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Court of the Dead

Feb 22, 2013

Outer Space Men Cosmic Creator Edition Wave 3 & 4

Mystron, Electron +, Alpha 7, Commander Comet

The Outer Space Men Cosmic Creator Edition Wave 3 & 4 are now available for pre-order exclusively here.  The set of 4 figures is $80 and strictly limited to 200 orders.  More than half are sold so DON'T SLEEP!

These Glyos compatible sets were designed by the creator of the Outer Space Men, legendary toy designer Mel Birnkrant and sculpted by the inimitable 4 Horsemen!

Kid Ock by Dolly Oblong

Totally amazed by this 7 inch Munny for the Art Without Borders show. Such a clean paints and sculpting.

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Feb 21, 2013

MojiTiger Dunny by WuzOne

I really love the vectors in this piece. Great colors too!

8" MojiTiger Dunny is a custom work to "Enfoque y Diana" group exhibition in 0034 Gallery, Seville (Spain). -WuzOne

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Super Series Sundays: Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion drops Feb 24

The second installment of our Super Series Sundays releases will occur at 3PM this Sunday February 24th: we will be releasing Scott Kinnebrew's Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion resin figures. Bridging the gap between religious idols and pop culture, this resin figure is meant to be hung on your wall, preferably above your headboard, to protect you. Leia watches over you, always.

Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion is a 5 inch tall, 3 inch wide resin figure. Each of the 15 blind-bagged figures is cast in a different color of resin, and adorned with unique paint. They're all different (see a few images below).

The price is $30 per figure, and you can purchase them here at 3PM this Sunday February 24th.

Big ups to Forces of Dorkness for a cool concept piece and a killer sculpt.

Feb 20, 2013

Under Construction (red) by Task One

This guy keeps impressing me...
You may have seen this one before... But, Now it's in "red" and for a good cause. This piece is on it's way to Art whino for their Doctor's Without Borders Show This weekend.., if your in the DC or Maryland area, go check it out and buy something. a great assembly of artists and a good deed! - Task One

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  - Don P

Loads of customs from Sekure D!

So many stunning pieces....speechless!

As per usual I tend to post a few new pieces at once, this is my work from the last week or so, I don't post many of my custom sneakers on here, hope you guys like them! Sorry for the crappy photos my camera was dying on me and I didn't want to drive back to my studio to take more photos so I did it quick lol. -Sekure D

Thanks everyone! Also these guys (own cast!!!) drop in a few days on my website!

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Feb 19, 2013

'BearAll' Grizzly Edition


RhymeSquare are releasing their second wave of 2" resin 'BearAll' figures this Friday - 22nd February 2013 at 12noon GMT at

Following from the first wave 'Polar' editions, these are the 'Grizzly' colourway (and in the flesh look just like milk chocolate!) produced by RhymeSquare and the mad casting skills of Tru:Tek from Man-E-Toys.

They will be £14 each, which includes free Worldwide shipping. The first wave sold out in less than an hour so if anyone wants one of these, they really do have to be quick! 

Apologies to Banksy Rude Copper vinyl figure


There's been a bunch of interest in the new vinyl figures by UK company Apologies to Banksy, so we thought we'd acquire some better images for all of you. This is a 6 inch vinyl figure called "Rude Copper." There's a smaller version as well.

"M=O/C" by Ardabus Rubber

Here we go again. This show will be so impressive!

Here are full pics of my 7" Munny for the Art Without Borders charity show this weekend. Titled "M=O/C: The Divine Proportions of Irrelevant Symmetry are Tiresome Within the Mathematical Measure of Beauty" and was inspired by a Mathematician named George Birkhoff, who had a theory that states beauty can be mathematically calculated and measured with the formula M=O/C, or Aesthetic Measure=Order/Complexity, where each variable has multiple factors and every line, shape and form in the piece can be given a number relating to the formula. This is just the basic outline of what Birkhoff theorized :)

I've also been trying to paint a toy the same way i paint a canvas ever since i started customizing toys 5 years ago, and this is the closest i've gotten so far. My favorite piece i've done in a long while!!!! - Ardabus Rubber

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Feb 18, 2013

New Flawtoys War Customs drop today


Dutch artist and Flawtoys proprietor Sander D. has some new customs he calls War Mini Munny dropping today on the Flawtoys eStore. These brutal little fellas march onine at 24:00 CET - which is going to be 6PM EST(3PM PST) today.

I'm especially liking that one in the middle, his mask looks almost like dried peeling leather. Those hatchet and knife weilding ones are looking equally sinister- yet strangely adorable at the same time.

Watch out also for this little Dunny that is slated to hit the Flawtoys eStore along with them. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with flawtoys, their email is

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