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Court of the Dead

Aug 7, 2015

Tony the Toucan and Roger Rabbity x Mr. Mars


Coming this Sunday, August 9, are these two customs from Mr. Mars. The Toucan is from a Ron English Two Ton Sam and the Roger Rabbit is a small production base rabbit toy from Japan. Roger Rabbity will be available for $100 and Tony the Toucan will be $250.

These are one of a kind deigns and will be available at Mr. Mars' online store this weekend.

Aug 5, 2015

Super7 x Funko Shogun Boba Fett

Funko & Super7 just announced this SWEET Shogun-style Boba Fett. Price will be around $200. Hit me up if you want one, I'll give you free Fedex shipping if you live in the continental US. Email as I am getting ready to place our order.

EDIT: We've now closed our preorder window and placed our final order. Big thanks to all who preordered!

Shogun Boba Fett

Our latest Super Shogun is a must-have for any serious Star Wars collector!

Empire Boba Fett is the bounty hunter’s signature colorway from the original trilogy!

Standing at 24” tall, this figure fires missiles from its gauntlet and jetpack, and stands on leg rollers!
No batteries required!

Boba Fett has movable arms, head, and rangefinder for different action poses!

Add Boba Fett to your collection today!

Woody the Bedtime Bunny x UMEToys


New York based artist Peter Kato has some pretty sweet resin goodies in his portfolio and was kind enough to allow UMEToys the opportunity to work on another Bedtime Bunny blank. Woody is the result. Customised and finished in faux wood he stands a mencincang 4.5inches tall from slippers to ears. This cute chap will be looking for a new home Friday August 7th at 9:00pm London time in the UME store. Proceeds will be split to help Peter and UMEToys to carry on bringing you resin collectables in the future.

Aug 4, 2015

Star Wars/Samurai Themed Custom Bambaboss by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser creates completely creative customs, utilizing clean cut lines, accenting all available areas acutely. Forced alliteration aside, Jon-Paul's latest custom is a Star Wars/Samurai themed custom 3A 1/12 scale Bambaboss. Featuring a Boba Fett style mask, the man behind the mask is revealed to be Vader. Not often seen in customs, Jon-Paul and the customer settled on the theme to have the Vader face be revealed when removing the Boba mask. Definitely a uniquely awesome custom piece. Photos were taken by Justin Allfree, as with all of Jon-Paul's custom work. Also, Jon-Paul Kaiser recently setup a Patreon account to help fund his ability to travel to more conventions, so he could meet more fans. With a few monthly options to show support, the $45/month tier grants the Patron a custom dunny every quarter(4 custom dunnys a year for those who are Patrons for 12 months). For those who enjoy Jon-Paul Kaiser's work, be sure to check out his Patreon page and spread the word.

Aug 2, 2015

CHEAP RESIN: "Lost Time Labs"

Here are a couple REALLY RAD bootlegs from the guys over at "Lost Time Labs"!
On the left we have "Universe Master"
6" handmade bootleg resin toy. combines various masters of the universe figures. Both arms are (re)movable and posable.
In the right we have "BLAASTERMINATOR"
5.5" tall handmade bootleg resin toy. fantastic four x terminator x thundercats. comes with motu sword weapon, no parts move though.
Both these guys are long since sold, but I can safely say I am beyond excited to see what they come up with next!

PROTIP: Email Solicitations - A Guide to Effective Wholesale Via Email

I have to blog about this, I can't let it slide anymore.

Dear manufacturers:

I love getting your emails with new products being offered to me wholesale for my shop! It's great. I want to be on every manufacturer's email list.

When you send those emails, they need to have certain pieces of info in them in order for a shop owner like myself to make a purchasing decision.
I'm not going to drop $1000 or more if I have no idea what you're selling.

I can let these things slide when indy toy producers start selling wholesale for the first time. New and emerging artists have never done this type of solicitation before, so it's understandable if they miss some of this info.

HOWEVER, I would expect that a company with multiple product lines in shops, and a steady manufacturing process with several releases per year, and quantities in the thousands, would have this process down already. No excuse if you're a "real" manufacturer and you fail at the most important part of your sales process.

Things I must see in your email:

#1: Attach several good, clean JPG images of your product. Full product image, item in packaging, and some alternative side and back views. That's maybe 4 JPGs. Attach them to the email. Don't use a file sharing service, I'm not going to download a plugin just to view your product pics. If you do not want to attach JPGs to your emails, just provide me with a link to a page on your website which displays all of the images of the product(s).

#2: Minimum order quantity. 1 piece? 1 carton? Essential info.

#3: Wholesale price per piece/carton

#4: Tell me where the items ship from. US? Overseas? If it's overseas, how much is shipping to my location? Estimate shipping to East coast and West coast of USA per carton and friggin tell me in the email so we don't have to have the same stupid email conversation every time I get solicited.

#5: TEXT product description. Something I can copy and paste. STAAAAHP typing product descriptions/ backstories in Photoshop onto your product flyers and flattening them. I CANNOT USE TEXT THAT IS INSIDE AN IMAGE. I have to retype to whole fucking thing when I start hyping your product online. You're wasting my time, I'm not your secretary. In short, images should have ONLY products and logos in them. All info about the product should be IN TEXT in the body of the email. Don't attach a Word doc, that's just dumb. Everything you can stick in a Word doc can be typed in an email.

#6: When will the item ARRIVE if I order now? I don't care when you release, when you debut or when you start selling direct to your customers. The only date that matters to a retailer is the date the product arrives at their door.

Thanks. This has been a ProTip from Benny Kline.

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