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Mar 2, 2013

Dynamite Rex "Raar!" Design Contest by Clutter Magazine

Clutter Magazine is extremely excited to announce that we've partnered with Dynamite Rex to hold a design contest revolving around their brand new and highly anticipated "Raar!" platform, which portrays an adorable t-rex dinosaur!

Using the blank turnaround template (which you can download here), design a Dynamite Rex "Raar!" vinyl figure. Be as creative as you want, but the winner must be able to replicate their design as a custom painted vinyl figure. We will select a winning design based on its originality and creative use of the platform's shape.

One (or more) winners will be selected by a panel of judges, including the Clutter and Dynamite Rex staffs. Winners will be sent a free blank 6-inch tall "Raar!" vinyl figure to customize using your winning design. This piece will then be mailed by the artist to The Clutter Gallery for inclusion in their custom Dynamite Rex “Raar!” show opening on August 10th.

Closing date for design entries is June 1st, 2013. A winner will be selected within two weeks of closing date and be mailed the blank "Raar!" figure.

Follow the link below for more details:

Dynamite Rex "Raar!" Design Contest | Designer Vinyl Toys & Art Culture | Clutter Magazine

Cig Neutron designer sculpt soaps from Bizarro Au Go-Go


Cig Neutron is a Sculptor I really like(love) following on Instagram @cigneutron , not only because he makes amazing sculpture for clients or gallery exhibition, but also because he curates a project called Bizzaro Au Go-Go  that gets my gross monster art motor running.
So when I saw his newest little Cigaratt creature scultpures, it reminded me of designer resin toys;
Except, it turns out this litte fella (and his friends here) aren't resin pieces afterall- they're soap! Cig Neutron's fantastic sculpting and casting makes these pieces nice enough to display- not just hang out beside your sink. But, they're down for that too! ;)
Cig Neutron has more work viewable here, and takes commission inquiries at

Shadoe Delgado's custom Swanicorn and Mega Munny Sale


There's a lot happening in Shadoe Delgado's Fine Art sculpture world! His custom Swanicorn for Daniel Fleres' group show "The Gathering" is an outstanding contribution to the exhibition. Shadoe contributes alongside some of the scene's brightest stars, including (but not limited to) 64Colors, Scribe, DrilOne, Jason Limon, J*Ryu and many more fantastically skillful artists. Quite an accomplishment for an artist with about a year on designer vinyl & resin platforms behind him! 
Shadoe's piece, titled "The 3 Eyed 3 Horned Flying Shadow Swanicorn (aka The Hoarder)", we can see is employing Shadoe's newly designed peg system for its wings. As well as unique use of Shadoe's texturing techniques in the body and mask.
Exhibition opens Saturday March 9th at Dragatomi, but until then you can follow the show updates on their Facebook Event. This one of a kind Swanicorn will be available to purchase through Dragatomi.

Mega Munny Shadoelings?

Recently vinyl community member Jordan aka "Dopevinyl" has been working to put together a Urban Vinyl Artist documentary- and he's trying to get it Kickstarted here. This documentary film is in the home stretch, with just about 2500$ left to raise to make the film happen, and Shadoe has been upping his offerings to support it.
Shadoe is offering custom Mega Munny, now only 800$(normally 1000$+) through the Kickstarter Here. With exponentially more vinyl canvas space to work on, we can only imagine how much more detail, texture, antler- and don't forget, dingaling action, Shadoe would get up to on such a huge platform. Pull the trigger. DO IT! :)

Mar 1, 2013

Art Without Borders

 For the good cause...

We wanted to give the online community more of a chance to take part in the fundraiser, and raise more funds and awareness as well so we decided to do an online fundraiser with prizes for donations.


    -Raffle tickets $10 each
    -No limit to amount of tickets per person
    -Open to everyone in the US and International
    -Donations will be accepted through paypal
    -100% of donations after paypal fees will go to Doctors Without Borders (please pay gift)
    -Minimum 50 tickets for raffle to go through
    -Ticket sales will go from 2/13/2013-3/31/2013
    -Drawing will be 4/3/2013 and will be broadcasted live through the web
    -Winners will be contacted in order of the drawing, and will be able to pick their prize

Tickets can be purchased here:

I will be updating this post with a list of prizes as I get them. This list so far will the minimum number 

of prizes, and will only increase as more items are donated


1. Nikejerk 4" Mini-Munny Commission
2. Southerndrawl Iron Bee (Fire Variant) 3" Dunny
3. Kasey Tararuj aka One-Eyed Girl Mini-Munny (Pictures coming soon)
4. TheGraphixChick Mini-Munny (Pictures coming soon)
5. Lysol Resin figures (Pictures coming soon)
6. Tristan Eaton Vote for Change print (Signed by Tristan) (Graciously donated by Zonnie5)
7. MADxKr Bent World Vandals Print. Limited to 300 (Graciously donated by Zonnie5)
8. Luke Chueh x Ford Print Set (Graciously donated by Zonnie5)
9. Ashley Wood ThreeA GID Mk3 Bertie (Unopened)

*Since this fundraiser has prizes, the donations are not eligible for tax receipts. If instead you would prefer tax credit, you can donate here instead:

Latest works from Infinite Rabbits

Some excellent works from Infinite Rabbits...
Custom Tequila
3 inch Chuckboy Dunny
Dunny's and Micro's
3 inch Dunny
I've been very busy with other commitments lately, but I've managed to work on a few custom toys the past few months and thought I would share some pics. Most have been for gifts or commissions, so none of these are in my online store ( The two Eyes may end up there at some point in the future - I haven't decided their fate yet. More pics & customs on my Facebook page ( Thanks! - Infinite Rabbits

Follow Infinite Rabbits here:
     - Don P

Sokka by Fuller

Awesome Dunny from Fuller...

This was a commission, Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. - Fuller

Follow Fuller here:

Teddy's got Wood by Bash Projects

Do you know that feeling? When you suddenly find yourself alone, in the woods, naked!
If you do, don’t be a fool... wear a helmet, it’s cool.

Teddy’s got Wood is my first blindbox serie and is limited to 5 Teddy Troops.

They are $125 (€95) per piece including worldwide shipment. Contact me if you want to order one... or two... or five!

(If you order 2 or more their will be a discount because of the combined shipping)

Follow Bash here:

Feb 28, 2013

Super Series Sundays: Yolo Mesh by Kyle Kirwan drops March 3


 Our third installment in our weekly Super Series Sundays drops is the Yolo Mesh figure by Kyle Kirwan.

Yolo Mesh is the first mate on the Airship Kellen. He's cranky, strict, sarcastic, and not much fun. But he gets it done, and that's what you want in an airshipman. He's a Nebin from the Island of Bentree in the Broken Ocean, but grew up in Canarthe and has been sailing since he could stand on two feet.

Yolo Mesh is a one-piece resin figure sculpted, cast and painted by Kyle Kirwan, who's basically our neighbor in Bushwick, Bklyn. Standing 5.5 inches tall and produced in a highly limited run of 9 pieces, Tenacious Toys has 5 Yolo Mesh figures to sell at $50 each.

To purchase Yolo Mesh, visit the Super Series Sundays page this Sunday March 3rd at 5PM EST.
Click the link below to visit the Super Series Sundays page on Tenacious Toys:

Upcoming releases in the Super Series Sundays schedule will be Task One and Evilos.

Monsters from the Island show at Clutter Gallery NY


"Monsters from the Island" is a group neo-kaiju and sofubi exhibition opening on March 9th, 2013 with a reception from 6-9PM at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508. 

The pieces will remain on display in the gallery space until April 6th, 2013.

Comprised of artists working primarily in sofubi and resin, the participating artists include: BLObPUS, Blurble, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Brian Flynn, Buff Monster, Bwana Spoons, Dski One, Few Many, FigLab, Goccodo, Guumon, Healeymade, Ilanena, Josh Herbolsheimer, Konatsu, L'amour Supreme, Leecifer, Mark Nagata, Mechavirus, Monsterarm, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, NagNagNag, PaulKaiju, Rampage Toys, Splurrt, Star Case, Toxic Creep, Uamou and Velocitron.

Several of the artists will be in attendance including a special U.S. appearance by SHIGERU (NagNagNag!)

RoboGLOOM by Rsin

I will be honest.....Rsin never dissapoints me....awesome work again on this custom 18 inch Gloomy Bear.

Follow Rsin Art here:

Introducing Compulsion Magazine for the iPad

Compulsion Magazine: The Art of Collecting Toys

We'd like to introduce you to our latest project: Compulsion Magazine! In order to spread the toy collecting love far and wide, we began developing a digital magazine about toy collecting late last year. Compulsion Magazine is currently available on the iPad (although we plan on expanding to the Kindle for Issue #2) by clicking here and going to iTunes. Follow the link and get a full table of contents for the issue.

Big black boxes are for videos, which are embedded into the page! Hours of viewing entertainment!

Compulsion's first issue was compiled with the help of many people in the toy industry: artists, bloggers, writers, manufacturer representatives, photographers and internet TV shows all provided content. We're even running a giveaway inside the issue for one of Furry Feline Creative's NYCC plushes!

For Issue #2 we will be tapping some of the same resources by including TV shows and videos about toys, articles, show coverage and interviews. But we used the recent Toy Fair in NYC as an opportunity to get some bigger and more mainstream toy manufacturers involved:

Speaking of Toy Fair: recently we rolled out a quickie free Special Issue that gives you an inside peek into Toy Fair 2013. With photographs by Toygodd spanning 20 of the major booths at the event, this issue brings you in where the general public usually can't go. Click here to go to iTunes to the Compulsion page- the Toy Fair Issue should be a free download for you on your iPad. Each manufacturer's page also includes links to buy those toys on the internet.

If you dig what you see, you can opt to download Issue #1 for $1.99, or better yet, subscribe so you get the chance to download Issue #2 when we roll it out. Our next issue will incorporate discount codes and promotions exclusively for subscribers, the value of which will far exceed the cover price!

We hope you enjoy reading COMPULSION MAGAZINE!

Post Apocalypse vs Don P series

Hey guys.....since they are out now, here my first custom series of these Post Apocalypse Dunnys. You can grab them at Mintyfresh (€89,95)

Straight from the frontline of the apocalyptic battlefields of Kidrobia come the Mecha Rabbits, these Mechanized Rabbits are out for blood. They're ready to free their family and friends from the prison camps of General Xam Dam Scheisserhino or simply taring apart a nearby encampment of the Road Warriors Clan. Either way the Mecha Rabbits always bring fireworks to their parties in the desert...

The Mecha Rabbit/Bee Dunny by Don P. is a custom designer toy made of an Heavy Trooper Dunny/Geisha Duunny from Huck Gee's Post-Apocalypse Dunny Series and is limited to 1 piece worldwide. 

Feb 27, 2013

Looking for home series by E.Ipolani

Grab these ones....they look awesome and you help a great artist! 
Today at 12pm (PST) these puppies will be on
E. Ipolani has created a special series of 13 2.5" Micro Munny's priced at $40 ea.  It's lower than what she would normally sell them for, but with good cause!

"The series is called: "Looking for home" and it's to raise funding for an amazingly gifted artist friend of mine named Shadoe.  He and his girlfriend are moving from San Francisco and need a little help getting back to his hometown in Arizona.  He's been doing everything he can to make the move as smooth as possible, but we're in tough times and it never hurts to get some help from friends!"

Justice League by Fuller

Just look at this amazing 3 inch Dunny set by Fuller. Eyecandy for every comic lover. The boxart is also amazing!

Follow Fuller here:

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book