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Court of the Dead

Nov 5, 2013

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DCon: Josh Mayhem Customs - Booth 830 and 315

Josh Mayhem is bringing a number of customs to Designer Con 2013. First is Josh's Gunny Series 2, which includes 3 Custom 3" Dunnys, a custom 3" Fatcap, and a cusom Micro Foomi. Each of the customs have design influences from the popular Japanese toys called Gundams. Josh Mayhem does a great job of incorporating the Gundam feel into the production figures. These customs are going to be available at the Vinyl Thoughts Nation Booth #830, for $100 each.

In addition to the multi-articulated Gunny series, Josh has also a part of the Urban Vinyl Daily blindbox series 2, which is being made available at Designer Con. Josh's contribution includes 5 Acid Rain Series 1 Dunnys, which includes a chase Meltdown Dunny. Blindboxes are priced at $85 each and are going to be available at the Urban Vinyl Daily Booth, #315.

All of Josh's pieces look amazing and should be a great addition to any collection. Designer Con attendees should make sure to stop by the Vinyl Thoughts Nation Booth #830 and the Urban Vinyl Daily Booth #315 to check out all the other offerings as well.


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