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Court of the Dead

May 14, 2015

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Chewquilla by Forces of Dorkness

Forces of Dorkness, aka Scott Kinnebrew, recently delivered a commissioned piece called Chewquilla, a custom using the Muttpop Tequila. With custom dyed fur and a sculpted face, Scott also hand sewed Chewquilla's bandolier, which works to store Chewquilla's favorite space goodies. The bowcaster is also handmade by Scott. The Muttpop Tequila figure really goes well with this design and it's nice to see that the head still articulates. With all the attention that Chewquilla received after the owner posted it up on social media, Scott will likely be creating a limited run of Chewquillas which will be offered up through Tenacious Toys. So, be sure to follow Forces of Dorkness on social media, as well as Tenacious Toys. Subscribing to the Tenacious Toys newsletter is one of the best ways to stay informed with all Tenacious Toys collabs and releases.


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