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Court of the Dead

Jul 29, 2016

PREORDER: Frazetta x Kozik x Kidrobot Death Dealer Labbit

GIANT and awesome Frazetta homage Death Dealer by Frank Kozik and Kidrobot available for preorder now. VERY few available. This is a centerpiece for any collection, to be sure. It's huge.

Huge Baby Fatts Group Show July 30th at Woot Bear

What do you get when you combine hope, change, acceptance, love and positivity? You get Baby Fatts, the world’s first dragon. This cute little baby dragon is the first production piece by the artist named Big C. Big C has put together a very talented roster of artists to customize his Baby Fatts resin sculpture, for his show at Woot Bear Gallery.  Please join Big C and the gang at Woot Bear on Saturday, July 30th, 6-9 pm for the opening reception featuring one of a kind custom pieces, exclusives, snacks, entertainment, a wonderful crowd, and plenty of surprises.

In addition, there will be a Woot Bear Exclusive Baby Fatts Bone Colorway, Edition of 5 for $60.

Follow the following on IG for the latest - @wootbearbelly  @big_c_art @baby.fatts

Contact Woot Bear with any inquiries:



PREORDER scheduled to ship to us in Q3 of 2016

4" tall vinyl art figure

awesome anatomical cutaway style

produced by MightyJaxx

officially licensed DC Comics product

Figures are in route to us now.  Order your XXRAY Cyborg by MightyJaxx today!

Jul 28, 2016

A Coloring Activity Book from Taylored Curiosities

U.K. based artist Taylored Curiosities recently released The Feelings Monstrous Emotions, an activity coloring book. The activity book is printed on A5 sized paper and features10 pages, plus a front and back cover, ready to color in. Each page is said to be packed full of original illustrations and activities to help readers re-evaluate things when feeling a bit blue. Priced at only £5 plus shipping, this activity book features all of your favorite feelings, as well as a few ones making an appearance. Be sure to pick up a copy of this fun activity book today and while browsing Taylored Curiosities' online store, check out all the other available goodies for purchase.

Resin & Glass Kulfas by TobyArt Available First 2 Weeks of August

In late summer, the festival of Lithablot, (July31st - Aug1st) or The Harvest Festival, the Nordic people came together to make food offerings to Ertha for her bounty. Within days of these food offerings, out from the rocky caves come a unique creature called Kulfas (roughly translated to bunny wolfs). These playful, brightly colored; furry creatures, wake from hibernation to feed on the offerings in a seasonal glutonfest. Once believed to be magical creatures, sent to carry the offerings to the gods, these creatures are now known as scavengers with hibernation and feeding cycles, based off the Paganistic holidays. After a brief two week, feed and breed season, once they have eaten their fill they return to their homes in the caves to sleep till Yule.

Available for only 2 weeks, August 1st - 14th at .
Kulfas are 2 inches tall and made of resin and glass. Orders will be shipped out in September.
Follow TobyArt online at @TobyArtPics

Jul 27, 2016

Pins and SDCC 2016 Leftovers from N.C. Winters

As artists settle back into his/her respective daily grind after the chaos that is SDCC, more and more SDCC leftovers are hitting online stores. N.C.Winters put up his remaining SDCC stock online recently and are available now for purchase. A few original ink drawings remain, as well as a print, an original drawing(colored) and some sketch cards. N.C.Winters also has a couple of recently released enamel pins available to purchase, to go along with all the SDCC goodies. The Pins are priced at $12 a piece, the print is $40, while his original drawings start at $100 and go up, price depends on complexity, size and other. Be sure to check out all the other available art N.C.Winters has available as well.

Jul 26, 2016

Go buy some Pins from Sket One

Pins are fun, simple and easy to add to one's look for a little bit of flair, or maybe a lot of flair. Sket One has a few pins available for purchase to help add to everyone's Pin game, some of which are available in limited quantity from Sket One's online store. From Pow Wow Long Beach's Limited edition artist pin, to Sket One's Hood Goodz characters Bomb Dropper and Spoiled Rotten, Sket One has a good number of pins available for purchase. Ranging from $6 a pin for Bomb Dropper and Spoiled Rotten, to $12 for the Limited Edition Pow Wow Artist Edition, there is a pin for everyone. While you check out the pins Sket One has to offer, check out the rest of Sket One's available pieces, like Sket's Sketratcha AP Dunnys.

FLABSLAB has Pins, Lots of PINS

Pins, Pins and more Pins. Singapore based Flabslab has a bunch of pins to add to people's lanyards. Ranging in price from $11 to $15, shipping is included in the purchase of any of the available pins. With several Artist collaboration pins, there is bound to be one ore more pins for collectors to purchase. Check out Flabslab for the entire batch of available pins and while you're there, why not check out some amazing pieces Flabslab has up to purchase as well.

Bread & Butter Pup by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny is more recently known for his anatomical custom creations, which has turned into production pieces under XXRay, through Mighty Jaxx. While production pieces like the XXRay line and Friendly Fire pieces allow collectors to be able to afford Jason's pieces at a much lower price point, Jason's original sculpture work is where his Bread and Butter of creativity shall remain. One of his latest limited edition creations is Bread & Butter Pup, which features a 2 piece set. Completely hand sculpted using epoxy clay and finished with hand painting, each Bread piece stands at 8.5" tall, while Butter Pup hangs out at around 2.5". Priced at $890, Bread & Butter Pup is limited to just 10 sets, each signed and numbered by Jason Freeny. For those looking for some production pieces, check out Tenacious Toys. Be sure to follow Jason Freeny on social media, as Jason does post some of his WIP pics for projects he's working on.

Pins and More from The Beast Brothers

For those who haven't noticed, the Pin game has been coming back strong in recent months, with designers and artists joining in on the fun. The Beast Brothers recently dropped some pins they created. Featuring The Beast Brothers' art, the duo released some calaverita enamel pins, an El Chamucho (purple version), as well as a Green Quetzalcoatl pin. Not to limit customizing to just Toys, The Beast Brothers also have some hand painted Vintage resin Green Ghost pins titled Pegajoso and a Marshmallow Man titled Malvavisco. Each hand painted resin pin is priced at $15 each, while the enamel pins are priced at $10 a piece. Not to limit the store to just pins, The Beast Brothers also have a few drawings, original paintings and a custom for sale as well. All of this and an updated website for everyone to take in. Keep your Pin Game Strong and pickup some sweet Beast Brothers pins through their online store.

6th Annual Designer Toy Awards Nominations Now Open

With SDCC 2016 all wrapped up, attention starts to turn towards Designer Con 2016 and NYCC 2016. This year at NYCC, Designer Toy Awards will have it's 6th annual ceremony, celebrating the Designer Toy world. Nominations for the DTAs are now open and registered users can begin nominating his/ her favorite artists, blogs, toy shops, collections and more. Something new for this years DTAs is the new award for "Best Non-Licensed" toy. This new category is geared towards the resin slingers and bootleg specialists who often create new toys, using an unofficially licensed or bootlegged IP. Whether or not this includes custom multiples inspired by entertainment IP is really up to the DTA Nomination Committee who will filter all of the nominations down to a list deemed appropriate. So, for those who think they know of an artist who deserves consideration to be nominated, head on over to the DTA website, register and submit some nominations. Nominations are only open until August 6th, 2016, so don't delay and start nominating.

Collect And Display's July Artist features I Break Toys

 Following a successful Monthly Artist series in 2015, Collect and Display brought the series back for 2016. This year features 11 different artists, each being featured by Collect and Display for the given month. July's artist of the month features work from I Break Toys, Lisa Hansen. Creating 4 different customs, 3 Custom Dunnys and a custom resin Metalhead, Lisa revisited her Beaufighter characters, which was inspired by WWII aviation. The Custom resin Metalhead figure stands at 4" tall and has an articulated head. Titled "Fangs Out", this aviation term refers to a pilot being "hot for a dog fight". Priced at around $117 (converted) "Fangs Out" comes in a presentation box, with a certificate. The other three customs are 3" Dunnys, each featuring a unique sculpt and color palette. Each Custom Dunny Beaufighters come bagged with a header card and is priced at approx. $85(converted). Each of these customs will be available for purchase through Collect and Display on Friday, July 29th. Be sure to follow Lisa Hansen and I Break Toys to keep up with Lisa's amazing work.

TOY OF THE DAY: The Loyal Subjects TMNT Wave 2 Blind Box Mystery Figure


Blind Box - Mystery Figure

3.25 inches tall

1 random figure per Blind Box

made of vinyl

produced by The Loyal Subjects

TMNT figure officially licensed by Nickelodeon

TLS x TMNT2 - Wave 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series inspired Action Vinyls.  Includes more accessories, killer poseability, the best villains, our lovable heroes and extremely hard to find chase figures!  These Action Vinyls stand 3.25' tall but pack a mean punch!

Order The Loyal Subjects TMNT Wave 2 Blind Box Mystery Figure today!
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book