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Court of the Dead

Sep 15, 2014

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Latest Mouseketeer Army Releases from Bob Dob

Bob Dob recently released the last two figures in his Mouseketeer Army, Devil Lock and Liberty. Produced by 3D Retro, this latest release completes the set of 4 figures, which make up Bob Dob's Mouseketeer Army. Just like the previously released figures, Mouseketeer Wil and Death, Mouseketeer Devil Lock and Liberty stand at 6" tall and is priced at $80 plus shipping. Each figure is limited to 250 pieces, features a unique set of accessories and are also signed by the artist (when purchased through Bob Dob's website). In addition to being signed, each figure also comes with a Mouseketeer Army T-Shirt, patch and stickers. Bob Dob has also made a 4 pack of figures available, which includes all 4 figures of the Mouseketeer Army for only $300 plus shipping. Be sure to check out Bob Dob's online shop and join the Mouseketeer Army today.
Mouseketeer Devil Lock by Bob Dob

Mouseketeer Liberty by Bob Dob


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