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Court of the Dead

Jan 4, 2014

"City of Industry" by Manny X and Broke1

Totally dig this toy and hope to see more from these guys!

Broke1 and I are coming out with a resin toy line entitled "City of Industry". The story and characters are loosely based on our surroundings. We grew up in City of Industry, CA a town literally built over a landfill and as the name implies is covered with highly industrial factories and shipping warehouses.

"From the smoldering filth of a broken system emerges a dark and disparaging place appropriately named City of Industry. This God Forsaken city was built on top of a grotesque, toxic landfill and riddled with endless rows of grime factories unceasingly spewing carcinogens in the air and dumping poison in the water. City of Industry is a place where even the cloud's sliver linings become muddled through thick cancerous clouds of unbreathable air. This is the city we were born into and this is our story..."

Waste management is a joke in this town, a mere formality. These officials are paid handsomely by factory owners to dispose of their toxic sewage. This dreck is then dumped back into the city, seeping in the already arid land and poisoned water. While factory owners and city officials sleep comfortably miles away from the mess they create, they very workers that slave away in the hazardous conditions of these facilities are the ones that pay the high cost of low priced goods.

The first figure will drop as preorder this monday 1/6/14 pst in my store Each will be packaged in blistercards. They will go for $55+shipping and are limited to only 10 pieces. 

Patrick Wong´s Frozen Sparvar custom Fatcap

This custom blew me away. I have no idea how he is doing this...

So here's a new custom 6" fatcap entitled "Frozen Sparvar" continuing from my "Frozen Krylon" piece from November. The concept was based around this old school way of mixing enamel spray cans back in the day by freezing an almost full can upside-down in the freezer to create custom colors for graffiti pieces. Of course before the art spraypaint like Montana and Ironlak came into vogue.

This time around I took up Sparvar because it was the European equivalent through the 80s and 90s for Krylon here in the US and Canada. I saw it as that exotic spray brand your friend might have an empty can of. It had a "tuff" attitude and favored by a lot of German writers. You would see it as a character in a piece or a t-shirt design from overseas and it always looked badass.

Jan 1, 2014

OneSixthBruce 1/6 figure of 2013..

Up until a few weeks ago, my figure of the year for 2013 would of been the iMINIme Wall Street Killer... Such an awesome custom 1/6 figure, we didn't sell that many but once it was released and people started seeing in hand images, we had emails asking to buy, unfortunately we sold out.

Image courtesy of KnightVision

BUT with receiving the preorders from AX2 Studios of their first big production release of Boom! #2 Rei, I had to change my mind.... Sorry Denny!!

Its #2 as there was a previous release called Boom! Series No.1 Armor and Rei which I'm sure was released in ultra limited editions.

Back to Boom! #2, well the TNT truck arrived very early one morning in December and could not wait break down the pallet to see what the production was like from AX2.

First box I opened was going to be mine..... I got edition 77/250, I lifted out the foam cover and WOW... was met with such an awesome 'custom' figure, very anime looking hair, great paint application, with a hint of threeA TK in the style and execution, I was bowled over by it, not many figures I open first hand has given me such a wow factor.

Any way, its my opinion so you may disagree! so I'll let the images do the talking.....

Following images are from my friend AmonLin, as the images are way better than mine!

Thanks for reading

Wai Man

Dec 30, 2013

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx Presents SKULL BOMB

SKULL BOMB: An original sculpt by Jason Freeny and produced by Mighty Jaxx

For their first release of 2014, Mighty Jaxx has teamed up with Jason Freeny to bring collectors the SKULL BOMB.
In true military fashion, the original (OG) SKULL BOMB is painted in olive green with a yellow stripe. Standing at 7.5" tall, the SKULL BOMB is produced using the highest quality resin, hand painted by artisans and packaged into a custom blister and full colour laminated box. 

These "OG" colorway SKULL BOMBS are limited to 100 pieces worldwide.  Grab yours here at 9pm EST on January 2nd.  Don't be late!

-The Highest Fever
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