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Court of the Dead

Mar 25, 2016

48-Hour Ordering Window Now Open for Jon-Paul Kaiser's Blacksmith

You'd have to be absolutely MENTAL not to order one of these original Blackmith resin figures from JPK. The 48 hour pre-order window for The Blacksmith is now open!

Available with real leather (or faux leather if preferred) apron and an individually made hammer, this resin figure stands 4 inches (11cm) tall and each is hand-painted and signed. Cast by @evanmorgan93

Blown Away Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem Available 3/25 @ 8am PST on

 Josh Mayhem's latest Blown Away Dunny Series will be available exclusively on! This limited edition series features both 3-inch and 8-inch versions of the popular Blown Away style Dunny. The Blown Away Dunny has been modified with resin drips and acrylic paints to create a wind swept appearance. Kidrobot and Josh Mayhem have previously partnered together to release a special DesignerCon Edition Blown Away Dunny Series. Josh Mayhem's Blown Away Dunny Series is the inaugural custom series to be sold on!
This Blown Away Dunny Series includes several one of a kind special chase piece variants unique to this collection.

Variant names and ratios:
3" Dunny:
  • Blowin Up - 1/99
  • Blown Back - 1/99
  • Blown Askew - 1/99
  • Junglist - 1/99
  • Blue Steel - 1/99
  • Red White & Black 1/99
  • Molton - 1/99
  • Jolly Rancher - 6/99

8" Dunny:
  • Rainbow Glitter Jam - 1/12
  • OG Glitter Jam - 1/12

About Kidrobot:
Founded in 2002, Kidrobot is acknowledged worldwide as the premier creator and dealer of limited edition art toy, signature apparel and lifestyle accessories. An innovative cross between sculpture and conceptual art, Kidrobot offers not only a powerful medium for today’s international fashion designers, illustrators and graffiti artists, but also the creative canvas for emerging street trends and pop art. Kidrobot toys retail anywhere from $5 to $25,000, and many appreciate in value over time. Kidrobot showcases and sells it unique take on contemporary culture at Kidrobot stores in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Our products can be found online at and in select retailers worldwide.

About Josh Mayhem:
Based in Los Angeles, Josh Mayhem's lifelong habit of collecting children's playthings fueled his passion to transform said toys into objects d'art. Embracing both order and chaos as separate inspiration points, Mayhem's mixed media 'art toys' tend to be created in two contrasting styles, from his intricate and detailed assemblages, using parts from the likes of Japanese model kits, to his more free flowing and expressionist sculptures. Mayhem's works have been commissioned by private collectors and have been exhibited in a variety of contemporary art galleries as well as pop culture events.

Mar 24, 2016

"Speakerfreaker" custom x Dust

This is a new handmade figure from Dust. Speakerfreaker stands 30 cm tall and is the figure is made completely of epoxy. The speaker is is made of wood and metal and the whole thing is finished off with spray paint and acrylics. To see more of his customs, sculptures and artwork visit his website, facebook or twitter.

Magitarius Kicks Off Two Week Cosmic Krush Oreion Custom Campaign Tomorrow

Magitarius has just announced a new series of custom Oreion figures - 14 in all - that they will be revealing one at a time, beginning tomorrow! In case you aren't familiar with the Oreion figures, they are HUGE alien art toy figures that are a combination of vinyl and resin. We've had really positive feedback from collectors and artists who have acquired one of these rare collectibles.

Here's the copy from Magitarius:

Greetings to all from Magitarius! This week kicks off our 2 week Cosmic Krush campaign starting this Friday, March 25 2016. Every day for the next 2 weeks beginning on the 25th we will be posting on all of our Magitarius social pages (Instagram, Pintrest and Facebook) as well as our website a new series of Special Edition Oreion colorways called “The Cosmic Krush”. Oreion is our very own 12” Vinyl and Resin combo Space Alien figure available on our website at:

As the far sides of the galaxy continued to outstretch its arms unto the deep depths of space unknown,
a tiny wormhole appeared and began to take shape. As it continued to flex and grow it began to open up thereby exposing a link between our universe and another one. Upon opening up, a small squadron of Aliens slipped through the hole unnoticed and into our universe. Those aliens are akin to the Space Alien Oreion! 

14 in all, these Oreions are here now and taking up residence at the Magi Labs. They are seeking out new places to dwell so pick yours up now while they are available for a limited time!

The Magitarius Cosmic Krush page is here and you can find the Oreion figures for sale in their shop here.

Mar 23, 2016

SD Fake Baron Keshi by Tru:Tek x Awesome Toys

After months of development, the latest from Awesome Toy and Tru:Tek is finally being released for purchase. Awesome Toy has an ongoing Artist Collection series, with the latest being called the "Super Deformed" Fake Baron Keshi, from Tru:Tek and Disart ToyLabs. Designed by Tru:Tek, SD Fake Baron fits in the standard vintage SD super bot keshi, 3D sculpted by Brownoize to be just under 1" tall. With 2 initial buying options, a 3-pack with the classic red, yellow and blue figures, as well as a singular version in red (fitted to be a pencil topper). Priced at $15 for the 3 pack and $7 for the singular pencil topper, these keshi-style little rubber guys are available now through Toy Underground Store. Be sure to be on the lookout for more information regarding an exclusive figure from Disart ToyLabs, coming in the near future.

NEW MOTU Retro 3.75" Action Figures by Super7 Feature Jason Edmiston Artwork on Packaging


There are a lot of reasons why I'm excited about this new Masters of the Universe retro-style line of 3.75" action figures that Super7 has up for preorder... but the main thing that stopped me and forced me to blog is that each package features SWEET artwork by legendary painter Jason Edmiston.

Jason graced Bigshot Toyworks' FUnicorn package with an epic scene featuring the FUnicorn at the top of an exploding volcano. What many people might not realize is that the packaging artwork began as a painting! Like, a real fucking painting, executed with a brush and actual paint. These days... that's notable.

Big ups to Jason for killing it as usual, and big ups to Super7 for tapping him for this series of packaging art. So good.

Mar 22, 2016

Custom Garamon Tank x Plaseebo

This is a one of a kind custom mash-up of a vinyl Garamon figure in a hand cast resin Plaseebo tank with an internal color-changing LED unit that is switched on the tank base. ( replaceable batteries ) 5 1/2” long. Signed and dated 2015

The "Garamon Tank” will be available on Friday March 18th from the Plaseebo Web shop.

The Youzha Arachnid x Plaseebo


Plaseebo are pleased to offer the fourth figure in the “Arachnid” series. This Youzha Arachnid is a one of a kind custom measuring 10” wide by 6” deep and 4” high. He has a red glass eye insert and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit, with replaceable batteries. Hand painted with Monster Kolor sprays and signed. Just in time for Easter, he loves little bunnies !

The "Youzha Arachnid" will be available on Friday March 25th from the Plaseebo web-shop.

Kitsune and Otsune : Cute Fox Sisters! New Kickstarter from Sunset Dragon


You might remember Sunset Dragons last plush kickstarter for her Little Moon plush.  Now she is back with a pair of adorable fox spirits, Kitsune and Otsune

This adorable plush version of Kitsune stands at 8" from the bottom of her rump to the tips of her enormous ears! She is sewn from a super soft pale cream minky fabric and has lovely red minky accents on her paws, tail tips, necklace and the swirl on her tail. She features lovely embroidered eye, eyebrow, nose, paw and mouth details.

Kitsune is definitely the fiestier of the two sisters. She loves salty and crunchy snacks- her ultimate favorite food being Ramen! (Kitsune Ramen to be exact!) She's still mastering her shape shifting, so when she's in her human form she keeps a leaf balanced on her head to maintain her concentration. All of the animals in her forest tend to steer clear of Kitsune when she's in a playing pranks mood-which tends to be 99% of the time!

This adorable plush version of Otsune stands at 8" from the bottom of her rump to the tips of her enormous ears! She is sewn from a super soft dark cool gray-brown minky fabric and has lovely blurple minky accents on her paws, tail tips, necklace and the varied designs on her two(!) tails. She features lovely embroidered eye, eyebrow, nose, paw and mouth details.

Otsune is the older sister of Kitsune. As a Kitsune of more experience-she even has two tails! She loves desserts and traditional Japanese ones are her favorite-though she would love to travel more and try new treats! Though she's worried to leave Kitsune all alone with no guidance. Otsune is constantly pulling Kitsune out of all kinds of terrible messes. All of the animals in Otsune's forest are also always coming to her with problems that need solving-she's quite loved in her spring woods!

There are many tiers of rewards, but $40 will snag you a pair of these foxes on Kickstarter now.

MikeFX x RenOneLab Minion Resin Figures Drop This Friday

MikeFX and RenOneLab are set to release their first collaboration resin figure ‘Minion’ this Friday, March 25th. The figure, which was inspired by RenOneLab’s logo and frequent sticker subject, was originally inspired by a make-up designed by legendary make-up fx artist Dick Smith. MikeFX, being a make-up fx artist himself, recognized the design and created the figure as a trade for some design work and stickers… The two were happy enough with the figure that it was decided to make it available to toy collectors and FX fans everywhere.

The first release will be a run of 10 grey DIY figures, with one ‘Cherry-Bomb’ chase color way figure (bottom image) randomly picked to ship. These will be available starting Friday morning (March 25th 2016) at 9am PST. The 5” resin figures will initially sell for $25 (plus shipping) thru with subsequent figures released thru, as well the Rotten Resin site.

After the initial release, additional figures will be available in various colors and materials from both MikeFX Rotten Resin and RenOneLab (prices will vary for different color ways and materials).

Minion details:
• Solid cast Resin Figure
• 5 inches tall
• Initial DIY release color: Grey + 1 ‘Cherry Bomb’ red chase figure
• Initial release quantity: 10 + 1 Special color way 
• Available starting: Friday, March 25th at 9AM Pacific Standard Time