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Court of the Dead

Dec 7, 2013

Best Buds Series 1 by Tony Devito - Chocolate Thai & White Widow Revealed!


Chocolate Thai and White Widow will be right here at Tenacious Toys on December 15th, with all of the other Best Buds!


Chanimation brothers! Custom made paper sculptures of all sorts of characters from all corners of Geekdom.

With so much great art out there, a lot of great stuff gets lost in the fray. I sometimes get so overwhelmed looking through stuff that is so-so or just plain mediocre, that I know I end up missing something really phenomenal. Kinda nice when something just falls in your lap... 

  I present to you the chanimation brothers!

                                                             Iron man war machine 


                                                                      SD Gundam


The two brothers Chan, Matt and Andrew out of Massachusetts. With laser exact cutting skills, and an almost OCD approach to detail. These amazing recreation commissions are just the tip of the iceberg with this amazing duo of artists. 

You can commission work of your very own by reaching the brothers at

You can also view more work by the artists at their Facebook page. 

Dec 6, 2013

Ian Z Announces a New Look for His Site and More


This Saturday the 7th at 4:20pm EST Ian will launch of a new look for his website.  There will also be some customs from other artists, as well tees, and prints.  

-The Highest Fever

Best Buds Series 1 by Tony Devito - Sour Deisel Revealed!


Sour Diesel is Bud of the Day #5 and a part of Tony Devito's Best Buds Series 1, a custom resin blind bag release that will be available here at Tenacious Toys on December 15th. I gotta say that so far, this kooky little guy is my favorite!


Harley Quinn Munny set by sciuruscustoms

Saw this excellent set of custom Munny's on the net, had to show it. Love the different approaches of this theme. Injustice is my personal favorite!

A recent commission 4" Munny set of five versions of Harley Quinn. The pigtails on the figures have been anchored into the head with screws to make the figure more sturdy. the Classic costume will always be my favorite. - sciuruscustoms,


Dec 5, 2013

Inner Demons Custom Dunny by Davemarkart

Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart
Dave Webb, aka Davemarkart, sent over one of his latest custom dunnys, titled Inner Demons. This epic dunny took Davemarkart several weeks to sculpt and paint, most of the time being spent on the head. Davemarkart even used the hashtag #epicdunny on Instagram, for all of his progress pics. It's amazing to see so much detail, in such a little space. However, from the picture of the completed piece in the sunlight, maybe the blue and green should have been flipped, not enough contrast of colors. Either way, the final product is great.
Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart - From Davemarkart's Instagram
Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart
Be sure to give Davemarkart a follow on Instagram and check out his store. Not a lot of pieces for sale on his store at the moment, but he's always creating, as can be seen on his Instagram feed.

Follow Davemarkart:

Best Buds Series 1 by Tony Devito - Blue Dream Revealed!


Blue Dream is the fourth of fifteen reveals for Best Buds Series 1, a custom resin series from Tony Devito and We Are Not Toys that will be available on December 15th here at Tenacious Toys.



The TIKI MASTER at work! He can do the real thing too!
When you say Tiki customs than you say NEMO a.k.a. Mike Mendez. I really have to post a selection of his works since they are all insanely sculpted and painted. Hope you guys enjoy these works as much as I do!

TikiPrime""Warrior.... My custom piece for the TRANSFORMER SHOW at Toy Tokyo 

Custom Tiki Vader Mask..Tiki Empire!

MAORI Tiki Warrior STYLE Iron Man Mask


Custom Tequila for MAHALO TIKI

TIKI SHARK..."KeKoa Mano" ,Warrior Shark!
Follow NEMO here:

Le Chef and Cheese Head Fred by Bashprojects

Bash shows us our latest 7 inch custom Teas. The Le Chef custom is currently for sale in his store.

Le Chef is a sweet little cannibal. He's so sweet that he decided himself! So he took out a cup full of black water and turned up the fire. He added some herbs and some spices and after 25 to 30 minutes he cooked himself medium rare and was ready for dinner. But then he started thinking...How can I eat myself???

Fred the rat loves his teddybear called Ted! But there is one thing he loves more than ted.
he loves it so much, he even made a hat! You will be laughing and slapping your knees,
when I tell you that his hat is made out of...CHEESE!

Follow Bash here:

Dec 4, 2013

FullerDesigns Lil’ Jammie Series announced!


Coming January 31st, 2014 is the FullerDesigns Lil’ Jammie Series featuring some of the designer art scenes most talented artists. Each artist will be putting their own spin on the cute but kick ass DIY Lil’ Jammie Base.

The amazing artists featured are: Alarment, April Elliott, Bashprojects, David Bishop, DonP, Evilos, Gomi, Karl Lake, James Fuller, Matt Anderson, Mike Mendez, Mind of the Masons, PJ Constable, Ryan McClure, Scott Kinnebrew, Tasha Zimich, VISEone and We Become Monsters!

If that was not cool enough, Collect and Display and Vinyl Riot has so graciously offered to put up a DIY package of assorted figures to two lucky people that purchase one or more of the customs available. Winners will be chosen randomly on March 1st 2014.
Each custom will also come with it’s own custom box and card!

These 1 / 1 customs will be for sale online at 12:00 PM on January 31 st here:  So don’t forget to bookmark this page!

If you are a creative guy or gal and want to get your own hands on a DIY Jammie you can get them at these participating vendors:

Custom Resin Christmas Tree Series x Soko Cat


These are the newest resin creations from Soko Cat. These charming trees can be given as a stocking stuffer, a small gift, or used by you as a portable piece of holiday décor!  Three different types of trees (GID, translucent green, and white) are offered, and SoKo Cat has an array of styles planned!  Seen here are GID candy canes and lights & ornaments, but keep your eyes open for snow-covered green trees, and silver and blue decorated white trees!  Additional styles and pictures will be available within the next few days! 

For only $4.99 each, why would you not scoop up one of each type?

If you would like something not readily available in her store, feel free to request a specific design when you place your order! 

1 ½” tall flat back resin trees cast by the very talented Kris Dulfer and hand painted by SoKo Cat using high quality acrylic paint.  Hand signed and numbered by SoKo Cat!

If you'd like to know more about Soko Cat, you can visit her blog, follow her on Instagram, and check out her store!

Venice Hulkin' B.A.S.T.A.R.D. Pack from Triclops Studios / Man-E-Toys / Ralph Niese


Boss Nibbler
Triclops Studios and Man-E-Toys have announced a re-release of The Venice B.A.S.T.A.R.D. Beach 2-Pack collaboration, which will be released sometime next week through the B.A.S.T.A.R.D. shop. It comes with Boss Nibbler and Beefcake (not pictured) in this same hulking green hue, is limited to just 5 pieces and will cost £25.00 + shipping. Act fast because the first edition (in tan) sold out in mere minutes!

Glow in the Dark Little Ox by Chris 'Alto' Dobson x Creo Design


Chris 'Alto' Dobson has produced these Glow in the Dark Ox's for the Little Ox Gallery's Twenty:Twenty exhibition  in Edinburgh, Scotland. The exhibition is a show case of 20 talented artists each selling their work for £20. The GID Little Ox are available for only £20 each ex shipping. These are a limited edition of 10 pieces, each numbered, and each one has a different painted ear colour. The colours are a complete mystery and lottery to what each customer gets.

The Twenty:Twenty exhibition runs from the 29th Nov - 8th December. You can contact the little ox gallery direct to purchase your little ox via this link or via their facebook page.

Dec 3, 2013

Best Buds Series 1 by Tony Devito - White Rhino Revealed!


White Rhino is the second preview of Best Buds Series 1, the custom resin release by Tony Devito / We Are Not Toys. Check back every day for another preview until the release right here at Tenacious Toys on December 15th!

Dec 2, 2013

Small Angry Monster's "Blood and Oil" Series 2

"Blood and Oil"series 2 Bertie Bot/Matchbox custom set

Small Angry Monster announced via their blog the upcoming release of Series 2 in the Blood and Oil custom sets.  
So here is series 2 of the "Blood and Oil" custom series. I went for a S.W.A.T van and a Law Enforcement Bertie counter part. It was a little bit of a challenge to go not go overboard on the weapons for the vehicle, but I think I struck a great balance. I hope you think so too. 
The first set in the series sold out in minutes so set yourself an alarm for December 4th, 8pm EST for the release of Series 2.

-The Highest Fever

Best Buds Series 1 by Tony Devito - Frankenstein Revealed!


Tony Devito has revealed the first piece for Best Buds Series 1, coming out on December 15th, right here at Tenacious Toys. Keep watching until then for more previews!

Dec 1, 2013

Custom Groper by Nasty Neil

Sweet custom Groper (a Triplikid resin figure) with extra sculpting & paint by my man Nasty Neil. Neil writes: "This a toy called "Groper" by Triplikid I customized. I sculpted the ears, the teeth and a tail and gave it a cool paint job."

Follow Nasty Neil and his Wasted Talent Brand here:

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