to Bottleneck Gallery and support some great art.

Devils Head Productions presents the SILVER AND GOLD ALAVAKA

A holiday nod to a Christmas classic. Clear vinyl stuffed with silver or gold tinsel. Painted in black, silver and blue or black, gold and yellow with a handful of holiday treasure. PLEASE NOTE: these are sold at random so there is no way to choose "silver" or "gold" colorway. Made in Japan. Click below to buy:
Devils Head Productions | SILVER AND GOLD ALAVAKA | Online Store Powered by Storenvy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys by The Loyal Subjects

I'm really excited for these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles by The Loyal Subjects. Just really great design. Love the proportions, accessories, everything. You'll be able to find these blind-boxed TMNT figures at your favorite retail shop. Here are the details as only a retailer could provide:
  • MSRP per Blindbox - $12.99USD
  • 16 BBs per display case flat
  • 3" Tall - ball joints (tightened)
  • Blindbox, Foil Bag with Character Card
  • 9 points of articulation
  • Multiple and interchangeable accessories (KILLER FEATURES)
  • 8 Commons (2 per case), with 3 Chase Figs of ratios 1/24, 1/48 and 1/96

I also saw a frikkin SWEET Casey Jones figure by TLS somewhere online. Maybe their Facebook?

Anyway hit up your favorite shop and command them to order. TLS is taking orders now. If you wanna buy by the case, hit me up. Ask real nice and maybe I'll give you free domestic Fedex Ground shipping.

Aug 6, 2014

Kickstarter - Steamy Chums by Mira Conci

Steamy Chums is a recently launched Kickstarter project, by Mira Conci of the Netherlands, to help fund the production of the Steamy Chums line of designer toys. Steamy Chums is a line of handcrafted and hand painted designer toys. In order to find more efficient ways of producing Steamy Chum figures, while maintaining high quality and standards, funding was needed. Mira Conci hopes the Kickstarter will not only produce funding to improve fabrication techniques and streamline production, but also allow for the development of new characters. The reward levels are priced in Euros and for people outside of the Netherlands, a few more Euros needs to be pledged for shipping. With rewards starting at just 1 Euro, there is a reward level for everyone. So, check out the video and if possible, pledge for a reward to help make this a successful Kickstarter project.

This is no potato salad.
  - Mark-Anthony

EyeSkull Dunny Series by WuzOne

Artist WuzOne recently made the EyeSkull series of custom 3" Dunnys available to purchase. This amazing set of 5 Dunnys feature some really clean lines and lots of contrasting color. The Dunnys are 100% hand painted using spray paint, acrylics, markers and finished with a matte varnish. Each are signed and numbered, while being sold as blind boxed. Priced at $85 each, which includes worldwide shipping and tracking, get these before they are gone. WuzOne also has a few other pieces for sale, so check those out as well.

"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

 It's always great when a collector receives his/her commission from an artist. Not only do they get what could possibly have taken months, but the world also finally gets to see what's been created. One of Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissions reached it's destination and now everyone gets to envy this lucky collector. Jon-Paul was commissioned to create a custom based on a Jaeger from Pacific Rim, using a Penelelope McStomp 8" Dunny. Jon-Paul was excited to be able to customize, this already amazing, 8" dunny and he drew inspiration from the "Gypsy Danger" Jaeger. Jon-Paul named the piece "Rose and Sky", armed with power sword and battered shield. As with many of Jon-Paul's customs, Jon-Paul utilized the existing design, accenting curves and hard edges, while having a somewhat minimalistic design. Since the McStomp 8" Dunny also came with a 3" Dunny pilot, this custom would not be complete without a custom pilot. Another great custom produced by the steady handed Jon-Paul Kaiser. As with most customs by Jon-Paul Kaiser, the finished photos were taken by photographer Justin Allfree.
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
"Rose and Sky" - Custom 8" McStomp Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
For all of those interested in getting a commission from Jon-Paul Kaiser, the commission list is open and waiting for requests. Get in contact with Jon-Paul Kaiser through his website here, or by emailing Jon-Paul a request through JPK [at] jonpaulkaiser [dot] com.

Sick Mr. Bigglesworth custom Mega Munny by AppleHeadToys

Mr. Bigglesworth has been locked up in the basement of the Georgia’s Insane Asylum located in Milledgeville. He was placed down in the basement and forgotten. No one knows for how long. No records can be found for this Mega Munny. He no longer speaks –unless provoked. 

Created with Sculpey, this Mega Munny is sure to be a topic of conversation. I can't believe the gruesome details here, like nose hair and boogers! Amazing. His mouth guard is attached to him because he likes to bite. A simple flaw; we all have flaws. Mr. Big’s straight jacket is customized and sewn to his exact measurements. Made out of 100% leather, his fasteners are vintage and are necessary for him to not be able to escape.

No need to brush his teeth or manicure those feet because he doesn’t mind being a little dirty. He doesn’t mind anything at all. Feel free to tell him your secrets. He won’t tell. You can always lock him up again.

Fun Facts:
  • Face/feet made out of sculpey 
  • Eyes are hand painted with resin seal 
  • Straight Jacket: hand sewn leather w/ antique fasteners 
  • Teeth made out of resin 
  • One of a Kind 
  • He likes to bite! 

Mr. Bigglesworth is for sale at the AppleHead Toys' website:

Aug 5, 2014

10 Year Edition MAD*L Set by MAD Toy Design

Jeremy Madl, MAD Toy Design, has been doing what he loves for 10 years and to commemorate this milestone he has created a special MAD*L 10yr Edition set. Limited to just 100 sets, the design is similar to MAD's 10yr mini MAD*L resin release. A set consists of two 5" MAD*L figures, a black with white graphics and a white with black graphics, each MAD*L comes in it's own custom printed drawstring bag. Each set will cost $50 plus shipping and is limited to two sets per household/account. These sets are expected to release on August 8 at 12pm Central time, exclusively on the MAD Toy Store website.

Congratulations to Jeremy Madl on his success and milestone! Here's to another 10 years(and more) of success.

Pinhead from Hellraiser by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser recently delivered a private commission to it's new owner and now everyone gets to wish they owned this wonderful piece. The collector wanted a specific character to be created, with no base in mind or even what the end result may look like. Lucky for the collector, as a child, Jon-Paul was a little obsessed with the film this character is derived from, Pinhead from Hellraiser. This got Jon-Paul really excited about the commission and creating the piece, however, Jon-Paul still did not have a working base.  After some time, Jon-Paul stumbled across the RealxHead x Ichibanboshi Ryusei Ninja figure, a Kaiju figure with a skull head that is available in a wide assortment of colors. Pinhead really shines in this piece and Jon-Paul picked a perfect base to start. Jon-Paul says that to meticulously insert and glue all of the pins took about the same amount of time as painting the rest of the figure. Time well spent, to create an awesome representation of a cult classic character. As with all of Jon-Paul Kaiser's work, the amazing photographs were taken by Justin Allfree.
Pinhead from Hellraiser by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
Pinhead from Hellraiser by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
For everyone and anyone wanting his or her own commissioned piece from Jon-Paul Kaiser, now might be a perfect time to snag a spot on Jon-Paul's commission list. As of this blog post, Jon-Paul Kaiser's commission list is OPEN and for those anxious to snag a spot, get in touch with Jon-Paul Kaiser through his website or by emailing him at JPK [at] jonpaulkaiser [dot] com. No word on how many commissions he will take on, but one this is for sure, those getting on the commission list will not be sorry with whatever JPK ends up creating.
Pinhead from Hellraiser by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree

Pinhead from Hellraiser by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
Pinhead from Hellraiser by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
Pinhead from Hellraiser by Jon-Paul Kaiser, photo by Justin Allfree
Again, Jon-Paul Kaiser's commission list is open and waiting. Don't forget to tell him who sent you.

Paul Budnitz on Kidrobot in 2003 in a Readymade Article - SLOBOTS.COM | Robot Artist Mike Slobot

Although this article is all the more sad, given the closing of Kidrobot's retail shops and their "restructuring," this 2003 article about Budnitz and the launch of Kidrobot in Readymade magazine is quite telling. It's a good read. Big thanks to Mike Slobot for finding the article again and scanning it into a PDF. Really fascinating snapshot into a particular point in time which is incredibly important to all of us toy collectors. Say what you will about Kidrobot (I certainly do)... in 2003 they were on the cutting edge and it was exciting for all of us. Link to Mike Slobot's blog post below, where you can DL the PDF.
Paul Budnitz on Kidrobot in 2003 in a Readymade Article - SLOBOTS.COM | Robot Artist Mike Slobot

Aug 4, 2014

Professorrix Please Paint More Toys


Instagram is super awesome, because not only do I not get solicited weight loss pills and housecleaning services in my feed all day, but I also find really cool creative folks- often with the help of other really cool creative folks. Sculptor @KevinPasko made me aware that painter @professorrix Aaron Rix would do well to paint more toys for us to enjoy.

Aaron is no stranger to painting, though this is the first time he's applied his skills and ideas to a vinyl toy- and it's beautiful. This Egyptian themed Kidrobot Trikky, titled "Jeweled Mummy Mau", looks like it should be behind glass in a collection of ancient artifacts.

If you're looking for a special custom addition to your collection, you can find Aaron at or follow along on Instagram @professorrix

I'M SCARED Ralf Figure - Shadow Edition by Craola x 3D Retro

With a successful Kickstarter last year to get I'M SCARED the movie created and into production, 3D Retro and Greg "Craola" Simkins were able to debut the Shadow Edition Ralf Figure at SDCC 2014. This figure is the first public released figure of Ralf, which is the main character of I'M SCARED the movie and a product of the successful Kickstarter campaign. The figure came out amazing, with more colorways to follow.
Greg "Craola" Simkins at the 3D Retro booth during SDCC 2014 - photo from 3D Retro Instagram
Craola was on hand at the 3D Retro booth for a signing during SDCC. All the remaining Shadow Ralf figures are available through the 3D Retro website, or store. Retailing for $70 each, plus shipping (and tax for CA), this edition of Ralf is limited to just 150 pieces. This black Ralf features GID eyes and comes in a stunning box. Get these fast and start the Ralf colorway collection.

Tracy Tubera Art - Guardians of the Galaxy Print

With the release of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, artists are putting out his/her respective rendition of the fab five. Tracy Tubera created a cool print of the GOTG team, titled "WHAT A BUNCH OF A-HOLES", which is available for pre-order now. Each print is 11"x17" on archival watercolor paper and each are signed and numbered. Tracy also put his Double T embossed logo on each print. Limited to just 50 prints, each print is priced at $35 each plus shipping. Prints are expected to start shipping around August 22nd, later this month. Although Rocket is saying the team is number 1 in the galaxy, this might be a print for an older crowd.

Go check out this print, as well as all the other prints Tracy still has available in his online store.

OG Impala MINI "Onyx" Edition by Wild Westside

Wild Westside, Arik Ehle, has the latest edition of the OG Impala MINI up for pre-order. The 3rd edition of the OG Impala MINI is the "Onyx" colorway, which features a flat black sculpture with some gloss black accents. The OG Impala MINI is a 1/3 scale piece, which measures 9"H x 5"W x 7"D. This "Onyx" colorway is Arik's favorite and just like the first 2 releases, this black on black OG Impala MINI retails for $60 plus shipping (and tax for CA people), with an edition size of 20 pieces. Shipping is expected to happen around August 25th.
Be sure to pick up one of these OG Impala Minis before they sell out, like the GID version. Also, stay tuned for possibly more editions in the future (Dia De Los Muertos possibly).

Kickstarter - Mayor 4 Crack by Mindzai x Rodger Beck


Mindzai currently has a Kickstarter to produce a 5 inch designer art toy, based on one infamous Toronto Mayor. Cartoonist Rodger Beck and Mindzai aim to get the funding to produce this desktop figure which will include several interchangeable signs, each featuring a different statement. Currently, there are still a lot of early reward backer spots left at 40 CAD, which includes the original colorway of the figure to be produced. With reward levels as small as 5 CAD, every little bit helps move the project to being a success. Mindzai has mostly everything needed to go into full production, including the digital sculpting files, packaging, and wax moulds. All that's needed is some additional funding to get this hilarious figure into people's hands. Check out the video and pledge for a reward level.

The Kickstarter runs until August 20th and needs 12,500 CAD to be considered funded. Spread the word and lets get something better than Potato Salad funded and created.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book