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Court of the Dead

May 11, 2017

PIQ Exclusive Kidrobot OctoDunny Triple Cast Resin Figure by Clutter Release May 12 in NYC & Online

collaboration between Kidrobot and Clutter Studios, the OctoDunny will be released Friday May 12 at PIQ Grand Central and

This 5" resin Dunny is triple cast, with a solid green interior covered in a glow-in-the-dark interior skin, and a blue tinted exterior cast. The glowing interior octopus design was sculpted by Josh Kimberg. This early release is a PIQ exclusive in an edition of only 25 pieces. 

The OctoDunny and a second triple cast Dunny release coincide with the installation of the Five Point Festival tribute window at PIQ Grand Central. Both figures will be available at PIQ Grand Central and starting at 5pm May 12.

FIVE POINTS EXCLUSIVE: Forces of Dorkness Nature Warriors OOAK 6-Inch Figures

Our first reveal of a Fve Points exclusive! You will be able to find the Forces of Dorkness Nature Warriors series of 6-inch custom figures in booth 229 for $60 each! Scott is also a part of our Resin Is King Series 4 release, so lots of FOD to grab at our booth!

NEXT REVEAL: Resin Is King Series 4 Figures by FOD, Renone, TobyArt & Abe Lincoln Jr

Our final reveal of the next 4 pieces in the Resin Is King Series 4 lineup! Here we have one of the 4 colorways of the Forces of Dorkness piece, one example of the Renone skull, and the standard colorway of the TobyArt Buffalo Wings figure.

Last image is of the Rocky figure designed by Abe Lincoln Jr (our special guest artist). Rocky is the debut figure in Abe's upcoming Satanikids series, which will make a bigger debut on its own later on this year! For now, we have the bright yellow Rocky in our RIKS4 series! Rocky was sculpted by NEMO and cast in resin by Jacob JAMS for the debut appearance.

Resin Is King Series 4 is 110 blind boxed resin figures, each slightly under 3 inches. Each BB is $30 and the debut will be at our booth #229 at Five Points 2017, May 20th. There will be Golden Tickets in the boxes and assorted goodies on hand, plus many chases and unique color variants.

We will also continue our in-booth practice of swapping: if you fancy one of our display figures, you can always buy a blind box and swap out the figure you pull for one of the figures we are using as displays.

The artist roster for Resin Is King Series 4 is:
  • Kyle Kirwan
  • Eyehart Toys
  • UME Toys
  • Renone
  • Forces of Dorkness
  • TobyArt
  • One-Eyed Girl
  • Pickman's Vinyls
  • Dollar Slice Bootlegs
  • Leecifer
  • Abe Lincoln Jr (with NEMO & Jacob JAMS)

The Toy Chronicle Presents: Pricing! The Experts Viewpoint

Great article by TTC taps a few experts (including Benny) to weigh in on how to price your custom toy work. What's fascinating is how different all of our responses are, based on our differing roles in the custom toy game! Excerpt below:

...we often hear the biggest question on artist’s lips: “How do I price my work?!” We hear it more in the run-up to conventions – whether that’s ToyConUK, DCon, Five Points, as a lot of newer artists who are working out of their bedrooms are starting to venture into the big, wider world of Designer Toys for the first time and are looking for guidance. Some artists get it right, some horribly wrong. The question still remains.

May 10, 2017

Marcos Lorenzo releases Obskure White Limited Edition


Marcos Lorenzo is back with his newest release, Obskure White Limited Edition, a new version based on his Obskure platform in white tones, with blue eyes and red realistic hair.

This is a limited series of 25 units, handcrafted casted resin toys, 1/10 170mm 6.7 inches high, painted with acrylics, tattooed with transfer techniques, white zipper and various attached rivets (plastic / metal) studs and spikes.

This sculpture was presented the past Sunday 30th April during the ToyCon UK and is now available from now at the SomeStrangeThings Store at the price of 100€. 

Magitarius Releases Little Creepers Peg Figures


Magitarius’s new line of Little Creepers is a break, in a sense, from the way they normally create their figures. This series batch is cast from old childhood toys with their own mark (the sculpted heads and gut decals) on them and tweaks them in way that sends’em straight to Hell… zombie style.

This is the first foray for them into the bootleg world of toy making. Most of their work is obscure, mainly because it’s their own world that they are creating.  These figures reach back into that childhood psyche’, a ghetto quantum leap into the past mixed with elements from today’s culture, infused with all things zombified. Single figures and more colorways are to follow…….

If you want to pick up your own set, head over to Magitarius's site. Each set is $75 and perfect for you or your little ones.

PREORDER Ron English Cap'n Cornstarch Crunch Berries Edition

Oops! A new limited colorway! Pink tinted skin and purple shoe. 2 Scoops of Sugar in Every Bite! Kids go Crazey! Fatten up Your Vinyl Art Collection! 9 inch tall vinyl figure by the legendary Ron English. Preorder yours today

POPprolific Limited Edition Figure Release May 12 at PIQ


Justin Alan Volpe, creator of POPprolific and the master of mash-ups, will release The Priors of Chaos resin figures at PIQ Grand Central Terminal Friday May 12. These 5.5” clear resin blue-glow figures are the result of a decade of sculpting, collecting, and casting. Using an over-sculpting technique Justin creates figures with recognizable elements that merge into new characters. The glow-in-the-dark Priors of Chaos figures have removable custom robes in three pieces with Swarovski crystals.  Only available at PIQ Grand Central and

The PIQ POPprolific Interview exploring Justin’s process and techniques is live now at Quote and image reuse is welcome.

Justin will be signing and sculpting live on May 12 from 7:00-9:00 PM at PIQ Grand Central Terminal.

“Themes of chaos and destruction surrounds some of the best villains of 80s and 90s, and this is my tribute to that tradition.” Justin Alan Volpe

NEXT REVEAL: Resin Is King Series 4 Pieces by Eyehart Toys, Kyle Kirwan & One-Eyed Girl

 Next round of reveals for our upcoming Resin Is King Series 4 blind box series: Eyehart Toys (above), One-Eyed Girl and Kyle Kirwan (below). We will have 10 of each of these pieces in our series. Blind boxes will be $30 each. Stop by Booth 229 at Five Points Fest to pick one up! Will you get a Golden Ticket?

May 9, 2017

SNEAK PEEK: Resin Is King Series 4 Reveals of Leecifer, Pickman's Vinyls & Rich Page

Five Points Fest is only 2 weekends away so it's time for us to start revealing the gorgeous resin work that went into Series 4 of Resin Is King! Here we see one example of the pieces submitted by Leecifer, Pickman's Vinyls and UME Toys. All sub-3-inch resin figures, which will soon be packed into blind boxes and sold at $30 apiece. Debut is at our Five Points booth #229. More reveals soon! (Yes, these will be available online after Five Points provided the series doesn't sell out)

Watch Parts Custom Dunny Series 2 by Dan Tanenbaum Available Now at Kidrobot

Watch collector turned artist Dan Tanenbaum has used his obsession for vintage timepieces into an art form.  Tanenbaum creates unique one-of-a-kind Dunnys by strategically affixing vintage watch parts to the vinyl figures transforming them into steampunk characters.  Each piece has a different personality and takes 20-30 hours to complete.  Tanenbaum puts a different spin on the vinyl figure phenomenon by transforming the soft light creations into heavy steel characters. This is the second custom Dunny series by Dan Tanenbaum available on and features 3-inch, 5-inch and 8-inch pieces. Get them now at

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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