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Court of the Dead

Mar 22, 2014

Upper Playground Releases Munko Plush Toy by David Choe

"Munko Has no arms or legs, but don't take pity and cry for her. He is here, she is there, he is everywhere all at once. She is him and he is her, she is chubby little baby and 2 billion year old wise wizard. He can Transform and shapeshift into your wildest wet dream or your worst nightmare. SHe is selfish and cares nothing about you. fuck your stupid problems, fuck your feelings, but also loves you and cares about you and puts more importance on you, more than anyone In your life, I love you I love you I love you. The black hole in her head eats all the pain and darkness in the world. he believes all her strength knowledge and luck comes from his only tooth, but in reality it's the sole survivor of her over active sweet tooth. Munko is Simple in form and mind and shape, yet so complex living on many levels and realities, not so simple that he can't feel multiple emotions and contradicting feelings and opinions all at once. SHe is telepathic and can read your deepest darkest thoughts, you cannot hide or lie to munko, when you are with munko you just be, and you will finally be at peace with your fucking self." —David Choe

You know what I like about David Choe? He literally doesn't have to do SHIT for the rest of his life. But he continues to create cool stuff like this because he loves it. Respect.

World War Gee : The Yellow Zombie Custom Dunny by Huck Gee Drops March 28


The World War Gee outbreak continues with The Yellow Zombie on Friday, March 28th at 1pm PDT. It will be available at for 24 hours only. It's every man for themselves because once this sale is over - this design will never be seen again.

This figure will be signed and include all shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. The turnaround time on delivering this piece will be 6-8 weeks, $450 each.

Disarticulators x Triclops Studios Killer Tomato Ball Teaser

Returning from the depths of obscurity nearly 30 years since the Great Tomato War, the evil Dr P.T.Gangreen has enlisted the twisted minds of both Triclops and The Disarticulators to realize his most disturbing creation yet… the Killer Tomato Ball! 

Currently undergoing cloning for a full-scale invasion at ToyCon in April, the attached image is all we have to go on at present, but judging by the size of those teeth and the dead look in that eye, only the most dedicated toy collector should even attempt to go near these crazed fruit (or is it vegetable?!) based creatures… 

Expect more news from the doctor as we all near our impending doom on April 12th!

Preorder SPLURRT x Rampage Toys Three Albino Test Mice Set


Pre-order is now available in the Rampage Toys shop for the new RAMPAGE x SPLURRT "Lab Mice!" This listing is for a full set of 3 figures, painted by RAMPAGE TOYS at Rampage Studios in Tokyo.

White Vinyl with red, blue, pink and flesh sprays, and an array of brush work.

The Lab Mice were sculpted by SPLURRT in NYC and produced in Sofubi (Japanese Soft Vinyl) by RAMPAGE TOYS at Rampage Studios in Tokyo, Japan. They measure about 3 inches in heigh
EVERY order placed for pre-ordered Lab-mice gets the buyer a chance to score one of 3 awesome one-off handpaints by SPLURRT himself!  SPLURRT (Joe) will be painting a cadaver kid, a set of mice and one other (yet undecided) figure, which will be randomly awarded to 3 lucky people in the form of a "Golden" ticket, which can be sent to Joe (or maybe just emailed via a code that comes with it) to redeem for the prize!

Mar 21, 2014

40% off 123KLAN's BANDIT-1SM apparel with code

Die Hipsters, DIIIIE shirt by 123KLAN
Our friends SCIEN and KLOR at 123KLAN are offering a sick discount on all of their BANDIT-1SM brand tees, beanies and snapbacks!

123KLAN produces some of the tightest, most eye-catching apparel on the market.

That's what strong graphic design abilities do for you, kiddies!

Click here to visit the BANDIT-1SM shop and use code BANDIT to get your 40% off during checkout.

I'm about to go buy something right now.

If you love 123KLAN as much as I do, you'll be excited to know that they will be exhibiting at our booth at NYCC 2014 in October!

New Crummy Gummy and Manny X Release This Friday


Crummy Gummy and Manny X will be releasing a new toy titled "icla" at their webstore this Friday at noon PST. This one is very special tothe two of them for two reasons. 
1) Because this one will be the last one of the series and we will be taking a break to work on a new version later this year. 
2) all the proceeds from the sales of icla will be going to the Icla da Silva Foundation. 

Their mission is to continue adding donors onto the National Marrow Registry in hopes of finding marrow matches for children and adults needing donors in order to save their lives. There is a huge need for more minorities to join the 11 million donors already on the registry, because they only make up 30% and a patients best chances of finding a match is someone who is usually the same ethnicity/race as them. 
Icla will be available at Noon pst Friday 21st and they will stop taking orders at  Midnight PST on Sunday the 23rd. The piece will come in two sizes: Original 3" for $30 and $17 for the mini 1.75"

And for those interested in joing the National Marrow Registry they can do so by signing up at  here.

Mar 20, 2014

Jakks Pacific Releases Giant Sized Godzilla Action Figure

 Due for release THIS WEEKEND, this giant sized Godzilla action figure is exactly what a die-hard fan needs to pacify them until the release of the new movie this summer!

Jakks Pacific has really knocked one out of the park with this king of the kaiju! Godzilla stands 24" tall and is 43" in length, he has 12 points of articulation including his jaws and tail.

Jakks Pacific exclusive release.

Giant Sized Godzilla is 43" long!

Godzillas optional closed jaws.

You gotta love the detail on this Giant Kaiju.

If the name Jakks Pacific seems familiar, it's because they're the company that released the giant-sized Darth Vader and Power Rangers last year.

Giant Sized Godzilla is GIANT!
You can grab one of these bad boys at several online retailers (and Toys R Us) for under $50.
I don't know about you guys but I hope the theater let's me bring this guy in when I go to see the new movie.

-XOXO Otaku Milf  
(AKA -Shonuf)

Mar 19, 2014

More S.U.C.K.L.E. Crap To Waste Your Money On


Don't feel like you shelled out enough hard earned cash on stupid stuff with the Suckadelic S.U.C.K.L.E Kickstarter sets?  Well good news, dummy!  There's a whole bunch of exclusive crap for you throw money at now.

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Blue Raspberry S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

Suburban Vinyl Exclusive Clear Green S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

Toy Art Gallery Exclusive Clear Red S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

myplasticheart Exclusive Black to Clear Color Change S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

Little Rubber Guys Exclusive White S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

Galactic Jerkbags Exlcusive Clear Purple S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

dekorner Exclusive Clear Yellow S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

Super Suckstore Exclusive Clear Pink S.U.C.K.L.E. Set

-The Highest Fever

Mar 18, 2014

"Shinigami" WWRp Caesar custom from Small Angry Monster

Adam Pratt's Custom Shinigami Caesar with modded rifle

Mr. Pratt, a.k.a. Small Angry Monster has blown me away with another amazing 3A WWRp custom figure. Using a Caesar as a base Adam created a robotic Shinigami, a legendary Japanese lord of death.  The weathering and details, like oxidation and prayer scrolls, are amazing and the custom katana really sets this WWRp custom apart.  

Shinigami brandishing its custom katana

Shinigami will be available Friday, March 21st at 2pm EST in Adam's store.

-The Highest Fever

SHFigurearts Shocking Sailor Saturn Reveal!


   To the delight of millions of Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon (Anime/Manga series) fans around the world, the infamous SH Figurarts started releasing deluxe, poseable figures of the main characters from this international hit series last year.

SH Figurarts Shocking Sailor Saturn REVEAL!

  However, SH Figurearts (A branch of Bandai Toys) shocked the world at Wonderland fest 2014, when they showed off a grey prototype of the senshi soldier of death and rebirth, Sailor Saturn. One can only speculate that this means they'll make all 10 of the main characters into deluxe figures!

The Sailor Senshi So Far
Thanks to Tomopop for these lovely photos!

 I hope that in addition to the heros that they also release some of the villains and maybe Tuxedo Kamen AKA (Tuxedo Mask)?
Let's keep our fingers crossed!
Which Sailor moon character is YOUR favorite?

-XOXO Otaku Milf (AKA Shonuff)

The Godbeast drops 5 new Kabuto Mushi MkII colorways tonight at 8pm CST!

The Glyos Universe has been waiting patiently for the second wave of Kabuto Mushi production figures from The Godbeast and tonight at 8pm CST in the online store, he is delivering no less than 5 new colorways! The 2 Kansas City Planet Comic Con and Chicago C2E2 exclusives will be available for limited online purchase, as well as three entirely new colorways that we've been seeing sneak peaks of for the last couple weeks.

All KM Mk II figures are about 4.5" inches tall and consist of 26 Glyos-compatible PVC/ABS pieces.

Here's all you need to know, straight from TGB himself:

GITD, Metallic/Pearlescent Black, & Ultra Silver will have a strict limit of 3 per customer.

The 2014 Kansas City Planet Comicon & Chicago C2E2 exclusive Metallic/Pearlescent Purple & Metallic/Pearlescent Blue will have a strict limit of 2 per customer.

All 5 figures will be $12 ea. + shipping and come complete w/ matching Mini Mushi figure factory sealed in the bag!!!


Mar 17, 2014

TRIPTYCHON "NYC" Metal Sculptural Art Piece by VISEone

TRIPTYCHON "NYC" - each panel is 49 cm x 90 cm, mixed media. Our friend VISEone writes:
"In march I launched a new series of works I am currently developing. I exhibited my first sculpture at the URBAN ART GALLERY in Stuttgart, Germany.

After years of customizing and producing toys in vinyl I now focus more on artwork made of metal. Here you can check out my first works."

VISEone is moving into metal artworks this year. One of these pieces was a part of the March group show at Urban Art Gallery in Stuttgart. Flyer below:

Clutter #20 Now Available


Clutter #20, the latest issue of the art toy culture magazine, is out now and available for download. It features an interview with reticulation master Carson Catlin, a look back at the Tattoo Funny series, 80s horror movie action figures by Nick Curtis, The Art Hustle, and more.

You can pick it up here.

-The Highest Fever

Mar 16, 2014

Custom Motorbot by MannyX Romero 


Just came across this while scrolling through Instagram. A custom one-off Motorbot by MannyX Romero aka @artisdead.  Hit him up at if your interested in the piece.

-The Highest Fever