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Court of the Dead

May 30, 2015

FREE VINYL TOYS - @tenacioustoys IG toy giveaway this week!

Head on over to Instagram and find our feed @tenacioustoys to enter to win one of three vinyl toys which we are giving away at the end of this week! IG-only contest, as it's easier to manage. Choose your prize if you win! Open to everyone.

May 29, 2015

Mars Attacks Occupation Trading Card Kickstarter Ends Monday


Have you backed this insane card series yet? If not, click here and fix that problem. You're gonna regret it later if you don't throw down a little bit now!

One box of Mars Attacks: Occupation will contain 24 packs.
Each pack will contain:
  • 4 base cards
  • 1 “insert” card.
Insert Cards include:
  • Chase Cards (10 Per Box)
  • Foil Parallel Variants (4 Per Box) - all 72 cards
  • Heritage Parallel Variants (6 Per Box) - 45 story cards
  • Concept Parallel Variants (2 Per Box) - 45 story cards
  • Super Rare "Hit" Cards (2 Per Box)
Super Rare Cards will include:
  • Sketch Cards (1 guaranteed per box)
  • Metal Cards (55 Designs to collect, reprinting the original 1962 series on solid metal)
  • Hand-Made Letter-Press Cards with Woodcut Design (4 designs to collect) - First-ever card type never before produced by Topps!
  • Creator Autographs (signed by artists and writers of the series)

UGLYDOLL Film planned by STX Entertainment


- Studio Enters Rights Agreement with UGLYDOLL Toy Line as First Significant Investment for New Divisions -

(Burbank, May 28, 2015) - STX Entertainment has announced the launch of a family and animation division geared toward creating multi-platform family franchises across film, television and digital. Additionally, the studio will be establishing a consumer products, licensing and merchandising arm to take full advantage of the extended opportunities provided by these properties.  STX has identified the first project that will be developed for the family audience and has entered a partnership with beloved iconic toy brand UGLYDOLL as a leading pillar of the studio's new division.  The agreement was co-announced today by Adam Fogelson, chairman of the motion picture group for STX Entertainment, and Drew Matilsky, Managing Partner of Pretty Ugly LLC. STX expects the first step of this collaboration to be the development of a full-scale animated feature, with plans to explore future projects for other platforms shortly thereafter.

The UGLYDOLL universe is the distinctive and highly regarded toy brand created by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim along with Drew Matilsky, the founders of parent company Pretty Ugly LLC.  Horvath and Matilsky will serve as executive producers on the new movie. Gigi Pritzker and OddLot Entertainment are also set to co-produce the film.

Populated by satirical, playful, and off-kilter characters that go by names like Wage, Babo, Ice-Bat and Wedgehead, the "uglyverse" is a world in which the traditional definition of "ugly" is turned on its head as it celebrates characters who are distinctive, special and different. Started in 2001 when Horvath signed a letter to Kim, his college sweetheart, with a drawing of a monster with unconventional proportions, the UGLYDOLL brand quickly grew into a universe of colorful and nuanced characters.

"We created UGLYDOLL on the premise that real beauty is found in the little twists and turns that make us who we are," said Horvath. "We could not be more excited or optimistic about the future of the UGLYDOLL universe in the hands of the STX Entertainment team. In the past, we have been strategically organic and restrained in developing our business and, with STX now on board as our partners, we look forward to significantly growing the awareness and presence of these unique and lovable characters.  We are thrilled to have the most creative, capable and experienced minds in the entertainment industry approaching our uglyverse in a very holistic, 360 degree way. STX understands what makes us distinctive and relatable and they are committed to maintaining the integrity of what makes these dolls so special."

Fogelson added, "We are thrilled to enter the family arena, and honored to have our first project be based on the UGLYDOLL universe.  David and Drew have not just created toys, they have created an alternative way to view the world and the people around us.  The creative vision behind these dolls is extremely detailed and very rich for storytelling across many platforms.   The moment you see these characters, you get their whole world immediately. They are endearing yet fundamentally flawed in some real and identifiable way. That's what makes them so relatable. Kids and adults love these characters because we all can understand the challenges and triumphs of being different."

"UGLYDOLL's singular approach to creating loveable, nuanced characters provides immense creative fuel to build a narrative anchored around the bevy of characters that make up the 'uglyverse,'" said Gigi Pritzker, Chief Executive Officer of OddLot Entertainment.

Explained Sophie Watts, President of STX Entertainment, "As we launch our new animation and family division, and begin to identify other partnerships with long-term potential across our company, we believe this is the ideal first vehicle to cultivate and grow with creative care and expert handling. UGLYDOLL is a genuine gem with enormous creative upside, not only in the feature film world, but also for television, digital, gaming and many other platforms. This brand is the perfect launch pad to create a strong foundation in animation as well as a licensing and merchandising arm for our business. In particular, a full-scale feature will propel the UGLYDOLL brand into a global platform and broaden the considerable acclaim and recognition that UGLYDOLL already has in Asia, where STX has also built a number of strategic partnerships."  

Super7 Store - Orange Lava Rose Vampire


 Had to share.

Super7 is one of my favorite art toy companies, with super simple designs that have become iconic in their repeated releases in different color variations.

This happens to be one of my favorites: the Rose Vampire.

4" tall, $35 each, buy yours at the following link: Super7 Store - Rose Vampire

May 27, 2015

Unearthed Grail by Crummy Gummy x Manny X


Crummy Gummy is releasing an artist series for his newest resin figure "The Four Faced Gummy". The first custom pieces will come from Manny X, titled "Unearthed Grail". Limited to just 10 pieces, these will go on sale on Friday, May 29th at 3pm EST. Each piece is priced at $50 each plus S&H. Here is some info provided by Crummy Gummy regarding "Unearthed Grail":

"Artist Crummy Gummy will be releasing an Artist Series where selected artists customize his newest resin figure "The Four Faced Gummy". First in the series is by artist Manny X with his "UNEARTHED GRAIL" It is limited edition of 10 and will be made available at for $50 plus S&H. 

The Origin

Within the confines of this four faced idol lay the power to generate eternal happiness, anger, sadness or death. It is said that these 10 relics are solely responsible for the rise and fall of all know civilizations. In fear of falling into the wrong hands they have been scattered and buried throughout Earth. We have spent centuries scouring the planet in search for them.  

Now the search is over and the prophecy of world domination can finally be fulfilled!!! 
For those interested in picking up one of these pieces, be sure to head on over to Crummy Gummy's online shop and pick up one of these custom pieces.

NEW NUGGLIFE Logo Tees are only $4.20 RIGHT NOW in Ian Ziobrowski's shop

   Logo tee's are only $4.20 !!!! Buy yours here:

I just copped the brown/orange one. Great colors. Meet Ian at our NYCC Booth in October - Booth 208 - he will be in the same corner of our booth as he was for the last few years.

May 26, 2015

Dunny Addicts: 3" Dunny - The 13 Series by Brandt Peters and Kidrobot

 I can always count on the Dunny Addicts blog to reveal KR products first...

We won't be stocking 3" Dunnys so we recommend making your purchase from our friends at myplasticheart or Suburban Vinyl... but you better believe we will be getting an 8" Brandt Peters Dunny if KR decides to make one...

Playboy Teams with World Artists | License! Global | Blitzway | Coartism

Playboy Teams with World Artists | License! Global 

Playboy has joined forces with Blitzway to create a limited edition collection of art figurines that highlight the brand's history of bringing together art and pop culture.

Blitzway has tapped seven artists from around the world to each create a figurine inspired by their own interpretation of the brand, from the Playboy Bunny to Hugh Hefner.

Among the collaborating artists are David Flores, Eric So, Hands in Factory, Les Schettkoe, Sticky Monster Lab, TwelveDot and Mighty Jaxx.

The Sticky Monster Lab figurine is the first to launch and is available now exclusively at The additional six figurines will launch throughout the year, all priced at $160.

Interesting follow-up article here...

Excerpt: After jettisoning most of its current licensees, the company set out to develop new relationships with partners that would help position it as an upscale, aspirational lifestyle brand.

Last year, Playboy, which is ranked No. 42 on License! Global's exclusive Top 150 Global Licensors list, brought in $1.5 billion in sales of licensed product, with partners including the upscale Parisian boutique Colette and fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

Now, the company's licensing strategy has evolved beyond simple logo-slapping into what, in some cases, can almost be considered a diffusion-style model, like that of major fashion labels. No where is this more perfectly illustrated that at Bar Fifty-Three, which relies less on the Playboy name and more on the core essence of the brand.

Earlier this month Playboy also announced a new collaboration with eight world artists and licensee Blitzway to create art figurines featuring stylized interpretations of the brand.

The figurines will be released throughout the year and will retail for $160.


Bigshot Toyworks at Booth W194 at Las Vegas Licensing Expo in June 2015

Bigshot Toyworks, the award-winning creative studio, is launching its All City Style, Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse, and FUnicorn brands at Booth W194 at the 2015 Licensing Expo, taking place June 9-11 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Premiering on the world stage on June 9, 2015, the three new Bigshot Toyworks properties will be presented to potential entertainment partners in the form of collectible toys and associated products, with all IP developed in-house by Bigshot Toyworks. In their first year exhibiting at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, Bigshot Toyworks will also showcase a wide array of past and current client projects, including work for some of the biggest names in entertainment. Appointments can be arranged by emailing

To augment their presence at the Licensing Expo, Bigshot Toyworks will be participating in two more local Las Vegas events in support of their new brands.

On the evening of June 9th, retail chain PIQ will be hosting
an All City Style custom subway train show at their Caesar’s Palace location. With 30 graffiti artists and graphic designers contributing custom-painted All City Style trains, The Grand Slam II show promises to be a worthy follow-up to the hugely successful November 2014 Grand Slam show, held at PIQ’s Grand Central Terminal location in New York City.
Grand Slam II Las Vegas Facebook Event

On the evening of June 10th, Bigshot Toyworks will be participating in an Open House hosted by their partner company, Walls360, manufacturer of high-tech, re-usable wall graphics. Bigshot Toyworks will be showcasing their work
along with dozens of entrepreneurial start-ups and creative development studios. Walls360 is located at 5054 Bond Street in Las Vegas, and their open house will feature food trucks, drinks, music, artwork and an unbridled creative explosion.

Walls360 Open House Blog Post
Bigshot Toyworks at Walls360 Open House Facebook Event

“We are proud to partner with creative powerhouse Bigshot Toyworks to help expand the availability of product associated with their unique IPs,” said Walls360 co-founder Tavia Campbell. “The timing is great as we gear up for the major launch of our own consumer site, where the Bigshot Toyworks wall graphics will be sold.”

In June, Walls360 wall graphics for the All City Style brand will be available in several sizes on the Walls360 website, via and on The All City Style blank subway train graphics allow artists to get their creative juices flowing by making subway train art that can be peeled off the wall, re-applied to new locations, and even sold by the artists to their customers. The All City Style wall graphics will also be available at PIQ Las Vegas, in Caesars Palace, beginning June 9 to coincide with the All City Style custom train show opening there that night, as well as online at,, the Walls360 shop and more.

The Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse wall graphics have already been pre-sold to excited customers through a recent, hugely successful Bigshot Toyworks Kickstarter campaign which funded the production of the Four Horsies collectible art toys.

Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse Kickstarter

“The Walls360 products are a perfect fit for our Four Horsies brand,” said Bigshot Toyworks Creative Director Klim Kozinevich. “These items have far more usability and longevity than a simple sticker, and offer our valued Kickstarter backers another truly unique product as a part of their rewards packages.”

About Bigshot Toyworks
Bigshot Toyworks is an award winning creative shop with a focus on the design, development, and production of unique characters, illustrations, toys and art objects. Bigshot Toyworks work can be seen in national print, and TV advertising campaigns, toy stores, and art galleries around the world. With roots deep in industrial design, toy design, digital sculpting and very close project management, the international team of designers and artisans at Bigshot have a unique ability to create incredibly vivid and detailed works of art that closely represent the heart, soul and vision of their creative partners. Unique understanding of design, a fine tuned development process and the endless drive to pull off the impossible are the driving force behind the studio.

For more information, please visit

About Walls360, Inc.
Walls360 creates amazing wall graphics for artists, brands, and digital content partners worldwide. Walls360 wall graphics are created on-demand at the Walls360 wall graphics factory in Las Vegas, Nevada, and shipped to customers globally.

For more information, please visit


May 25, 2015

Next Super Series Sundays release: Bun Bun by Brent Nolasco Drops Sunday May 31st


Bun Bun is a sweet little friend that smells like marshmallows and gives you a tooth ache when you love him too much. He likes to play jokes on you and does stuff when you're not looking. You have to keep your eye on him. When it comes down to it, you'll always have a friend for life.
Bun Bun was created by PA artist Brent Nolasco. Bun Buns are 6" two-part, rotocast, purple/blue resin figures with glass eyes. The heads articulate 360 degrees. Bun Bun is 100% hand painted by Brent Nolasco and cast in the USA by We Are Not Toys.
The Tenacious Exclusive Bun Bun will go up for sale at 8PM EST on Sunday, May 31st on the Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays page. Bun Buns are $75 each and this Exclusive color variant is limited to just 7 pieces.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book