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Court of the Dead

Apr 10, 2015

Destroller by Wetworks x Quiccs

Wetworks has teamed up with Hidden Fortress and Bullet Punk, to present TEQ63 Destroller. At over 8" tall, Quiccs provided a non-articulated resin Baby TEQ, while Wetworks created the bot part of the completed Destroller. Priced at $80 plus shipping, there is no word on what the run size it. So, head on over Wetworks' online store and pick up a Destroller.

Custom Hellboy Figure by Wetworks

Carlo Cacho, artist behind Wetworks, recently completed a really cool custom painted Hellboy figure, with base. The base is made of wood and clay, while the base figure is a Mezco figure. Wetworks did well to provide a better overall paintjob and with the addition of the base, the completed custom is really nice to look at. No word on whether this was a commissioned piece, or if it will be made available for sale.

ToyConUK 2015 WIP from PJ Constable

ToyConUK 2015 is only a few weeks away, on April 25th, in London. Artists and companies are gearing up, getting everything ready before the event comes around. Artist PJ Constable has been busy sculpting and casting some ideas, while also creating an idea for a print. PJs latest WIP pics include an army of cast Caterpups, a cast version of an original sculpt and a print with a yet to be decided size. PJ is also working on some custom Munnys, among other pieces that he will have for sale at ToyConUK2015. PJ Constable has definitely grown as an artist in the few years he's been active in the scene and hopefully PJ has a successful convention, so everyone can see more of his work. Expect more information to be released as PJ finalizes paint applications and other projects he is working on for ToyConUK2015.  

Latest Work from Rsin Art


Commissions and store releases typically keep artists busy, while also throwing in an art show submission every so often. For Rsin Art, in between battling ongoing medical problems, Rsin tries to knock down his long commission list. A few of his latest completed creations include a Custom Skullhead, a few 1/12 3AA Bambaboss customs, and a Custom Dragon Boy. The Skullhead and Dragon Boy are commissioned pieces, while the Bambaboss' were a recent store release (Sold out). Some great work by Rsin. As Rsin works through his commission list, it'll be interesting to see what Rsin will produce next. Be sure to follow Rsin on social media to see what he produces next.

V.e.r.a.1 Model from PolyopticsLabs

Brian Anderson, of PolyopticsLabs, has decided to create a limited run of the Vulpues Exploration Rover Alpha 1, or V.e.r.a.1. Since being first released 3 years ago, less than 30 of these handmade models have been created. Featuring more than 30 assembled parts, with working lights and a removable head panel, each V.e.r.a.1 is also hand painted with a military style finish. About the V.e.r.a.1:
The V.e.r.a.1 is designed to excel in dynamic scenarios by rapidly adapting to unknown environments.
Instinctual behavior blended with artificial intelligence, controlled by our on board systems, translates into a truly interactive operating experience.
When initialized and adequately powered, the V.e.r.a.1 will process information in the environment and intelligently respond to stimuli. In that state it will directly experience perceptions, sensations, and thoughts.
With a total of 11 pieces being made available, through preorder, the breakdown is as follows:
  • 6 Original Colorway V.e.r.a.1 - priced at $300 plus shipping
  • 1 Military Steel Colorway V.e.r.a.1 - priced at $400 plus shipping
  • 5 Unpainted Clear/Frosted Colorway V.e.r.a.1 - priced at $200 plus shipping
Overall, each V.e.r.a.1 measures around 10cm x 11.5cm x 9cm. With each V.e.r.a.1 being hand made by Brian, there will be differences in each one and should be handled and enjoyed with care. Also, keep in mind that this is a preorder and it is noted that shipment can be 4 months out. Be sure to check out PolyopticsLab for more info.

Bearded TTC Cavey from HeyCavey x The Toy Chronicle for ToyConUK 2015

Teased a few months ago, The Toy Chronicle has teamed up with Holly Astral, of HeyCavey, to create a ToyConUK 2015 exclusive Cavey. The Bearded TTC Cavey is going to be priced at £15 and will be limited to just 20 pieces. This is most likely, the very last Cavey that will be available, unless Holly finds some free time to produce a small run in the future, so a lot of people will be after this little blue Cavey. Each Bearded TTC Cavey will come bagged with a header card and comes signed and numbered by Holly. For those who plan on attending ToyConUK 2015, be sure to find The Toy Chronicle booth and pick up a Bearded TTC Cavey.

Monster Kolor's Mecha Virus Paint Class


Monster Kolor has announced another one of their excellent paint classes.  For just $99 you get training from the pros at Monster Kolor, a Mecha Virus Ammonaito toy to paint and unlimited access to Monster Kolor's paints and supplies!  Grab you spot now, the class will fill up quick!

Paint Class Mecha Virus - Monster Kolor Store:

+The Highest Fever

Apr 9, 2015

Chef Tako Say Cheese Purple Edition By Furry Feline Creatives


Chef Tako, being a sushi chef and a photographer shows his love for analogue cameras.  Standing 1.75 inches tall, this figure made from solid resin coated with metallic rub, acrylic paint & Monster Kolor. Packaged in a very cute film canister.   

Each figure is hand-painted and sculpted by Cheri Ong. This will debut at Wondercon 2015 in Anaheim and is now available at now for only $20.

Chef Tako Say Cheese 1.75" Resin Figure (Purple Edition) 

+The Highest Fever

Plaseebo's Custom Nyagiras for The Custom Nyagiras Show by Max Toy Co

On April 10th, Max Toy Co is going to have a Custom Nyagira Show, an online group art show utilizing the Nyagira as the platform. 14 artists were given blank, unpainted vinyl Nyagira figures and Plaseebo created two pieces for the show, each being a one of a kind vinyl tank mash-up. Featuring glass inset eyes and internal motion activated color changing LEDs, each Plaseebo Cat Tank has been hand painted using Monster Kolor paints. Priced at $400 each, each piece is signed and dated 2015. Be sure to check out these and all the other customs on Max Toy Co, once the show goes live on April 10th.


ToyConUK 2015 Exclusives from Mintyfresh

With ToyConUK 2015 right around the corner, April 25th, exhibitors are starting to receive items in hand and releasing the info to the masses. Mintyfresh has two confirmed pieces that are going to be available. The first is from Junnosuke Abe x Restore, called Neo Japan (Spirit Ager). Neo Japan is extremely limited and will be priced at £80, or roughly $120. 
Minty Fresh has also confirmed that they will have Wish Upon Me (Gold), by Yoskay Yamamoto X Mighty Jaxx, available at ToyConUK 2015. Wish Upon Me is going to be limited to 100 pieces and also priced at £80. Definitely a couple of great pieces that Mintyfresh will be bringing to ToyConUK 2015. Mintyfresh is hoping to have info on one more exclusive before April 25th, so keep an eye out for more info.

Sturnbrau Android APs by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Android Series 5 has been released to the masses and UK artist Jon-Paul Kaiser is pleased to have his Sturnbrau character joins the Android lineup. This means that Jon-Paul now has a set of APs he will be releasing, along with a 6"x6" mini-print of Sturnbrau, printed on 350gsm paper. Jon-Paul is going to make the mini print available separate from the Android for £10, with free shipping. Jon-Paul is also releasing an Android AP set, which includes one of Jon-Paul Kaiser's Sturnbaru Androids from Series 5, as well as one of the limited mini-prints. Each set is priced at £35, with free shipping also. Each Android will come signed and numbered, as will each print. For those who are keen, Jon-Paul will be making these available on April 9th at 1600 UK time, or 8AM PDT.

Kickstarter - Luke Chueh's "Dissected" Vinyl Sculpture

On Kickstarter right now is Luke Chueh's Dissected Vinyl Sculpture. Teaming up with Clutter Magazine, Luke Chueh is hoping to get enough funding and interest to get Dissected factory produced. This method allows the sculpture to be brought to the masses at a more affordable price point, with several Kickstarter Reward tiers available. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter video and page. For those are interested, be sure to choose a reward, or at the very least spread the word on social media. As of this post, the Kickstarter has been fully funded, but there are still a few stretch goals that still need to be reached to make more cool stuff available. This Dissected Kickstarter will run until May 8th, 2015.

Apr 8, 2015

Suburban Vinyl Presents The Recruits Group Art Show


Playful Gorilla and Cash Cannon proudly present "The Recruits" group art show happening at The Suburban Vinyl Art Gallery in Waldwick, NJ on April 18th 2015 6pm-9pm. The Arsenal of Artists first group show will be bringing together 30+ artists ranging from digital illustrators to toy customizers to 3d artists. Each of these artists have been "recruited" to participate and will bring original artworks with a military twist. Come be a part of an amazing line up! Items will be raffled, door prizes will be given and good times will be had!

Suburban Vinyl/Cat Atomic Toy Release


The concept for the Atomic Bunnies, custom painted Joe Ledbetter Mini Chaos Bunnies was originally thought up as way to revive a style of art work Felix Martinez worked on years ago. As a way to see what the reception of this style would be, he held a contest to win the original blue and yellow atomic bunny. Having been blown away by the amount of positive feed back, he has  decided to create 3 more in order to give others a chance to own one of these bad ass bunnies. They are being released exclusively through Suburban Vinyl and will be available April 10th for $65 each at

Taylored Curiosities' Easter Bunny Worry Beans For ToyCon UK


ToyCon UK 2015 will feature Taylored Curiosities'  first exclusive for the convention.  Five limited edition pieces featuring ear hats and bunny tails, one large and four medium versions, will be on sale. Each signed and numbered.

Taylored Curiosities - ToyConUK 

+The Highest Fever

Apr 7, 2015

Zen Pandas by TobyArt


Toby Grauberger, of TobyArt, is releasing some Zen Pandas into the world to help everyone cope with tax season in the US. Each Zen Panda is a 2.5" resin cast, which has been hand painted by TobyArt. There are two different versions that will be released on April 14th, Tranquility (eyes closed) and Enlightenment(eyes open). Each version is limited to just 10 pieces, with all pieces being signed and numbered by TobyArt. Priced at $40 each plus shipping, these Zen Pandas will go great with any collection. Be sure to head on over to TobyArt's online store on April 14th and pick up a Zen Panda.

Flynn - Custom 10" MADL by Jon-Paul Kaiser

One of Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissions is a 10" Custom MADL of Flynn, from the movie Tron Legacy. After chatting back and forth with the client about different costume variants, they settled on the white robe costume. The robe outfit goes well with the MADL shape and the contrast really makes the face pop. Jon-Paul Kaiser is most likely gearing up for ToyConUK 2015, so keep an eye out on all the goodies that attendees will have a chance at. As with all of Jon-Paul's work, photography is courtesy of Justin Allfree.

RocketBoy's 'Inmate 9-2-5' for Urban Vinyl Daily & Galerie F's 'For The Love of Toys'


Back with another 'For The Love of Toys' custom reveal is Chicago's own RocketBoy! His 'Inmate 9-2-5' is a custom 3" DudeBox that has been transformed into his signature character style. This customs features the character in a tie and an orange jump suit dragging a ball and chain. This piece will go on display starting this Friday April 10th during the opening reception at Galerie F. If you are in the area this is a show to check out. To RSVP for the event make sure to follow the link HERE

Apr 6, 2015

Rampage Toys announces new UGLY CLUB membership enrollment

Rampage Toys just announced open enrollment for their new Ugly Club, which gets members sweet exclusive merchandise!

There are two levels of membership:
  • Level 1: Basic "Ugly Club" Membership.  $60 (plus shipping).
  • Level 2: Premier "Ugly Club" Subscription Membership. $250 (plus initial shipping cost).
 For details on what you get when you're a member, click through to their blog post here:

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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