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Court of the Dead

Jul 31, 2009

Preorder Horvath toys & other Toy2R toys, Who's da Bomb custom toy show

Preorders now available for the following items:

- Brandt Peters Serv-o-Matics by MINDstyle, coming soon! Only a few left unsold as preorders...

- Star Wars Series 4 Mimobots coming soon. Below are pics of the Darth Maul Mimo.

- Horvath 12" Bossy Bear, certainly the centerpiece of any Horvath vinyl collection

- Horvath 5" Bossy Bear Yellow: Lemony Fresh Yellow & Black color variant

- Horvath 5" Crocadoca Yellow: Lemony Fresh Yellow & Black color variant

- Horvath 3.5" Turtle Yellow: Lemony Fresh Yellow & Black color variant

- David Horvath Yoya Monster: cute little monkey, 5" tall vinyl

- David Horvath 7.5" Crown Turtle slightly delayed, will arrive a month after the other Horvath toys

- Uglydoll Glow in the Dark Ice-Bats arriving September, available as full sealed cases or individual blind boxes

- Horvath Yoya Monster Blue arriving Nov/Dec 2009

- 2.5" Wood Grain Qee blind boxes which have absolutely amazing paint jobs

- 2" Clear Chef Spiderboom, the rarest Spider Baby Boom figure to complete your collection, put into limited production


- OWI Rhino Beetle metal model kit

- OWI Samurai Scorpion metal model kit

Who's da Bomb?! online custom toy show

You might have heard by now that we are curating an online custom toy show. If not, here's the deal: the platform is the Toy2R Mini Bomb figures (originally had paint by Kozik). For more details & the flyers, check out our blog post regarding this endeavor.

August 31st is the submission deadline for images of the customized Bombs.

In the meantime I have already received a few images of finished customs, so I put up a Who's the Bomb section dedicated to them. Look for more customs to start poppin' up in that section on our site as we head towards Aug 31st.

This is our first foray into the custom toy world and I am very excited to see what everyone comes up with! I also must mention that this project would not be possible without the guidance and help of Delicious Drips, and a shipment of Mini Bombs from Toy2RUSA. So thanks to DD and Toy2R for helping me get this whole thing together.

Jul 27, 2009

30% off July 28th only with code 30SDCC09

Post-SDCC hangover got you down? No money left for new toys?
Think again!
Use coupon code 30SDCC09 at Tenacious Toys on July 28th and get 30% off any order!
It's our one-day blowout sale designed to get you high on toys again after the big push for SDCC.
Have fun! Coupon code is good from midnight to midnight, east coast time.