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Court of the Dead

May 10, 2017

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Magitarius Releases Little Creepers Peg Figures

Magitarius’s new line of Little Creepers is a break, in a sense, from the way they normally create their figures. This series batch is cast from old childhood toys with their own mark (the sculpted heads and gut decals) on them and tweaks them in way that sends’em straight to Hell… zombie style.

This is the first foray for them into the bootleg world of toy making. Most of their work is obscure, mainly because it’s their own world that they are creating.  These figures reach back into that childhood psyche’, a ghetto quantum leap into the past mixed with elements from today’s culture, infused with all things zombified. Single figures and more colorways are to follow…….

If you want to pick up your own set, head over to Magitarius's site. Each set is $75 and perfect for you or your little ones.


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