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Court of the Dead

Jun 17, 2009

Sam Flores 10" Dragon Boy arrives September


Sam Flores is at it again: in September we can look forward to his next full-size vinyl piece called Dragon Boy. Apparently Sam has been spending lots of time in Asia and it's rubbed off on him! This 3-piece toy really shows that Asian influence and I for one LOVE IT!
As with Sam's previous full-size piece from Upper Playground (Fatima), and the Tiger Baby series, this one I believe will be released in multiple colorways. I think we are getting an orange version, not sure if that's the one pictured above of some variation on it... With the Fatimas there was a UP colorway and a Ningyoushi colorway and we were able to get both in our store. Will try to collect as many as possible for you guys...
Anyway, this is a spectacular piece. Retail will be just north of $100, I think, but it will be well worth it. Definitely email us if you are interested.

Jun 15, 2009

Incoming toys: Horvath, Dr. Bomb, Wood Qees, Mimobots, Yummy Donuts & more!

All of the following are on the way:

David Horvath 4" Minty Green by Toy2R.
We got the last 3! Will be here in a week or so. $18.95 each, preorder here.

Frank Kozik 10" Dr. Bomb rare Asia Exclusive "Arctic Rescue" edition. Made for a company in Asia (see flier), only 18 will make it to the US and we're getting some cuz we're so cool. Should be priced the same as all other previous Dr. Bombs, hopefully. Once we get our number nailed down, we'll accept preorders.

2.5" blind-boxed Wood Qees. 12 different qees: 6 standard qee shapes (Mon, Bunnee, Dog, Cat, Bear, Toyer) in 2 color variations each. REALLY cool realistic wood grain finish that took a LOT of work. These are already SOLD OUT in Asia. (Of course Toy2R set a shipment aside to come to the US which is why we are going to be able get a "sold out" item.) Will have preorders available as soon as our order is nailed down. Will be in our Toy2R section of course.

We are getting a few more HALO Master Chief 2GB mimobot USB drives, the last 5 that our distributor had in stock. Will be $24.95 each. This style is running low and was the most popular style from the HALO series. We currently have one lonesome 1GB Master Chief in stock right now.
Coming in early July are these delicious Yummy Donut 12" plushes by Heidi Kenney and Kidrobot. Will be for sale as soon as we get em! No preorders as per KR's rules. They're $25 each and we're getting both the Pink Donut and the Chocolate Donut versions. Once we get em they'll be in our Kidrobot section.

Gloomy Cosplay Plushes imported from Japan! I've seen a lot of Gloomy crossover plushes but never anything as interesting as this concept: Pity doing cosplay by dressing up as Gloomy? So weird, when you think about it.. especially when the "Gloomy costume" starts EATING Pity. Just like you knew it would. Silly Pity. Arriving in fall, around September. We have to import these from overseas ourselves so it's a bit more complex than just placing a regular order with an American company but I am sure they'll be worth it. 3 designs, each 25cm (10 inches) tall. Will be for sale in our Plush section.
Some news on the much-anticipated 7.5" David Horvath Crown Turtle: slight delay in production, and a price increase. The new price is $50. We still have preorders available here. Those of you lucky enough to have already preordered yours, we will honor your lower price cuz that's the right thing to do, even though we won't make any money on those preorders.
Coming late June is the latest and most bad-ass series of Star Wars Mimobot USB Drives: Series 4! Featuring Darth Maul, Clone Captain Rex and Darth Vader in 2 different variations, this series is gonna sell fast!
2GB Mimos are $24.95, 4GB Mimos are $34.95 and 8GB Mimos are $49.95.