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Court of the Dead

Nov 8, 2013

"Banksy Action Figure" x Mike Leavitt


Introducing the "Banksy Action Figure." This is Mike Leavitt's first mass produced figure and although it is listed as an action figure, it is more of a sculpture than anything else. This 10-inch tall unofficially licensed vinyl figure depicts British street artist Banksy as a monkey. It also features a banana, rat bobby, Guantanamo Bay detainee, Disneyland terrain (land, fence, cactii). These pieces are limited to only 1000 copies worldwide — with a guaranteed one-time only production run — and are available now exclusively from Magic Bodega for $100 apiece.

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Mirth, Dolor & Gropers by Triplikid drop TODAY at noon


Above: Mirth - Painted ones are limited to 25
5" tall, hand painted & comes with his own flower.
Painted $80 + Ship
DIY $40 + Ship

Dolor, the Hunter. -  Painted ones are Limited to 25
4.5 Inches Tall, hand painted, comes with a set of chains and 3 Skulls.
Painted $80 + Ship
DIY $40 + Ship
NYCC Exclusive GID Groper
12 made available to the public. 7 Left
$75 + Ship

There will also be a few more Gropers in the shop: painted, DIY and Grey left.

DCon: Lisa Rae Hansen Exclusive MegaSeths, Babycakes & Juniors

Lisa Rae Hansen is bringing some really tight work to DCon:

Dragatomi (booth 300) will have a micro run of 5 of her MegaSeths in an exclusive edition called "Black Metal"- each comes with a mini print for $60.

Trampt (booth 601) is showcasing 2 of her "Babycakes" characters, each a custom 1/1 as part of their "Hustle and Hype" Show.

Also Trampt at Booth #601 will be some of her "Way Cool Jnr Society" figures.  2 custom "Juniors" along with "BadBoy Destroy" will be causing some trouble at their booth, each 1/1 customs, $50 each. (BadBoy is the short figure below, Junior the tall ones.)

Don't sleep on these pieces if you're going to DCon... Lisa Rae's MegaSeths sold out first at our NYCC booth. Early. Also, stay tuned for another variant of MegaSeth to grace our Super Series Sundays releases in the future.

I Bug You Kickstarter to fund vinyl keychains infecting the world with goodness!

I Bug You: Infecting the world with goodness! 

Pandemic Alert! Candy-colored, keychain bugs with laugh-out-loud symptoms are infecting the world. A buggy reminder to be happy!

Beca is a sculptor whose handmade I Bug You figures have been taking over Miami. They can be found in shops and museums such as The Bass Museum, Splash, KOTO, Elemental Wynwood, Florida Craftsmen Gallery and the Coral Gables Museum shop. However, Beca has hit the plateau that many emerging artists hit: demand is outpacing her ability to hand-sculpt each and every piece:

Hand-sculpting a Bug out of clay.
Attaching the horns...
So, Beca is turning to Kickstarter to generate enough capital to send her first bug into production in vinyl in the form of a keychain!

There are pledge levels available for every budget, from a simple "thank you" for $1 all the way up to your art classes' own Bug-sculpting workshop with Beca for $1000!

The meat and potatoes of any Kickstarter campaign, however, are the pledge levels where you actually get the item which is being produced with the funding. For just $25, you get a Happy Bug keychain (that will be the first Bug produced) which is pictured below in prototype packaging:

For $35, you'll get (2) Happy Bug keychains. If you kick in $4 more you can get those (2) Happy Bugs plus a special handmade Kickstarter exclusive Bug! If you pledge $50, you can get a Lucky Bug t-shirt plus the Kickstarter exclusive Bug. Higher pledge levels get you hand-made Bugs of your choice, or even total custom Bugs!


Nov 7, 2013

DCon 2013 - Bad Juju Brands - Booth 101

Bad Juju Brands
Bad Juju Brands is making it out to Designer Con 2013, along with a ton of other artists and companies. Situated at Booth #101, Bad Juju Brands is right by the entrance for the exhibit hall. Bad Juju Brands have invited some awesome Japanese artists to join the festivities. Touma, DT460, and Devilrobots will all be in attendance, in addition to Sket-One, Nick Sawyers and The Beast Brothers. They will also have some Designer Con exclusives at the Bad Juju Brands booth, #101.

Here are the exclusives which will be available for the first time, at Designer Con 2013.
The Beast Brothers Calaverita turns Clear Blue and is limited to 30 pieces. These Clear Blue Calaveritas will be priced at $70 a piece. The Beast Brothers will be signing on Saturday from 3-4pm and again on Sunday from 2-3pm.
Sket-One's resin Dripple figure turns Orange for DCon 2013 and will be limited to 100 pieces. These guys are priced at $95. Sket-One will also be signing at the Bad Juju Brands Booth, #101, from 11am-12pm on Saturday. Why not get the Dripple signed or ask Sket for a quick sketch.

Devilrobots will have a super limited Tofu resin figure available at the Bad Juju Brands booth, just 10 pieces. DT460 will only have 10 BuDog resin figures available for purchase at Designer Con. Both artists Devilrobots and DT460 will have singings at the Bad Juju Brands Booth. Devilrobots will be signing from 2-3pm on Saturday and again on Sunday from 12-1pm. DT460 will be signing first on Saturday from 5-6pm, then on Sunday from 4-5pm.
Touma will also have his FU*KING Sofubi figure available(the grey figure in the upper right of the first photo), which is limited to 30 pieces. Touma's signing will be Saturday 4-5pm and again on Sunday 1-2pm. Artist Nick Sawyers is going to have some customs available and will be signing on Saturday from 12-1pm.

Touma - Designer Con 2013 Exclusive from Bad Juju Brands on Vimeo.

In addition to all of the Designer Con 2013 exclusives Bad Juju Brands is going to have, they are also going to have artist customs, clothing, skate decks, Dripple Figures, and more. DCon attendees should make it point to stop by Booth #101 and say hello to the artists in attendance.

DCon 2013: N.C Winters Art - Booth 301

N.C. Winters is bringing some awesome pieces of art to Designer Con 2013. N.C. Winters is going to be sharing a booth with 2 other wonderful artists, Jason Limon and Jeremiah Ketner. The following are just a few of the 3D art pieces N.C. Winters will have available at Designer Con. Be sure to follow N.C. Winters on various social media, as he is a creatively great artist.

While at Designer Con 2013, be sure to visit N.C. Winters at Booth #301 and check out all the art on hand.

DCon: My Little Sarlacc Pit by Forces of Dorkness


Stop by the Vinyl Thoughts booth #830 at DCon this weekend and pick up you're very own little Sarlacc Pit by Forces of Dorkness aka Scott Kinebrew.  Limited to 10 pieces, these will be blind boxed.  $50 each.

They will also be available at Scott's online store Saturday evening (if quantities still on hand).

-The Highest Fever

Nov 6, 2013

DCon 2013: Shadoe Delgado x Trampt - Booth 601

This year, artist Shadoe Delgado is going to have a huge rainbow selection of hand painted cast pieces available at the Trampt Booth, #601. The pieces are casts created by TaskOne, from custom sculpted mini Munnys by Shadoe Delgado. Each one has been hand painted by Shadoe Delgado, to give it his signature style. Expect pricing to be somewhere in the range of $25-35 for one of these little guys. Also, expect there to be a few other pieces from Shadoe Delgado available as well.

Be sure to check these out in person at the Trampt Booth, #601.

DCon: Super Suck-Up 2 With Artist Lineup - Booth 126

DKE Toys and the Sucklord brings Super Suck-Up 2 to Designer Con 2013, a group art show featuring exclusive hand painted and customized Sucklord figures. Each design comes blister packed, with the packaging designed by the Sucklord, while each figure is designed and customized by the collaborating artist. Each figure is priced at $100 and will be sold starting at 11am on Saturday and sales will continue for the remainder of the con, or until the show is sold out.

Here is an example of packaging for J*Ryu's custom:

Each figure is going to have a different edition size depending on the artist.
From DKE Toys:

Edition sizes are as follows…
Bob Conge/Plaseebo -  edition of 28
Healeymade – edition of 30
Grody Shogun – edition of 50
JRYU – edition of 50
Jesse Hernandez – edition of 50
Leecifer – edition of 30
Michelle Valigura – edition of 29
Mike Egan- edition of 30
Sket One – edition of 50
TOUMA – edition of 50
UAMOU – edition of 50
Woes Martin – edition of 50
Scott Wilkowski – edition of 50
Sucklord – edition of 35
Sket-One's entry into Super Suck-up, all packaged and ready for purchase:

In addition to a bunch of awesome figures being available, all available artists will be signing on Saturday November 9th, at 1pm, at the DKE Toys Booth # 126. Any remaining figures will be made available on sometime after Designer Con is complete. 

DCon: A few Dragatomi Goodies - Booth 300

Dragatomi is going to have a lot going on during Designer Con 2013. In addition to a plethora of high number production toys, Dragatomi is also bringing a few limited edition goodies as well.

First up is a Fujisan Kush edition by Bigfoot, limited to 100 pieces and priced at $90.

A Green Cavey is also going to be available from the Dragatomi Booth, #300, at Designer Con. Limited to 25 pieces, this wonderful little Cavey is a creation of U.K. based artist A Little Stranger. Each one is priced at $25.

Making it's debut is the black Modern Hero Bank by Mad, Jeremy Madl. Priced at $150 and limited to 30 pieces, this 18" tall coin bank has been a long time in the making. A pink version made an appearance at NYCC. Mad will have a signing at the Dragatomi booth Saturday at 11am. Mad will probably be bringing along some Micro Madl goodies, so bring some cash and a sketchbook and show him some support.
All of Dragatomi's Designer Con exclusives can be found here, complete with pictures and pricing. It's likely, that anything not sold at the show, will be made available online soon after DCon.
- Mark-Anthony

DCon: Luke Chueh x Silent Stage - Booth 623


    Luke Chueh and Silent Stage are bringing some GID hand painted bear heads to Designer Con 2013. Available for $60 a piece and limited to 50 pieces, each head is going to be hand painted by Luke Chueh. These heads will go well with other choppers. Designer Con 2013 attendees should head over to Booth #623 early and pick up one of these GID Bear Heads.
    BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
    Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book