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Court of the Dead

Jun 14, 2014

threezero Titanfall Atlas video update!

Following on from my previous blog post on the Titanfall Atlas.....

Here is a few clips of the articulation....

Think you may agree... it looks epic!!!

430USD/3350HKD shipped worldwide (full amount charged at time of order, also retailer price may differ from threezero price)

Preorder opens June 16th - 9am Hong Kong time at

Will also be available at various threezero retailers, i.e. BBTS and OSB

Thanks for reading /watching!!


Jun 13, 2014

Baby Greasebat "Kentucky Bluegrass '10 Edition" by Chauskoskis

Chauskoski, aka Walter Jacott, is always pretty quiet when he has something in the works and all of a sudden he drops something awesome! Chauskoski's latest drop is a Baby Greasebat "Kentucky Bluegrass '10 Edition" which is the third release of these little guys. Based on the Greasebat created by Jeff Lamm, Chauskoskis has adapted the figure into a smaller 3" Dunny form. Priced at $65 each plus shipping, each Baby Greasebat comes bagged with a header card. This is only an edition of 19, so go pick one up quick. As with most multicolor edition figures, there is no guess to what, if any, will be next. Hopefully, a nice GID version is in the deck somewhere to be made.
 Check out Chauskoskis' store and pick up one of these Baby Greasebats.

Kaiju Rhaal Wave 5 on Gorgoloid by Barry Allen Williams


Artist Barry Allen Williams' latest release on Gorgoloid will be Wave 5 of his Kaiju Rhaal resin figures. Four separate Kaiju Rhaal figures have been created using 200g of resin, dyed with Monster Kolor resin dyes. Standing at 5", each unique Kaiju Rhaal figure has been hand painted, clear coated and signed by Barry. Priced at $85 plus shipping, these colorful Kaiju are going to be available on the Gorgoloid webstore at 6PM PST (9PM EST) on Friday the 13th of June. Don't miss out and check out the pictures of each individual Kaiju below.

Jun 12, 2014

The Art of Maddness: custom-painted Maddies are newest Kickstarter rewards


Today we are announcing a very exciting set of additions to our available rewards: the Art of Maddness hand-painted editions will be a series of custom-painted Little Maddie figures by several different extremely talented individuals:

• Mark Nagata, owner of Max Toy Company
Martin Hsu, illustrator, artist and toy creator
• Matt Walker, owner of Monster Kolor paint company
• Todd Robertson (aka MechaVirus), airbrush master of kaiju & toy creator
Mike Mendez (aka NEMO), sculptor, painter and toy creator
• Adam Pratt (aka Small Angry Monster), master toy and model painter

These artists have each agreed to apply their signature (and universally AMAZING) paint artwork style to a very limited number of Little Maddie figures once they arrive.

Click through to the bottom of our rewards list to read more about each artist's proposed theme for customization.

threezero - Titanfall Atlas

Not really one sixth scale but wow.... what a mecha figure!!!, standing at well over 20'' with a 6'' articulated  pilot...

threezero are really on a roll at the moment with some outstanding releases from the gaming/mecha world, its what they are good at!! 

From the epic game Titanfall on Xbox, this will look awesome next to your XboxOne!!

Full images can be found here - Atlas

Preorder opens June 16th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at 

I should think it will also be available through retailers soon

Thanks for reading
Wai Man

Jun 10, 2014

WIN a Jumbo Stormtrooper in the Hazari Scavenger Hunt!

The HAZARAI Internet Scavenger Hunt is officially on! This week’s Grand Prize Winner gets a jumbo Star Wars Collector Series Stormtrooper action figure:
  • 12" collectors series figure
  • Fully posable
  • Authentically styled outfit and accessories.

Want in?  Here’s how to play:

BONUS: Hazarai is also giving out Editor’s Choice prizes for those showing the most creativity, style, and other types of awesomeness, so even if you’re not first to complete, there are definitely other ways to win cool stuff!

Ready to Rack?  Here's the link to the list of items ya gotta find out on the net and add to your Rack. 

See you at the finish line and May the Best FAN Win.-  HAZARAI

Need a refresher on HAZARAI?  Here's a link to their sweet 60-second YouTube video with all the details.

NEW REWARD: Clear Spirit Maddie limited to 200 pieces

Announcing a new Little Maddie colorway! The clear "Spirit Maddie" colorway will be limited to 200 pieces and is available in two pledge levels: the SPIRIT WORLD COMBO for $115 (original Maddie, clear Spirit Maddie, stickers and digital wallpapers) and the SUPERNOVA SPIRIT WORLD COMBO for $230.

The Supernova Spirit World Combo is essentially our "get it all" pledge level and the only pledge level where all 3 Maddie colorways are available. It includes the following:
  • Four Horsies digital assets
  • Mondays are Maddness mug
  • (5) sticker sheets
  • Maddie head keychain
  • Maddie t-shirt in your size
  • original colorway Maddie figure 
  • GID Maddie figure (KS excl, limited to 300 pcs)
  • new clear Spirit Maddie figure (limited to 200 pcs)
Any current backers wishing to add the Spirit Maddie to their rewards can choose one of the two new reward levels. 


Jun 9, 2014

Steve Jackson Games Exclusive October Toys' OMFG Series 2


Fans of the Munchkin game series, G.U.R.P.S., Illuminati, and Cthulhu Dice know exactly who Steve Jackson is.  Today, October Toys revealed a Steve Jackson Games exclusive orange edition of the OMFG series 2 gang.  The set includes a Munchkin bookmark featuring Puke Knight, a member of  "The Overpowered Munchkin-Fighting Gentleman".  Head over to Warehouse 23 to get your set.

Loot Crate's TRANSFORM Month


Loot Crate is pretty awesome in general.  But this month they've cranked it up to 11.  June's crate is packed full of robotic goodness.  There's still time to pick one up and at under $20 shipped, you can't afford NOT to buy it.  Or something like that.

+The Highest Fever

EXCLUSIVE: Suckadelic Studio Visit

It's not every day that you get a call from the Super Sucklord, inviting you to his workshop.

When he calls, you show up. One thing I've learned from my years of knowing Morgan is that you gotta show up with beer. This time he had his own (and he was disgusted by the cheap swill I brought) so I got to drink both the beer I brought for myself, as well as the beer I brought for him. Win.

Turns out the Sucklord's current digs are on the same floor as Buff Monster's studio, which I also got to tour... without my camera, at Buff's request. Sorry everyone!

When I walked in, this is exactly what was happening: the Sucklord and the Crystal Pharaoh were at a table, going through 70s-era men's magazines, looking for amusing and aesthetically interesting pages. In case you don't follow the Super Sucklord, his Suckadelic brand was founded on the concept of the bootleg toy. His iterations of Star Wars bootleg-style toys get spun with his own bawdy concepts and impure thoughts, and packaged into well-executed custom action figure blister cards which, in my opinion, elevates the concept from straight bootlegging into an artform.

You see, I've had this conversation many times before with all kinds of different people: what is art? What defines the concept of "art"? My brother the lawyer has his own interpretation- some things I consider art, he does not. And, to each his own, of course. The Super Sucklord and I differ in our opinions as well. I ALREADY think that the consistently well-executed bootleg figures he got famous for making are, in fact, a niche form of pop art. The Suckadelic bootleg pieces draw upon imagery which is built into our psyche, as 30-40 somethings growing up in the Star Wars era.

But the Sucklord will be the first to tell you that Star Wars-related bootleg figures have been overdone. It's not like the Sucklord did it first, it's just that he did it early, and the most, and in the most public way. Dressing up in the custom Boba Fett helmet and making dozens (hundreds?) of public appearances in character as the Super Sucklord pretty much solidified his place at the top. And possibly netted him the reality-show screen time he enjoyed recently. He just doesn't consider bootleg figures to be "art."

So what now? Everyone's doing Star Wars rips. There are about 20 to 50 people actively creating bootleg-style toys in small multiples of 10 or 20 or 50. Morgan knows the artform he is famous for isn't so unique anymore. So when I walked in, he and the Crystal Pharaoh were poring over a stack of Playboys, looking for interesting pages to use in the new Suckadelic Suck Panels. Suck-Panels are, in my opinion, the natural progression of the Suckadelic bootleg-style multiple: they are all one of a kind pieces of art. Still referencing the same era (late 70s) but moving into new themes.

I personally think these new pieces are awesome... the Suckadelic keystone product has shifted from purposefully-crappy bootleg figures to one-off pieces of mixed-media pop art. The fact that Suck-Panels have some sort of plastic toy (or in some cases, random object) encased in a blister becomes simply a nod to the evolution of the Suckadelic brand- the plastic figure is part of the piece, but not all of it.

More importantly, he's having fun again. You can see Morgan is excited about creating the Suck-Panels, and really as an artist, that's what's important. I wish that for every artist I know- I wish for them to be perennially excited to create their art. When you lose that drive and that interest, it's time to mix things up and head in a new direction. That's what I see happening with Suckadelic.

There will be a few gripes about any new direction an artist takes. There was a post on the Galactic Jerkbags forum that lamented the fact that all the recent Suckadelic releases were one-offs: "as much as I love the Sucklord's work, my enthusiasm wanes a bit with each new piece that I'll more than likely never see in person."

Hate to break it to ya, Captain Completist, but that's the deal with most art: there's only one of each piece. It's up to you to do what you gotta do to acquire that piece.

Other Sucklord fans were more enthusiastic: "I used to love making collages and assemblages so this is really inspiring to see old stuff turned new."

And I think that's exactly the point: Suckadelic is mixing it up while still retaining the 70s vibe, and at the same time the Sucklord is reinvigorating the exclusivity that his earlier, smaller-run pieces had. If you want to snag some Suckadelic bootleg action figures made in multiples, you can always head to the Suck Store.

But if you wanna add the new Suck-Panels to your pop art collection, you're going to have to follow @sucklord on Instagram. As he puts it here: "if you really want one, you'll find a way to get it."

Plaseebo for the "All Out Destruction" Show at FOE


Bob Conge aka Plaseebo proudly presents Kong Tank, one of the many customson display at the Max Toy “All Out Destruction” group show next week. Using Max Toy Co’s  Monster Boogie Kaiju Tank as the base, Plaseebo has replaced the turret with a clear dome housing an ape's head inside.  Opening it’s doors at the FOE Gallery this coming Friday, June 13th, expect remaining pieces from “All Out Destruction” show online the following week.

Mondays are Maddness!

New study shows that Mondays are 73% better when you drink coffee out of a Mondays are Maddness mug. Get yours by pledging $20 to our Little Maddie Kickstarter campaign, which ends June 19.

Jun 8, 2014

KMNDZ's One of One June 14 Is Taking shape


KMNDZ's first curatorial project, One of One: World's Greatest Custom Toy Show is taking shape for its June 14th opening at DA Center for the Arts. Some WIP's and completed pieces are popping up over social media and press release info facilitated by the fantastic Paris Woodward.


ONE OF ONE: World’s Greatest Custom Toy Show50 Artists. 1 Amazing Gallery. 1 Incredible Show.

ONE OF ONE is artist KMNDZ’s first curated show, featuring a variety of artists all sharing their interpretation of what a toy is. The vinyl platform has been gaining rapid popularity and is what inspired KMNDZ's toy theme, however participating artists will be showcasing their talents in whatever medium and scale they want.
Jill Ricci

"I don’t see a difference between painting a DIY vinyl versus painting on a canvas. In my mind the medium carries just as much weight as a traditional painting. My expression is the same regardless, as is the amount of love and care I pour into a piece. It wasn’t until last summer that I started to explore painting vinyl toys. Needless to say it’s addictive and it’s been teaching me more about light and shadow. It’s even influencing the way I think about painting on canvas. 
For ONE OF ONE I’ve brought together 50 killer people from different walks of art. Graffiti artists, vinyl artists, fine artists, and graphic artists. I wanted my first curating experience to be memorable; a show that would lend itself to being loud and fun, even including the food (if you haven’t had The Reuben Truck’s pastrami yet, you’re in for a treat).  There will be a three-piece jazz band from Guam playing some reggae music. And if all goes to plan, every wall in the dA will get some big mural love from some of the participating artists. Ultimately the thanks goes to Bunny Gunner for believing in me and approaching me with the concept. It makes sense and I didn’t see it until it was placed in front of me. The dA Center for the Arts makes for a killer venue being in a neighborhood that supports the arts, and the high ceilings will give us breathing room to flex the talent in the show.

I look forward to this exhibition, and as with all my projects, I’ll be sure to leave nothing for the swim home."

N.C. Winters

Mari Inukai
The exhibition opens June 14 at DA Center for the Arts, in Pomona CA. If you're in the area, definitely mark your calendars. Artists will be in attendance, with many amazing works to view!

April "MaloApril" Elliott

Mike Maxwell

Tasha Zimich


Hugh Rose has crafted a beautiful collection of world travelers, who have navigated the high seas and airways from London, to Australia, and back again. These 4" Munny have been sculpted on to extend their arms and legs, and stand approximately 5"tall.

These handsome pieces are available for £100 ea by emailing to determine shipping cost.