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Court of the Dead

May 15, 2015

Hellraiser Jr Custom Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissioned piece to be delivered is a Hellraiser Jr Custom Pinhead Dunny. Featuring 48 hand placed pins, Jon-Paul spent hours placing the pins, getting the proper spacing and gluing them into place. With the amazing paint application, the additional pins really bring this custom to life. This is unmistakeably Pinhead from Hellraiser. The wonderful photography was taken by Justin Allfree. For those who are interested in a commissioned piece, be sure to contact Jon-Paul Kaiser and get the ball rolling.

Topps Highlights Sidekick Labs for Backers of Mars Attacks Occupation Kickstarter


 Topps has just posted a new update in their over-funded campaign for the Mars Attacks trading cards on Kickstarter. This newest update highlights our friends at Sidekick Labs and their unique production capabilities. This is not really news to those of us who have collected The Art Hustle, Buff's Melty Misfits or Suckadelic's Suckpax, but Sidekick might actually be a new name for people who collect other types of trading cards. Click the link below to check out the full update:

1:6-Scale Game of Thrones John Snow & Direwolf Set by ThreeZero


Buy the John Snow and Direwolf set here -

Game of Thrones – Jon Snow(Exclusive)As we previously revealed the next figure in Threezero's 1/6th scale Game of Thrones collectible figure line is Jon Snow and now it’s time for pre-order details and to share our work with you. Jon Snow will be offered for pre-order at for a limited time beginning on May 15th 9:00AM Hong Kong. Threezerostore Exclusive deluxe 2-Pack set consist of Jon Snow and resin statue of his albino direwolf Ghost.

Jon Snow single version price at is 160USD/1250HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price. And USD 190/HKD 1480 with worldwide shipping included in the price for threezerostore Exclusive deluxe 2-Pack set of Jon Snow with direwolf Ghost.

1/6th scale Game of Thrones Jon Snow collectible details:29cm (11.4”) tall custom designed action figure body; Head sculpt with realistic likeness; Exchangeable hands.

Tailored cloth costume: Shirt
Vest Trousers Cloak Gloaved hands Boots Sword and dirk Gambeson Peascod Belt with scabbards 

Delivery Date: Estimate 3rd quarter 2015

PROTIP: Retailers can get the Jon Snow figure by itself - it would retail for approx $160. As a fan of wolves, and GoT, I'd STRONGLY suggest paying the extra $30 and getting the Direwolf in this "exclusive" set - only available by purchasing directly from ThreeZero. I wish that I could stock this set, but it's not available to us. The $190 price for the set includes shipping, so go for the set.

May 14, 2015

spring calaverita 2015 from The Beast Brothers on Storenvy


Spring (Calaverita) is finally here! This bright colorway is limited to only 20 pieces and will go as fast as the season in which it is named after.

Calaverita is designed by the Beast Brothers and is 5" of soft vinyl, packaged in clear bag with header card, made in Japan. Click the link below to visit the Beast Brothers store:

Goodleg x Small Angry Monster War on Prehis Battlepacks


In just hours (5pm EST) Goodleg Toys and Small Angry Monster will be unleashing their latest collaboration, the War on Prehis Battlepacks.  The figures will come in sets each featuring a Battlesaur and a drone.  The drones will be bagged with header cards and each set comes with a WoP mini comic.  The drones and Battlesaur gear is resin and the Battlesaurs themselves are Godzilla knockoffs.

You can pick up a set starting at 5 today on the Goodleg site.

+The Highest Fever

Chewquilla by Forces of Dorkness

Forces of Dorkness, aka Scott Kinnebrew, recently delivered a commissioned piece called Chewquilla, a custom using the Muttpop Tequila. With custom dyed fur and a sculpted face, Scott also hand sewed Chewquilla's bandolier, which works to store Chewquilla's favorite space goodies. The bowcaster is also handmade by Scott. The Muttpop Tequila figure really goes well with this design and it's nice to see that the head still articulates. With all the attention that Chewquilla received after the owner posted it up on social media, Scott will likely be creating a limited run of Chewquillas which will be offered up through Tenacious Toys. So, be sure to follow Forces of Dorkness on social media, as well as Tenacious Toys. Subscribing to the Tenacious Toys newsletter is one of the best ways to stay informed with all Tenacious Toys collabs and releases.

Atomic Dunny by Cat Atomic

Cat Atomic's latest custom piece is an Atomic Dunny. Using just yellow color tones, Cat Atomic was able to create some nice depth and shading. This piece was priced at $65 and has already been sold. Be sure to follow Cat Atomic on social media for more work in the future.

Night Gamer by Gorgoloid x Plaseebo

Plaseebo is going to be offering a collaboration piece with Barry Allen Williams of Gorgoloid. Limited to 3 hand painted 7" vinyl 'Night Gamer' pieces, Barry resculpted the arms and hands, while also adding inset taxidermy eyes. Plaseebo took care of the paint application. Each piece comes signed, numbered and will be available for purchase on May 20th for $300 each. Be sure to head on over to Plaseebo's webstore to purchase one of these Plaseebo Gorgoloid Night Gamers.

Gamorrean Guard custom by Scott Kinnebrew


Based off the Bad Bad Buddha the 7" tall vinyl figure by Beefy & Co. ( this Gamorrean Guard just needed to kick off his sandals and take a quick sit down from his duties in Jabba's palace.  Created by Scott using sculpy, wood, acrylic paint, styrofoam, vegan leather and vegan fur, this guy is ready to guard anyone's palace ever since that slave girl choked out his former boss with a chain.

He comes with 3 swappable weapons, and a stand to display them. 

He's available in the Forces of Dorkness store at for $400 and includes shipping in the US, interested international parties should contact Scott first for shipping costs.  

Eye Could Use a Little Hand With This by Infinite Rabbits


Inifinite Rabbits created this custom Nohwitz piece for the recent show at Rotofugi. Based on the 3D printed Nohwitz figure created by Rocketboy, Infinite Rabbits adds a signature style by incorporating tentacle-like elements seen on some of his other pieces like Android customs.

You can find the piece on the Rotofugi site here.

-The Highest Fever

*Reposting this from yesterday due to the lack of a link to the page to purchase it.

May 13, 2015

Best Fiends x Kidrobot | Kidrobot Blog


Best Fiends - based on the mobile game by the same name! 
Figures developed by Bigshot Toyworks for Kidrobot. Read the full KR press release / blog post here:

Next SUPER SERIES SUNDAYS Release: Atomic Blue Corn Bearrito Rubber Figure by Diehm Studios

The Bearrito 2-inch rubber figure by Diehm Studios is a M.U.S.C.L.E. scale minifigure made out of "production" feel industrial rubber. This design, a collaboration between Jeff DeSantis (Bleeding Edges) and Diehm Studios, was an entry for the OMFG S5 line up.

Martin of Diehm Studios came up with the Bearrito concept, consulting with Jeff for the execution of the conceptual art, graphic design and header cards. Martin described the OMFG S5 as a "tough competition" and decided to produce the design himself here in the US. Martin sculpted, prototyped and produced the figure himself out of safe and tough industrial urethane rubber.

The metallic blue coloration, a Tenacious Toys Exclusive, comes from the addition of Boo Blue Magic Pearl Metallic Solar Color Dust. Bearritos will come bagged with a header card.

The Atomic Blue Corn Bearrito will go up for sale at 8PM EST on Sunday, May 17th on the Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays page. Bearritos are $15 and these will be made to order, with an order window of exactly one week. Orders will be closed on Sunday May 24th.

Find this piece here on Sunday:
Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays page

Also follow Bleeding Edges and Diehm Studios on IG for more awesome work!

May 12, 2015

Vulkira Berserker by Eric Smith

Eric Smith, aka Necro, recently had a successful Kickstarter to bring Vulkira to life, an 8" Japanese robot inspired toy. For those who missed out on the original Kickstarter, Eric has actually made the Vulkira available to purchase via his website, Fullblownink. The latest colorway that is available for pre-order, is the Berserker colorway, inspired by a famous character who typically dresses in blue and yellow tights. Priced at $85 each, plus shipping, each Vulkira Berserker comes poly-bagged with 2 fists, 1 drill attachment, 1 rocket attachment, a set of blue prints, 1 sticker and 1 Menko card. This edition is limited to just 10 pieces and is planned to ship in July 2015. There are several other colorways available to purchase on Fullblownink, so be sure to check out the all the Vulkira goodness.

PickleBaby Tank by Plaseebo

Plaseebo was asked to create a custom for an upcoming show at Suburban Vinyl called 'Little Green Men', a show revolving around re-imagining the PickleBaby Alien. The "PickleBaby Tank" is a custom mash-up featuring a clear PickleBaby head and Plaseebo's hand cast resin tank base. The PickleBaby head features red inset glass eyes and has been filled with colored and GID space junk. Illuminating the PickleBaby head from within is a motion activated color-changing LED, while a switch controlled color-changing LED in the tank base illuminates the head from below. Both LED units have replaceable batteries. This piece is 6" long and has been signed and dated 2015 on the base. 'Little Green Men' opens on Saturday, May 16th at Suburban Vinyl.

Custom Viking Mini Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest custom is a Viking/Norseman inspired custom Mini-Munny. Created as a private commission, the customer gave Jon-Paul free reign to create whatever he wanted. With a Viking/Norseman character rolling around in Jon-Paul's sketchbook for some time, this custom was an ideal time to commit the character to a custom. With little sculpting, Jon-Paul created the rugged looking Viking, complete with a winged helmet. The wings actually came from Jon-Paul's Locodonta production Dunny, which really completes the overall look of the Viking Custom. Photography of the Viking Custom was taken by photographer Justin Allfree. For those who want to commission Jon-Paul Kaiser for a custom, be sure to contact him through his website.

Topps Mars Attacks Occupation trading card series FUNDED on Kickstarter

Topps Mars Attacks Occupation trading card series FUNDED on Kickstarter with 20 days to go! That means you still have time to get your pledge in! This KS campaign is going full steam so make sure you pledge before your favorite reward tier is sold out (some of them already are). I just backed it!

Best of all, this card series will be printed up OLD-SKOOL STYLE by our friends at Sidekick Labs, the planet's premier vintage-style trading card printers! The Art Hustle cards were printed by Sidekick, and you gotta love those! This is a huge project for Sidekick, to partner with Topps- probably the world's most recognizable name in trading cards. Big ups to Sidekick for taking on this project, and HUGE props to Topps for choosing an extremely capable DOMESTIC production partner. I can't think of a better choice for this project.

Check this ridiculous intro video, where they actually explain that the Mars Attacks property was developed in the 60s as trading cards:

Below is the press release from May 6th, an awesome press release because I think they wanted to send it out just as the KS was launching - the way it reads, the PR was sent the day after launch... well, I bet they had to rewrite it at the last minute because the campaign was fully funded within 7 HOURS of launch! Man, I wish all my press releases started off like this...


May 6, 2015 - Yesterday afternoon at 1:00PM EST, The Topps Company launched the all–new trading card series, Mars Attacks: Occupation on Kickstarter.   After just 7 hours, the funding goal of $50,000 was achieved and several stretch goals have already been met, including a new subset featuring the long-awaited return of the 1980's card series Dinosaurs Attack!, in a crossover with the dastardly Martians.

On Kickstarter, fans and collectors can pledge at a variety of levels to pre-order boxes, complete sets, bundles of items or even unique rewards such as the opportunity to have their likeness appear in the series!  Add-on items include: “hot packs” guaranteed to contain sought-after super-rare "hit” cards; chase cards and parallel variants; plus collector binders and more!   Stretch goals will add new cards, bonus items and special features. 

The initial funding goal will create a 72 base card set with 18 chase cards (now 24 with Dinosaurs Attack!), 3 levels of parallels and incredible hits like sketch cards, metal cards, autographs and letter-press cards.

But that's not all!  Backers who get in early will have access to limited-edition bundle pledges that include large master collections-- and other valuable reward levels-- so fans should be encouraged to act quickly.  More stretch goals, new add-on items and additional features will be unveiled as the campaign builds steam.

Once the campaign concludes on June 1, Mars Attacks: Occupation will go into production, with a scheduled ship-date of December 15th.

Kickstarter Project Page

Kickstarter Video (Youtube Link)
Artwork and presentation is super tight

Tell me this isn't bad ass?
Because I am super special, I get to show you a bunch of recently unveiled artwork from this project:

Dude, OK- aliens, dinosaurs, robots, and gruesome graphic violence? SIGN ME THE F*CK UP.

May 11, 2015

Sith Interceptor #9500 - Lego - Bad guys get all the cool stuff.

The huge box this comes in, set against a screenshot from the Star Wars Old Republic game showing it landing.
I love most things dark and wicked looking, and usually find myself rooting for the bad guys, if only because no matter the universe or fantasy fiction or historical part they come from, it's like they always had the best designers and tailors working for them to make them look as menacing as possible.

I was also drawn towards wanting to get this particular set because unlike Darth Maul's ship, which has been released three times, in three different variations (let's not mention the SDCC exclusive which goes for a small fortune on the aftermarket), I think the Lego build team knew they'd probably get one shot at this ship, and so they went all out on making it look really good.
Details abound on this marvel of a set.
Well, 748 assembled bricks later, and this very faithful, sizable, and robust set formed into a very fun and incredibly cool Sith ship.

I really like when the set creators from Lego push the boundaries on a set, and especially on these mid level flagship ones that incorporate a few unique parts that you won't find on other sets, and pull in parts from the Technic line (the pistons and some connector bricks).
The rear cargo bay area holds a small vehicle and two Sith Troopers.
Play value for this thing is off the scale and right on par with it's collectable and investment level. Lego's been smart in not allowing these sets to stay out there in the wild for very long, and sure while some might argue that it can be alienating to collectors trying to find these sets, since mainly TRUs and some big box stores are the ones that carry them, unless you live near a Lego store. (I am lucky enough that I have one literally within walking distance of my office, and that's where I finally picked up this beauty.)

Wings positions open showing the working pistons and open bay area.
On a totally semi related note, I can no longer build sets that use primarily black or very dark grey bricks in them without thinking of Lego Movie Batman's quote..."I only work in black. And sometimes, very, very dark gray."

At least the song didn't get stuck in my head. You know the one... 
(Top) Here it is in my grubby little hand. Just a seriously wicked looking Old Republic era ship. (Bottom) Darth Malgun in the cockpit area. (Right Corner) The spring flick missles on both sides of the ship.

Darth Malgus and Sith Trooper details. Yes, Malgus comes with a lightsaber. Yes, in my building frenzy, I promptly lost the damn thing. Yes, I am crabby. (Right Corner) The same look was on my face when I lost the lightsaber.

So, is the set worth getting if you can find it? Oh my god, yes. It's a great build, a little repetitive on the wing parts, and will try your patience. But! The end look and display possibilities of this set are just awesome! Everything is awesome!


Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!. - Mario, the Rogue Hobbyist.
Stats Rating/Information
Item Old Republic Sith Interceptor (Set #9500)
Made by Lego (Star Wars license)
Rarity Very Uncommon - no longer sold in retail
Classification Modern - Released in 2008
Condition Very Good
Procured LegoLand, KCMO
Worth around $170 as of April 2015 if in a sealed box
Investment $70
Further Research
Trivia & Fun Facts
"You were given this ship by the Empire, so it wasn't some evil shop concocted out of the dark side of the Force or something. It's as if a TIE interceptor and the Millennium Falcon made out and had a baby. It's got the docking room at the back, and it's got some turrets on the sides, but it also has these big triangular wings."
―Senior Concept Artist Ryan Dening