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Court of the Dead

Jul 20, 2013

Mintyfresh Exclusive Biohazard Edition Mouse Mask Murphy drops July 21

Biohazard Mousemask Murphy is looking like a true methlab expert, sporting a yellow biohazard suit and a black gasmask he's ready to make you feel better after the final episode of the last season of Breaking Bad.

Back in the days, after Pearl Harbour's defeat, US Government intensified the production of Gasmasks for their population, fearing a chemical attack. Walt Disney himself authorized a special edition of a GasMask with Mickey's face on it for the kids. This was taken by Ron English and Mousemask Murphy was born!

Ron English, known for satirical and controversial artworks took the counterpoint and switched situations for a great vinyl figure. Mousemask Murphy stands 10" (24 cm) tall and comes in a nicely designed Header bag.

The Mintyfresh Exclusive Biohazard Mousemask Murphy is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

Jul 19, 2013

SoKo Cat x Mark Nagata - Custom Demon Micro Negora


A brand new collaboration between SoKo Cat and Mark Nagata is now available. These custom Demon Micro Negora's stand 2.25" tall and are limited to a run of only five pieces. Each one is hand painted in acrylic, numbered and signed by SoKo Cat. Rumor has it, this is just the first of two summer releases with Angel Micro Negora coming later on.

Dark and fiery, these feisty felines are dangerously hot (not to mention adorable!) and are available in SoKo Cat's store for $70! For more information or to keep up with SoKo Cat, read her blog, follow her on Instagram and check out her store.

Product of the Day - shorty,kill,pop (S.K.P) by Mr. Munk


This is a custom from Mr. Munk titled "shorty, kill, pop" or S.K.P. for short. It is based on the Kidrobot 7" munny figure and was part of the Candy Coated Custom show early last year. He is available right now for $300 at the Tenacious Toys website.

Jul 18, 2013


She looks like cross between a cartoon character and Bond girl.  Rocking a skin-tight spacesuit, air tank and platform heels and cold nipples, Pascha is modelled with the threeA style you've come to love.

With all of the details in Chinese (and wacky Google translation), the most I can tell you is that Darkside Pascha is available for pre-order here for just $120.

For those of you at San Diego Comic Con this year, you may be able to grab Pascha as SDCC exclusive white suit with blonde hair.  I gotta say, I think I'm in love...

via Toy People

-The Highest Fever

Matt Anderson Solo Show: come get your ass slapped!

Matt Anderson's solo show "Color Blind" at SubUrban Vinyl in Waldwick, NJ July 27th
HOT DAMN! Matt A* went and got hisself a solo show up north in New Jersey!

Sure to be a hoot! Come on down to SubUrban Vinyl, a shop run by a few of my friends in Waldwick, NJ. Saturday, July 27th is the day that Matt A* will bring the Anger Lair to the freezing north of Jersey! I'll be there wearing my tighty whiteys on the outside of my shorts.
 The address is:
4 Frederick St, Waldwick, New Jersey 07463

 Ass slaps and poo boxes abound when Matt Anderson rolls up!

I dunno what's going on here but it's probably perverted.

I guess maybe I should actually share the details of the show:

On July 27th from 6pm-9pm, come join us in Waldwick, NJ for artist Matt A*s first solo show, "Color Blind".
Matt will be showcasing some amazing new works direct from his "Anger Lair". During the event he will be releasing 2 exclusives for his show and Suburban Vinyl. The first exclusive will be a limited run of 5 JA-M13's, exclusive to the event only! They will come with 5 Different colors of GID in the glass canister! 
Matt also has an exclusive color way of his outsmART original T-shirt design in green just for Suburban Vinyl! 
The event preview will go live on at 5pm EST on July 26th. Any Remaining Exclusive show pieces will go online the following Tuesday July 29th.

Well there ya have it, folks.

Anger, ass slapping and naked wives. Be there July 27th.

Product of the Day - Tesselate Double B Squad custom Mini Munny Red


Double B are a pyrotechnics crew who specialise in hyper speed displays. Each member of the squad is an expert in their given field as these displays are very technical and ultimately dangerous.

Only three hundred residents perished in the most recent display, where a '33special' ricocheted off of a passing SyroCruiser and ignited a nearby stack of loose Lorantium.

Luckily one of the squad has a resurrection ray on them and managed to bring the residents back to life.

This figure is a piece of an 8 part series called the Double B Squad designed by Tesselate exclusively for Tenacious Toys. Each figure is based on the Kidrobot 4" Dunny platform and features head and arm articulation. This red version is available now for $55 at the Tenacious Toys website.

Jul 17, 2013

Shadoe Delgado's "Shadow Buddhaling" and "ShadowTribe Warrior" for SDCC

 The latest works from Shadoe Delgado...
Hello, Shadoe here! I Have some pieces tagging along with  Beefy &Co.  to SDCC this week at booth #5646 for his show "The Ghost Within Us." The Show Will feature a slew of artists who have customized the "Ghost Tribe Warrior" platform and other Beefy toys! The first piece is the Yellow "Shadow Buddhaling"($300)  which was created using the 7 inch tall  "Bad Bad Buddha" platform and next up is the Blue "Shadow Tribe Warrior"($200) using the 7 inch tall "Ghost Tribe Warrior" platform. As I mentioned earlier both pieces can be seen and acquired at Booth #5646 for the duration of Comic Con.  

If you like the work you're seeing here feel free to hit me up for a custom commission! or email me at
Follow Shadoe Delgado here:

"Blood of the Wicked" by Manny X

News from Manny X...

This wicked guy stands about 1.5" tall, 2" long and 2" from ear to ear. Each comes bagged and tagged with header card // Its sold as a pre-order with an open run // Orders open today until Saturday the 13th // // $13+shipping.


Customs on SDCC 2013 (part 2)


More excellent customs on SDCC 2013. You just have to love this quality! Here we go part 2...

Jc Rivera

Ardabus Rubber
Jeremiah Ketner
Jason Limon

Bash Projects

Product of the Day - nati513 Frackin Tea Lunartik custom


Today's featured product is a one of a kind custom Lunartik in a cup of tea by nati513. Standing approximately 2.5" tall, this frackin figure will drill its way into your heart. Equipped with a drill and hard hat, this custom is available for $50 at the Tenacious Toys website

Jul 16, 2013

The Loyal Subjects x SDCC G.I. JOE Exclusives!


The Loyal Subject are back with more awesome G.I. Joe 3" figures!  This time they're bringing you some SDCC exclusives.  First up is the Radioactive Snake Eyes (GID) vs. Camouflage Storm Shadow.  Snake Eyes comes with GID sword and uzi and Storm Shadow includes ninja sword and smaller ninja sword. Next is the Iron Grenadiers Destro x Gold Cobra Commander, both blinged out like they just had a visit from Goldfinger.

Each set of highly detailed figures will be limited to 500 pieces.  While these will be released at SDCC a few will be available online shortly after the con.  Stop by booth #5645 on Friday, July 19th from 3-4PM for the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow set and Saturday, July 20th from 2 - 3PM for the Destro/Cobra Commander set.  Series designer Les Schettkoe will be on hand at both releases to sign your shiny new toys.

On top of all that awesome, The Loyal Subjects will also be releasing a SDCC exclusive Midnight Cybertron Megatron. Decked out in all black with blue accents, Megatron is ready to hit the clubs or whatever it is that transforming robots do on Cybertron. He'll be available at booth #5645 Thursday, July 18th from 11AM to Noon.

Jul 15, 2013

Plaseebo And Dragatomi SDCC Exclusives

This is Plaseebo's "Magma Night Gamer" for Dragatomi SDCC Booth#5350. Just look at this guy. He's awesome. He could only be more awesome if he lit up- Oh wait;

LED Eyes A-glowin'!

Dragatomi's San Diego Comic Con booth #5350 is host to a huge lineup of new artwork from artists both new and well-loved. If you're at the show, it'd be criminal not to swing by the booth and scope all their offerings out.

Ardabus Rubber

April "MaloApril" Elliott

Jerimiah Ketner

The Skerpent SDCC release by Nikejerk

Love it when customizers are making their own toys...
This is my original sculpt and is called The Skerpent. Hand molded and cast in resin in 2 pieces, by me, features one point of articulation. 9.5" tall, and will be available from me ONLY during the con. I will not be partnering with any one booth so I will be tweeting and posting on Instagram about my whereabouts and where to find me to purchase the figure. There are 5 available versions all 1 of a kind. Price is $225. Comes in a custom screen printed box. I will be accepting debit and credit cards, and cash of course. These take quite a long time to make so there will be very few versions in total. Come and get them before they're gone. 

Follow me on Twitter and IG @Nikejerk.

Jul 14, 2013

Flat Bonnie Toy Burst Exhibition Pieces

Flat Bonnie has not just 1 or 2, but 3 hand-crafted plush toys exhibiting at More Than Sunshine's Toy Burst exhibition at Redefine Gallery!
These adorable huggable plush are available through the gallery, and available for inquiry at Portions of sales of these sweet little animal themed plush are donated to animal rescue organizations on a monthly basis.
If you aren't already following Flatbonnie on Facebook or Twitter @flatbonnie I suggest you do so!

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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