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Court of the Dead

Jun 26, 2010

RUTHLESS PRICE CHOPPING: 90+ designer toys on sale at Tenacious Toys


Please click through to our SALE SECTION to view all items on sale.

Here are a few of the MANY items that have been ruthlessly and senselessly marked down for your purchasing pleasure:

- Carnies sealed cases of 16: $100

- Artoys 123KLAN Fellastar & Alfa: $10 off each

- All 8GB Mimobot USB drives are $15 off

- Roboluchas now $24.95 each

- Doktor A MadL now $39.95

- Gloomy Muzzle Harness edition now $17.95

- UNKL JunPo figures now $14.95 each

- tokidoki Sandy 9-inch plush now $12.95

- King Bossy Bear now $11.95

- Open-box Brandt Peters Serv-o-matics now just $8.95 each

- Hello Kitty Cosplay 6-inch plushies now just $6.95 each

And lots more marked down including tokidoki Frenzies, Domo Qee figures, Hello Kitty 2-inch vinyl figures... see? I told you! Something for everyone!

Jun 23, 2010

SNEEK PEAK: Tenacious Toys Tuttz chase figures

Above you will see the entire first wave of our Argonaut Resin silver Tuttz Exclusive figures, including the Robo chase and the aquamarine chase figures! I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the way these figures turned out. Many thanks to Eric of Argonaut for going the extra mile and developing such a beautiful sculpt, and for letting us in on the Tuttz action! 
These figures will be blind-boxed and will sell for $55 each. Your chances of pulling one of the chases will be very high. Will post more info on the release date soon.

Jun 22, 2010

All Haiti Earthquake Relief posters now $3!

Three dollars! That's like a medium coffee at Starbucks! Or one ride on the NYC Subway, with 75 cents left over. And you can't buy anything in NYC for 75 cents anymore. 
Better just pick up some posters, it's a smarter way to spend your money.
Pictured above is the beautiful print by Jon Burgerman. Just $3.

Jun 21, 2010

Dust RAS2010 figures available now

We first heard about German artist Dust during the Rollies Show when he submitted a beautiful custom rollie to us.
Now Dust has his own series of art toys for sale called RAS2010 which you can purchase via email direct from Dust himself. Price for the regular colorway is €55, and the other 3 variants are €75 each.
RAS2010 regular (above)
RAS2010 Greyguard (above)

RAS2010 Grennguard (above)

RAS2010 Goldenguard (above)
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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