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Sep 18, 2014

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Your "Leading Artists" Deserve More Accurate Representation Boast Industry Leading Artists

This ad published 18/09/2014 in the Vancouver (BC) paper was brought to my attention by fine artist Camilla- long time friend to the Designer Toy industry, exemplifying the care we as a community have for each other. Designer Toys is a small, tightly-knit community.

21/09/2014 With the availability of more accurate information, some clarification is needed.

Puffpipes (.ca) are toting an advertisement depicting an un-credited glass sculpture, and pipe. It's not difficult to identify the form of the hand-blown glass sculpture is derivative, and even a reproduction of, the Kidrobot Munny and Bot platform- two of Kidrobot's most internationally recognized product lines.

Kidrobot Munny

Kidrobot Bot Mascot

What's not immediately visible in the advertisement would be the artist(s) responsible for a piece boast as a representation of their industry's creative leaders. I take issue with 's portrayal of an unspecified reproduction of a designer toy form, as a reflection on their industry, without appropriate context. It gives the impression that would have readers believe these designs are singular to their product lineups, and wholly original to the "industry leading artists" whose work they represent and sell.

The originating artists Coyle & Slinger are fully transparent about the origins of their works, and their relationships to Kidrobot.

Coyle Condenser's Glass Munny Work, Photographed by Toto

When this information is withheld from distributor's advertisements, website, social media & informational outlets, it muddies responsible advertising practice. Artists distributing through retailers like may be wary of the efficacy of the promotion they may receive, or the communication of their practice.

You can find more of Coyle Condenser's hand-made glass sculpture work here, and through Photographer @glassotaku on Instagram.

Yours sincerely,


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