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Court of the Dead

Nov 8, 2013

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I Bug You Kickstarter to fund vinyl keychains infecting the world with goodness!

I Bug You: Infecting the world with goodness! 

Pandemic Alert! Candy-colored, keychain bugs with laugh-out-loud symptoms are infecting the world. A buggy reminder to be happy!

Beca is a sculptor whose handmade I Bug You figures have been taking over Miami. They can be found in shops and museums such as The Bass Museum, Splash, KOTO, Elemental Wynwood, Florida Craftsmen Gallery and the Coral Gables Museum shop. However, Beca has hit the plateau that many emerging artists hit: demand is outpacing her ability to hand-sculpt each and every piece:

Hand-sculpting a Bug out of clay.
Attaching the horns...
So, Beca is turning to Kickstarter to generate enough capital to send her first bug into production in vinyl in the form of a keychain!

There are pledge levels available for every budget, from a simple "thank you" for $1 all the way up to your art classes' own Bug-sculpting workshop with Beca for $1000!

The meat and potatoes of any Kickstarter campaign, however, are the pledge levels where you actually get the item which is being produced with the funding. For just $25, you get a Happy Bug keychain (that will be the first Bug produced) which is pictured below in prototype packaging:

For $35, you'll get (2) Happy Bug keychains. If you kick in $4 more you can get those (2) Happy Bugs plus a special handmade Kickstarter exclusive Bug! If you pledge $50, you can get a Lucky Bug t-shirt plus the Kickstarter exclusive Bug. Higher pledge levels get you hand-made Bugs of your choice, or even total custom Bugs!



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