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Court of the Dead

Dec 6, 2014

f+ Babbies! Get Dem Babbies!


Bushels of bouncing baby blindbox Babbies! Josh f+ Pearce releases a brand new resin mini Blindbox series in a variety of delicious colourways- I want a Cotton Candy Sphynx.

Babbies are the latest cute little minifigure set, sculpted and cast by Josh f+ Pearce. There are three unique designs: the sleepy Merbabby, the spirited Rhinarion Babby, and the contemplative Sphynx Babby! Cast in a variety of colors ranging from neon traffic cone orange, to Glow in the dark, to cotton candy, purpletrator, and many more! These 2.5-3" resin figures are available now blindbox for $30 each here

With each blindbox you have a chance at getting a super rare Golden Ticket Babby, limited to 3 in total, entitling the owner to a unique, handpainted custom babby of their choice! They are available now at

Dec 5, 2014

Haunted by Innocence by TaskOne


Task One just gave us the heads up on his latest piece, Haunted by Innocence.  I just finished re-reading IT so pretty much anything with a grip of balloons is haunting to me, much less a little skull girl with a tag-a-long teddy bear.  This 10" tall piece features Huck Gee's Skullhead rotocast in resin by Task One.  Only 7 pieces were made and a few have already been claimed so you better hurry if you want one on your shelf! / Haunted by Innocence - resin skullhead:

+The Highest Fever

Fastest Runner MoleXL custom by Zukaty ART


This is the newest custom from Zukaty Art, "Fastest Runner" for the upcoming Re-Moled show at Loading Bar in London. This one occasion show, organized by Kerry Dyer and featuring her own resin figure "MoleXL". The show is this Saturday and this piece is available for £85 with an original 12"x6" original hand painted canvas. After the show the piece will be available on Zukaty's Bigcartel store. Also check out the gallery of all the other pieces. 

NEW NERVISWR3K RAFFLE PRIZES ADDED! 5 Exclusive Jacob JAMS Burgermeisters

We are blessed, all of us, to have such a supportive toy family. Today we are adding 5 NEW Raffle Prizes to the Nerviswr3k Benefit Raffle, thanks to our youngest and possibly least jaded toy artist, Jacob JAMS! Jacob created an EXCLUSIVE of his 1.5" Burgermeister figure just for this raffle in an edition of 5 pieces.

By adding 5 more prizes, Jacob has drastically increased everyone's chances of winning! I'd still like to sell a lot more raffle tickets, so just know that there will be 20 total prizes, meaning 20 winners! You have an extremely high chance of winning.

Click here to buy a raffle ticket for $10. Exactly $10 of that will go to Nerviswr3k, plus I'll send you a 5-piece sticker pack for every raffle ticket that you buy. AND you'll be entered to win a prize in the raffle.  SHARE THIS POST!

Arts Unknown vinyl figures by Gary Baseman, Frank Kozik and Doktor A all available

 Multiple colorways of each of the following figures are available now on our Arts Unknown page: Doktor A's Bella Delamere figure (above and below); below that are Gary Baseman's Slugilicious figures; and then on the bottom are Frank Kozik's William, Henry & Reginald figure sets. Really beautiful figures by relative newcomer UK toy company Arts Unknown. AU is committed to producing high-quality limited-edition vinyl toys, and I believe there will be more figures coming to market very soon. Definitely a company to watch in 2015!
above & below: Gary Baseman's Slugilicious
above & below: Frank Kozik's William, Henry & Reginald set

Solider - They See Me Rollin black shirt by BANDIT-1$M

My friends SCIEN & KLOR at BANDIT-1$M have a bunch of sweet new pieces in their shop. This one seems appropriate in these days of protest. Who are the bandits these days? Hmm..... makes ya think.

Click the link below to buy this shirt, or just click here to check out the BANDIT-1$M homepage.


Dec 4, 2014

Crummy Gummy Boy (Grün Edition) Release


This is the new colorway of the Crummy Gummy Boy resin figure (i.e. Grün edition). The figure is limited to only 10 pieces and will be available this Monday at the opening of "Concrete Era" at the Wyn317 Gallery in Miami, Florida running during Art Basel. The figures will be $200 a piece andcan be bought from the gallery by emailing them or calling them at (305) 761-1116.

Dec 3, 2014

Custom Artmymind Storm Trooper Helmets by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser is awesome at putting his own take on pretty much any platform out there, including original sculpts he creates. Jon-Paul's latest completed commission goes perfect alongside the latest Star Wars trailer for Episode VII. Now, the commission has nothing to do with the latest trailer, but the completed pieces are a pair of custom Artmymind Stormtrooper/Samurai helmets. Each helmet is unique, with both having separate details and images. At a size of 3"x3"x2", these helmets are a nice size to work on. Jon-Paul left the original sculpt in tact, wanting to create a literal decorated helmet, adding the JPK-style to the helmets. While the front shows the JPK style of clean and simple accents, the backs of the helmets reveal a bit more, where Jon-Paul created a separate scenery image on the backs of each helmet. These pieces should make the lucky collector very happy. As with all of Jon-Paul's customs and work, the wonderful photos were taken by Justin Allfree.
Custom Artmymind Stormtrooper/Samurai Helmet by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
Custom Artmymind Stormtrooper/Samurai Helmet by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
Custom Artmymind Stormtrooper/Samurai Helmet by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
Custom Artmymind Stormtrooper/Samurai Helmet by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
Custom Artmymind Stormtrooper/Samurai Helmet by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree

Dec 1, 2014

Miya-San - the perfect gift for the anime lover and Miyazaki fan

This cute-as-a-button Miya-San "Mentor" figure is an homage to legendary anime writer/director Hayao Miyazaki. Designed by Martin Hsu and produced in resin by Bigshot Toyworks, this 6-inch-tall figure is limited to just 300, with very few left in stock.

Net proceeds from the sale of the Miya-San figures will be donated to Karakuwa-Maru, a community building organization in the town of Karakuwa, Japan. Karakuwa-Maru is involved with rebuilding after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Buy the Miya-San figure today at the Bigshot Toyshop to ensure that it arrives in time for the holidays!

$10 Raffle to Benenfit Nerviswr3k + Family

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Recently, although he didn't talk about it much online, a member of Nerviswr3k's family passed away. Funeral arrangements were made for this person, and he left a daughter behind. It created a tough situation for his family. Once I heard that, I knew we could all help.

Here you can purchase a raffle ticket for $10. Exactly $10 of that purchase will go directly to Nerviswrek to help cover the family's expenses and to help care for this young girl, who doesn't have much. Further details if you click the link.


Renone printed up both Nerviswr3k logo stickers and stickers featuring some of Nervis' customs
Abe Lincoln Jr donated his Fucking Hipsters stickers
Sticker Robot donated a variety of stickers
▪ Tenacious Toys donated our pitbull logo stickers

You get one sticker pack of about 5 stickers per raffle ticket that you buy. Customers buying multiple raffle tickets will get a custom-picked set of stickers without any duplicates, if at all possible.

Buying a raffle ticket enters you into a raffle for your pick of one of 15 different prizes, each of which was donated by a friend of Nervis. ALL prizes pictured and listed HERE in the Raffle Ticket product listing.


MANY awesome raffle prizes, all pictured below. So much to chose from!

And you already know what you can do to further help this cause: SHARE this post! Thank you!
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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