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Court of the Dead

Dec 19, 2015

LAST CALL for Christmas gift orders from our Amazon shop!

Funko, Kidrobot, YummyWorld, ThreeA, Three Zero, Star Wars and assorted art toys. ALL ship FREE with your Amazon Prime account, which means you can order this weekend and STILL get the order in time for Christmas giving! Click here to visit our Amazon shop.

Dec 15, 2015

Infinite Rabbits End of Year Sale!


Everything's on sale over at Infinite Rabbits! All items reduced by 30% - 70%!  Even the newer items like the custom Stormtrooper helmet.  Get in on the savings now because when 2016 rolls around they're gone.  Some items won't even be available anymore!  

Jobby the Crap (Son of Jabba) from Furry Feline Creatives


Remember the time when you just had a car wash and suddenly birds poop all over it.  This is the case with the Storm Poopers. 

TIL "Jobby" is a Scottish word for Poop.

In celebration of Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  Furry Feline Creatives has created a custom vinyl stormtrooper helmet featuring a hand-sculpted and hand painted Jobby the Crap on top.  He's an adorable little shit.  The custom measures 6 inches tall and is available at for $180.

+The Highest Fever  



In the chronicles of exploration, few feats match Lord William Fitzpatrick Smythe’s adventures into the vast unknown heart of the blank space known as Inner Lemuria. Follow him, and his faithful retainers Reginald ‘Mamoo’ Withers and Henry ‘Hop’ Newtsbridge, as they discover the mystic and ancient ruins of La-Er.

Frank Kozik William, Henry & Reginald Blue Sunshine - orange by Arts Unknown
8 inches tall
extremely limited production
designed by Frank Kozik
produced by Arts Unknown

Dec 14, 2015

Punk Goth Suicide Girl "ThreeTimesNever" Handcrafted Resin Toy x Marcos Lorenzo


Marcos Lorenzo presents his new release "ThreeTimesNever", a limited series of 250 handcrafted resin toys, 1/10 scale,6.3 inches tall.

ThreeTimesNever is the first of a toy collection based on alternative girls . The key point about ThreeTimesNever are her tattoos, as an homage to people’s good and bad moments, and how those kinds of things and livings become written over your skin forever.

SomeStrangeThings  is a business compromised of only Marcos Lorenzo. From the design, trough the production to the expedition.he controls the entire process from his small home studio in Barcelona,

The sculpture is on available for preorder now at the Some Strange Things store and the price is 150€ plus shipping.

Patrick Wong's New "Burner" Fatcap Commissions


Canadian artist Patrick Wong shares his latest custom toys titled "Burner" in 3" and 6". Both of the fiery creations are produced on the Kidrobot Fatcap platform and commissioned by a Canadian collector.

The "Burner" is taken from the graffiti term to describe a well-done and elaborate piece. Using this idea, Wong takes the Fatcap vinyl and illustratively sets it ablaze against a backdrop of a city. Similar to the way the South Bronx burned in the 1970s.

The 6" version of the "Burner" Fatcap is complemented by an accessory gas can with the character's name and "danger" written along the side.

Based on an original design by Wong, "Burner" is the fourth 6" Fatcap produced after creating pieces with themes of freezing, paint mixing, and corrosion.

About Patrick Wong:

Patrick Wong is an artist and illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada. He has been recognized by Applied Arts Magazine, American illustration, Society of illustrators Los Angeles, and Creative Quarterly for his work. Patrick received his BFA in Visual Art (Illustration) from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and began his career as a commercial artist with clients such as The Washington Post, The Sunday Times, and the March of Dimes Foundation. For more information, please visit

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