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Court of the Dead

Jun 8, 2014

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KMNDZ's One of One June 14 Is Taking shape

KMNDZ's first curatorial project, One of One: World's Greatest Custom Toy Show is taking shape for its June 14th opening at DA Center for the Arts. Some WIP's and completed pieces are popping up over social media and press release info facilitated by the fantastic Paris Woodward.


ONE OF ONE: World’s Greatest Custom Toy Show50 Artists. 1 Amazing Gallery. 1 Incredible Show.

ONE OF ONE is artist KMNDZ’s first curated show, featuring a variety of artists all sharing their interpretation of what a toy is. The vinyl platform has been gaining rapid popularity and is what inspired KMNDZ's toy theme, however participating artists will be showcasing their talents in whatever medium and scale they want.
Jill Ricci

"I don’t see a difference between painting a DIY vinyl versus painting on a canvas. In my mind the medium carries just as much weight as a traditional painting. My expression is the same regardless, as is the amount of love and care I pour into a piece. It wasn’t until last summer that I started to explore painting vinyl toys. Needless to say it’s addictive and it’s been teaching me more about light and shadow. It’s even influencing the way I think about painting on canvas. 
For ONE OF ONE I’ve brought together 50 killer people from different walks of art. Graffiti artists, vinyl artists, fine artists, and graphic artists. I wanted my first curating experience to be memorable; a show that would lend itself to being loud and fun, even including the food (if you haven’t had The Reuben Truck’s pastrami yet, you’re in for a treat).  There will be a three-piece jazz band from Guam playing some reggae music. And if all goes to plan, every wall in the dA will get some big mural love from some of the participating artists. Ultimately the thanks goes to Bunny Gunner for believing in me and approaching me with the concept. It makes sense and I didn’t see it until it was placed in front of me. The dA Center for the Arts makes for a killer venue being in a neighborhood that supports the arts, and the high ceilings will give us breathing room to flex the talent in the show.

I look forward to this exhibition, and as with all my projects, I’ll be sure to leave nothing for the swim home."

N.C. Winters

Mari Inukai
The exhibition opens June 14 at DA Center for the Arts, in Pomona CA. If you're in the area, definitely mark your calendars. Artists will be in attendance, with many amazing works to view!

April "MaloApril" Elliott

Mike Maxwell

Tasha Zimich


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