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Court of the Dead

Jul 17, 2015

Custom Coarse The Passage Set by Jon-Paul Kaiser

The Passage set created by Coarse Toys is an amazing 3 piece set of figures, that sit in a row boat. The Ignited Version of The Passage features GID versions of the figures, which include a Ruth, Void, and an Omen. One collector commissioned Jon-Paul Kaiser to take the Ignited Passage Set and put Jon-Paul's touches on the figures to make them truly unique. Jon-Paul cleaned Void's Mask to make the glow even brighter on the piece. With highlights and strategic accents, Jon-Paul was able to make create a fantastic finished piece. In order to really show the work and beauty of this piece, Jon-Paul went to his go to photographer Justin Allfree to provide pictorial justice to the piece. After hours in Justin Allfree's studio, positioning and capturing the perfect shot, Justin still spent a good amount of time processing the shots to produce the wonderful pictures that can be shared with the world. Since only a few people are able to appreciate commissioned pieces in person, it's always great to have a photographer like Justin Allfree who will make the photographs show how beautiful Jon-Paul's pieces really are.

GID and Chalkboard Dissected Gingerbread Man by Mighty Jaxx

Starting now and running until July 20th, Mighty Jaxx is holding a timed release sale of the latest editions of Jason Freeny's Gingerbread Man, produced by Mighty Jaxx. A GID and Chalkboard version of Jason Freeny's Gingerbread Man are only available for purchase during this Timed Release. Priced at $20 each plus shipping, be sure to purchase these now, since these will not be offered once the sale window closes on July 20th.

Poop Ghosts by Shadoe Delgado

Available now from Shadoe Delgado is his latest resin pieces called "Poop Ghosts". These stinky little fellas are hand sculpted resin pieces, finished off with some hand painted efforts. Priced at $150 each plus shipping, each of these little poopers are ready to haunt every collectors shelf. Also, they don't smell like poop. Pick up one of these Poop Ghosts today.

Plaseebo at The Art of the Toy Exhibit at MOAH

On Saturday July 18th, 2015, the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, CA will open an exhibit called "The Art of The Toy". The show is going to host a number of art toys, representing a wide range of different artists. Plaseebo will have 2 pieces in the exhibit. The first is "After Hieronymus Bosch”. Featuring a one of kind custom hand cast resin piece, which has inset red eyes and a color-changing LED unit. 
Plaseebo's second piece is "Mummy Gnaw X 1". Using a Plaseebo "Gnaw" head, mounted on a Skull Head Butt "X" body, Plaseebo added red glass inset eyes, fabric wrap and a color-changing LED unit. Both pieces are a good representation of Plaseebo's work and for those in the area of Lancaster, be sure to head on down and check out the exhibit.

Resin figures by Furry Feline Creatives

After a successfully sold out debut at SDCC 2015, Furry Feline Creatives is making some resin figures available online. Die-Arrhea Outbreak is a 3.5" resin figure, featuring a zombie poop crawling out of the toilet. Priced at $45 plus shipping, Die-Arrehea Outbreak can be purchased right now through Furry Felines online webstore. In addition to Die-Arrhea Outbreak, Furry Felines have released a 4" Kawaii Kaiju Purridge resin figure, which is Purridge the cat is dressed as a Kaiju. Priced at $60 plus shipping, Kawaii Kaiju Purridge is also available through Furry Feline's online store. Both figures were hand-sculpted and hand painted by Cheri Ong. Don't forget to join the Furry Felines rewards program and follow them on social media.

Matt A* Bubble Gum Bitch Magnets Now Available

 Finally, a Matt A* piece you can afford! Badassify your lame ass fridge by snapping up one of the Angry Artist's sweet Bubble Gum Bitch magnets for just $25 each. You choose Bronze, Silver or Gold color. Matt chooses the color of the bubble. This release is limited to 20 pieces.

Email with your order, slappy. Hop to it.

Instagram: @Angry_Artist

SNEAK PEEK: Letterpress Prints to Accompany Mike Mignola Monkey with a Gun Sculptures

Bigshot Toyworks has just released images of the letterpress prints that will accompany the first 100 orders of Mike Mignola's Money with a Gun sculpture that they developed alongside Mike. These prints will be signed by Mike and included in the packages for the first 100 customers. Still more preorder slots open for both Bone and Bronze color variants of the Monkey sculpt, but no further prints will be produced or included with preorders from here on out.

Monkeys are on the water and will arrive and ship to customers in approx one month.


INTRODUCING: Waste - Toymaker from Russia

Waste prototype sculpts from 2011
 OK, I don't know much about Waste other than his IG is @waste_official and he's a toy maker / sculptor / artist from Russia. All of the images here are of his older work but I just stumbled on them so I might as well post up.
To contact him about commission work please email
work from 2009

Cover figures of Kikoriki / Yozhik from 2013

Prototype by Waste, design by Edik Katykhin - 2013

Ducky Boy sculpt from 2011 - design by Den Kazakov aka @mrsirix on IG

INTRODUCING: Heartless Head Hunting Yeti by theotherguy

Introducing Trevor Gusikowsi aka theotherguy! Pictured above is a custom 6" Dude by Dudebox: this is a 6 inch Dudebox that he painted/sculpted/carved in his Head Hunting Yeti series.

You can grab this piece and several others in theotherguy shop here and make sure to follow @theotherguy on IG.

Jul 16, 2015

Hemlock Bootlegs - New Resin Toys


These bootleg resin toys come courtesy of Doug E. Fresh under the name Bootleg Toys. So far three separate figures have been released since the beginning of the year with a fourth one coming soon. The artist's intention is to project an aesthetic that draws the imagination into the worlds his figures exist in by embracing the paradox of expressing an original idea with stolen source material.

You can find Hemlock Toys through their online store, email or Instagram.

Rivals: Masters of the Deep


If the phrase "underwater steampunk battle" doesn't seal the deal on getting you to back the Rivals board game Kickstarter, I'm not sure there's much I can do to convince you. You might also want to check and see if you have a pulse or any vital signs in general.

Masters of the Deep is a tactical miniatures board game for 2 - 4 players set in the cold dark depths of the Lurk. Players take command of either the Cog or the Nautilus, gather a fighting force and, through wise decisions and strategic moves, destroy the opposition.

The campaign is fully funded but there's still 14 days left to get in on the action and every dollar gets you closer to awesome stretch goals like additional miniatures and even higher quality gaming pieces.

-The Highest Fever

GeekWok in Carbonite - UME Toys


To celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, which is carbonite or is it silver? UME Toys is proud to present something special – GeekWok in carbonite. This poor little fella has been frozen for all time in a block of faux alloy. Standing over 4.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide this little chunk is ready to shipped to your side of the galaxy. Launching on the 25th of of July, each GeekWok will ship in a header carded bag and will be signed and numbered on the reverse all for £40 plus shipping. You can grab yours at the UME toy store soon.

Back Shawn Smith's Recycled Mini Resketch Books on Kickstarter

I LOVE my Resketch recycled/reclaimed paper sketchbook that I got from the last Kickstarter. Now Shawn "Shawnimals" Smith has a new Kickstarter running now for a mini version - I just placed my pledge for a 3-pack. Only $12! Super cheap. I love my original Resketch so much that I put it on the homepage of my personal website here. Definitely recommended, and at that price, you can't go wrong.

Resketch books are spiral-bound collections of assorted reclaimed/recycled/reused papers. Every page is different which is pretty exciting for me, sort of gets my brain working in a different way every time I flip a page to draw or take notes.

One Day Left to Nominate Tenacious Toys and Tenacious.Ninja Blog in the Designer Toy Awards

Hey everyone! The time is here (well, the time is almost over, actually) to nominate your favorites for this year's Designer Toy Awards! We hope you will consider nominating Tenacious Toys for Best Online Toy Store and this Tenacious.Ninja Blog for Best Blog once again!

Here's how you do it:

Click here and sign in (you'll have to either create an account or log in using the credentials you established last year).

Click "Create Nomination" in nav bar.

Then you can add in whatever toy, brand, shop etc that you want to see in the DTAs. (This isn't voting, this is basically adding in brands, products, artists or shops to be considered for the voting process).

We hope that as you are adding in your favorites, you can add Tenacious Toys and Tenacious.Ninja!

I have included a couple screen shots below so you can see how to fill out the form to nominate us:

For Tenacious Toys as Best Online Toy Store:
 they ask you for an image so you can just save this one below for
And for this blog, Tenacious.Ninja:
Here's an image for Tenacious.Ninja:


Nominations END tomorrow July 17th so definitely get yours in today.

Jul 14, 2015

GODZILLA FLASH SALE! Get 40% off when you buy these 2 Godzilla items together

Get the 10-piece set of 3-inch Godzilla figures (above) and the Godzilla Vinyl Wars 11-inch sofubi Destroyah figure (below) at a ridiculous 40% off with code 40ZILLA. That's a combined savings of $67.80 for the two items! Code is good for ONE DAY ONLY - starts today (now) and runs through end of day tomorrow (July 15, 2015). You WILL NOT find that Destroyah figure this cheap anywhere else!

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book