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Court of the Dead

Feb 12, 2016

PREORDER 3A World of Isobelle Pascha Liz Bam Bam


**PREORDER scheduled to arrive Q2/Q3 2016**

The second series of ThreeA's ISOBELLE PASCHA figures!

A new set of three figures in 'The World of Isobelle Pascha' series, created by TP Louise with designs by Ashley Wood. Each figure also comes with a Poppin Apple figure that sits approximately 12cm in height as well!


Dressed in black leather dress and stockings. Includes a pistol and a turquoise Poppin Apple.

Preorder 3A World of Isobelle Pascha Liz Bam Bam today!

Feb 10, 2016

SNEAK PEEK: Munny / Labbit Death Dealer - Frank Frazetta x Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer" is possibly the most iconic and badass painting in the fantasy genre. Dating way back to 1973, it has achieved legendary status in the fantasy nerdling sphere... and now the Master of Labbits has endeavored to bring the iconic imagery to his Labbity world. Here you see a SNEAK PEEK of the Death Dealer Munny riding his Labbit steed. Soon to be revealed at the Kidrobot booth at Toy Fair in New York, this will ACTUALLY be a production piece from Kidrobot!

Follow their blog for more info on that release, I don't have details yet.

Labbit x Death Dealer crossover concept by Frank Kozik, brought to life in the capable digital hands of Klim Kozinevich and Bigshot Toyworks....  we have here a production piece so badass, even my wife wants one!

If you needed more convincing that Kidrobot is BACK in a big way, here it is. Mic drop....

Here's the original Frazetta painting:

Nugglife "Chill Life" Resin Drop


Nugglife presents the second Resin Character "Chill Life" based off of everyone's favorite hippy Smoky. This series is limited to only 5 sets. Each packed with 4 accessories, 2 of which (Smoke and Joint) are attached by Magnet and can be interchangeable depending on what he prefers for the day. Each order also includes stickers and a mini print. $105 each in the Nugglife Ny store.

BREAKING NEWS, DOC: Jason Freeny x Kidrobot x Bigshot Toyworks x Warner Brothers

Just when you though that the art toy scene has taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque, this piece is announced! Jason Freeny has been tapped by Kidrobot to utilize their Warner Brothers license to officially produce an Anatomical Wabbit! Brought to life under the design direction of Bigshot Toyworks, this piece promises to be a glorious hunk of tasty carrot-chompin' plastic! Will be debuted at Toy Fair in NY this weekend. I'll see if I can get you some actual pics. Stay tuned, doc!

So stoked. For a behind-the-scenes look at how Jason Freeny developed this piece (yes, sculpted by hand, before the concept was turned over to Bigshot), check out his photo gallery on Facebook.

Feb 9, 2016

Introducing Webbo vs Star Wars: Return of the Tranny Punk Raver Bumbleclart Gangster Jedi

Star Wars fan looking for something a bit different?

Kind of like star wars, but not sure if its cool or not?

Hate star wars and want to get back at star wars geeks by supporting sacrilegious memorabilia?

Either way I have the ideal thing for you to waste a tenner of your hard-earned money on: toy hacking model deformer WEBBO has been busy defacing some of the franchises favourite characters with baseball caps, boob jobs, bling, Mohawk and dreads.... turning something that was once valuable and collectable into something that still is valuable and collectable but in a slightly different way.

Maybe a present for the special Star Wars nerd in your life, or a just for the inner child who wants to use art as an excuse to buy the toys his parents never got him...

These bargains are available on Webbo's Etsy for the bargain price of just £10!

Imps and Monsters - Ten Years of Art by Justin Hillgrove (Now on Kickstarter)


Exciting news! For about a year now Justin Hillgrove has been working on putting together a coffee table art book and it is finally ready to share with you! 

This last December marked 10 years of sharing his art and it seemed like the perfect time to do a book. It is very much a love letter to you who have supported Justin and his work this last decade. Countless hours and energy have gone into into designing a premium hardcover art book with clean layouts and rich content. All the info about the book can be found on (My friend Dave Gerrard is helping me manage the campaign, if you are wondering why his name pops up). 

Whether or not the Kickstarter is successful (it already is) Justin will be producing the book, but he is using it to set up a pre-order with some exclusives as well as providing him with some of the capital to go forward with the printing much sooner than he might otherwise be able to do.