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Court of the Dead

Sep 14, 2017

OctoDunny Blue FADE by Deathchops x Clutter

After spending an eternity in the darkest depths of the ocean... the OctoDunny has finally surfaced!

These dunnys are triple cast and hand pulled by artist Deathchops, based on his Taku Taku sculpture.  Officially licensed by Kidrobot, these are limited to 25 pieces and will go on sale Friday, September 15 at Noon EST.

Oh, and did I mention they GLOW IN THE DARK?

Sep 13, 2017

Tenacious Collective at New York Comic Con 2017 Booth 780

Oooohhhh boy, it's THAT time of the year again!

Once again, we will be quarterbacking the most diverse, eclectic, welcoming and just plain FUN booth at New York Comic Con!

The Tenacious Collective will be located at Booth 780 at New York Comic Con. We are in the back of the same big room that we were previously in the middle of... way back by the back wall and the loading docks. We won't be hard to find, because we will have a BOAT LOAD of awesome artists, creators and indy companies represented inside our booth.

Add us to your NYCC Show Planner now!

Here's our 2017 cast of characters:

#1 - NUGGLIFE: Custom toys, resin figures, streetwear / apparel like shirts, caps, beanies, joggers, sweatshirts, etc

#2 - Bun Leung: Illustrations, stickers, prints, sketches

#3 - Jon Schnepp - Writer, director, producer, voice actor and MUCH MORE. Posters, comics and lots of cool merch

#4 - GhostLion (aka Hungryghostt & BlaqLion): Custom toys, resin figures, pins, stickers, illustrations and more

#5 - SeeOne: Author / illustrator / creator of The Adventures of Miru and Nitelyfe Pins - comics, graphics novels, pins, illustrations and much more

#6 - Rolo Ledesma: Creator of Curves & Bullets - illustrator and purveyor of fine, one of a kind cosplay accessories, graphic novels and comic books

#7 - Black Drove (Boobotcher & Grizlli Atom) - pop-up shop selling sofubi, resin, kaiju of all stripes, all OOAK or micro-run collectibles from 40 different artists (Thursday and Friday only)

#8 - EFUE (MikeDie, JosL, Anthony Respect and ChristieBear) - toys, pins, illustrations & artwork, paintings, and much more

#9 - Mechatro WeGo Pop Up - a wide selection of 1/35-scale and 1/12-scale WeGo robot action figures (Saturday & Sunday only)

 #10 - Concrete Jungle - (Steven Cartoccio) new resin figures will be available

Stay tuned to this blog, plus the Tenacious Toys Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, to keep up to date on all of the exclusives in our booth!

Sep 12, 2017

Funko POP TV: Bob Ross Series 2 Figures Release This Winter


I didn't even remember that Funko already put out 1 series of Bob Ross POPs... but Series 2 is the bomb. I mean these are super fun and hilarious figures. Bravo Funko!

Pop! TV: Bob Ross S2

It’s no happy little accident, more Bob Ross Pop!s are coming your way.

This series features The Joy of Painting host in new Pop! variations, Bob Ross with one of his favorite animals, a baby raccoon! Well isn’t that cute?

Look for the chase piece, Bob Ross with a baby owl. A rarity of 1-in-6!
Also, Bob Ross featured in overalls, and carrying a paint brush! (Bottom pic, my favorite!)
Collect them this Winter!

Note, because this is confusing to some people: we are not ordering low ticket items like the 4" POPs anymore. You have to pick up the regular POPs at other shops. Sorry! Just blogging these because they are hella cool. 

We will continue to pick up the $20+ items from Funko, like Rides and the larger figures, and boxed sets of POPs.



Rampage Toys classic figure The Ugly Unicorn gets a magical mash-up by artist Dethchops!
Released as part of this past weekends opening of Monster Mash, at The Clutter Gallery, this special double-cast guts release is produced in two magical colorways; Slimer & Magenta Meltdown!
Hand-sculpted by artist Dethchops, the guts are cast in gossamer colorways with super GLOW-IN-THE-DARK powers, making each of these colorways POP! 

Each of these pieces are lovingly hand-created in New York by Clutter Studios!!  Due to the hand-made nature, some variation in color may occur from piece to piece. This ensures that each piece is unique in its own way.
Priced at just $125 apiece, each colorway is limited to just 25 pieces and are available now!!!
So what are you waiting for - Time to get UGLY!

Sep 10, 2017

Beary Efficient Bear: Mighty Jaxx Pushes the Boundaries

Gotta hand it to Mighty Jaxx... they are getting very creative, releasing works by more and more different artists, and pushing the boundaries outside of comfort zones!

That's what art is about, innit?

Here's their latest release: Beary Efficient Bear:

We’ve done countless collaborations in many shapes and sizes but never one that’s quite like this. In our latest tie-up with Shanghai-based Naughty Brain, we bring you a clever yet cheeky take on a self-sufficient bear that is available in both Golden Sun and Grizzly Brown colorways. Eco-friendly and extremely self-loving, our Beary Efficient Bear is a real trooper when it comes to sustainable living. Come support him as he grows his own bamboo for sustenance and bears his very soul (and body) to you!

Vinyl, 7 inches tall, available as preorders in 2 colorways at $99 each here. These are designed by Naughty Brain, an artist based out of Shanghai.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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