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Sep 12, 2017


Funko POP TV: Bob Ross Series 2 Figures Release This Winter

I didn't even remember that Funko already put out 1 series of Bob Ross POPs... but Series 2 is the bomb. I mean these are super fun and hilarious figures. Bravo Funko!

Pop! TV: Bob Ross S2

It’s no happy little accident, more Bob Ross Pop!s are coming your way.

This series features The Joy of Painting host in new Pop! variations, Bob Ross with one of his favorite animals, a baby raccoon! Well isn’t that cute?

Look for the chase piece, Bob Ross with a baby owl. A rarity of 1-in-6!
Also, Bob Ross featured in overalls, and carrying a paint brush! (Bottom pic, my favorite!)
Collect them this Winter!

Note, because this is confusing to some people: we are not ordering low ticket items like the 4" POPs anymore. You have to pick up the regular POPs at other shops. Sorry! Just blogging these because they are hella cool. 

We will continue to pick up the $20+ items from Funko, like Rides and the larger figures, and boxed sets of POPs.


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