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Court of the Dead

Aug 14, 2010

Skullyboom SB1 portable audio system now in stock

Tenacious Toys is proud to announce that we are one of the chosen few East Coast members of Team Skullyboom!
The Skullyboom SB1 is a portable audio speaker system that allows you to enjoy your music, out loud, while riding your board or bike. Look for me rocking my Skullyboom on my Sector 9 longboard, dodging buses and pedicabs around Manhattan! Skullyboom SB1s cost $49.99 and are available at Tenacious Toys here.
SB1s plug into your mp3 player or any audio device via standard 1/8-inch jacks, and then clip to your belt or bag for maximum out-loudness. They are rechargeable via USB cord so they also make great speakers for your computer or laptop. Available in 4 colors, each Skullyboom is also fully customizable- every SB1 comes with a randomly packed selection of fun speaker grills so you can change the look of the device whenever you feel like it. 

Aug 12, 2010

Big Boss Robot - The Giant Robot blind box figures - Stop Motion


The Big Boss blind-box mini figures by Giant Robot come in 12 different colorways, and they're evenly packed into cases of 12. Buy a full case and get one of each! All limbs are detachable and interchangeable. They retail for $8 each and we can get em so email us if you want a few, or a full case.

Aug 10, 2010

Jon Paul Kaiser Zombie Pirate 8 inch Qee Bear by Toy2R

Ahoy Maties! Prepare yourself for a voyage like none other as Toy2R invites you along with JonPaul Kaiser and his 8” Zombie Pirate Qee. Be on ye guard though, ya shouldn’t turn yer back on him. Begad! He’s a zombie!

Taken from an original illustration submission, this piece will mark the first of several new 8” Artist Qees Toy2R has planned for release. JonPaul’s sea-dog style is unmistakable and is captured in full detail. Limited to only 500 pc worldwide and an SRP of $65 – this is a treasure you won’t have to dig for! Blimey!

Setting sail and plundering its way to your nearest port, the Zombie Pirate will hit shores next month. Email us if ye dare, and this blasphemous, rotten sea dog may be yours!

The Qeevolution continues to sail on….Fair Winds to Ye!

7-inch Domo Qee series coming soon

Toy2R and Dark Horse are proud to announce the release of the newly designed Domo 7 Inch Qee. Originally displayed during Toy Fair in February and making an appearance at this year's San Diego Comic Con, these larger versions have attracted serious attention from Domo collectors around the globe. Limited to only 500 units of each design and with a SRP of $59.99, Domo will be making a dash, so fans had better act quick!
The first available versions will include the Wood Grain edition as well as the Glow In The Dark version.

Followed by more eerie mayhem - the Skeleton Edition will pop out as well as the party themed Glitter Edition - all making their debut next month and available from Dark Horse.

Collectors make special note, these are very limited and will be made available worldwide! The first two assortments of 2" Domo Qees are now sold out from Dark Horse and Toy2R - so these bad boys won't stick around for long, especially once they start making everyone's holiday wish lists! 
We will be offering a selection of these 7-inch Domo Qees in our shop in the Domo section, so keep checking back for more info! As always, please do email us if you want to reserve one of these Domos for yourself.

Join in the fun as Domonation and the Qeevolution roll on....
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