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Court of the Dead

Mar 30, 2017

Huck Gee x Clutter x CUBO SKLFKR 20-Inch Mecha Skully Robot Figure


Clutter and The Designer Toy Awards are excited to announce a brand-new project with Toy of the Year 2015, and Artist of the Year 2015 DTA winner, Huck Gee! Introducing – SKLFKR!! 20 inches of mecha, skull-laden, robotic awesomeness!

As part of winning those prestigious DTA awards, Huck was provided a sponsorship to work with 3D printing technology to bring to life a brand new creation. Huck wasted no time and went to work. What came back blew us away! 
"The mission of the DTA's is to celebrate and honor the art of designer toy creators all over the world.  When we helped arrange this sponsorship for the winner of Artist of the Year we didn’t know what would be created - Huck Gee jumped on this opportunity and brought it to a new level! Seeing the SKLFKR come to life over the last year has been an amazing journey." - Miranda O'Brien (Clutter & the DTA's)
To make this dream a reality we partnered with 3D sculpting and printing masters, CUBO  – the only team we knew could pull this off. Helping us bring this massive project to reality, Cubo 3D sculpted, rendered and printed this mighty beast.  Not only that, they engineered and constructed a series of 3D printed gaskets in order to joint the SKLFKR and give it 7 points of articulation!!
"Take us to your leader...WE DO NOT COME IN PEACE!"  - Victor D.L.A (Cubo).
Literally standing at 20" tall, this piece will be cast in resin and hand assembled here in NYC by Clutter Studios. More release information will be announced soon.
Over a year in the making and it's a Giant! 
"Because mechs and laser beams. Because skulls, spikes and giant axes. Because destroy. Because crushing it. Because SKLFKR." - Huck Gee


As part of its release into the world,  Five Points Festival is giving away the very special first pull of this monumental release! To enter the competition visit the Facebook Page here. Good Luck!!

Mar 28, 2017

Tenacious Toys Targeted Emails: New, 3A, Funko, Kidrobot, Sofubi, Coarse Toys & Sale Lists

In order to deliver more useful content to our customers, we have established several segments for our email newsletters. That means you only sign up for the updates you want to receive, and that's all ya get!!

Our emails that go out Tuesday through Sunday are automated, which means they will always have the same subject line as the week before, but each will contain any new relevant items in the email.

If there's no new products to share with you that week, no email is sent. Pretty nifty!

Of course, our "General List" is still the best way to get an overview of what's new in our shop.

For you deal seekers, we've just set up a new Sale list which will email to you any items we've reduced in price over the past week.

The Coarse Toys list is not automated, since we get new Coarse items so infrequently. Benny just creates the email when there's something new from Coarse to sell.


Below are our email list segments and their schedules:

Mondays - Benny's choice. General List gets a custom-made email about any new items Benny wants to highlight.

Tuesdays - Kidrobot day. Weekly email goes to Kidrobot list subscribers only, and only if we have have new KR items in our shop that week.

Wednesdays - Funko day. Weekly email goes to Funko list subscribers only, and only if we have have new Funko items in our shop that week.

Thursdays - Sofubi day. Weekly email goes to Sofubi list subscribers only, and only if we have have new sofubi items in our shop that week.

Fridays - New Items day. Weekly email goes to General List subscribers only, and only if we have have new items in our shop that week.

Saturdays - Sale day. Weekly email goes to Sale list subscribers only, and only if we have have items in our shop which have been reduced in price during the previous week. Easy way to keep track of price drops.

Sundays - 3A day. Weekly email goes to 3A list subscribers only, and only if we have have new 3A items in our shop that week.

If you are already on our General email list, you can still sign yourself up for the other lists by clicking here and checking the ones you are interested in.

Available for sale now from Furry Feline Creatives, the Poops Marshmallow Plushies


Furry Feline Creatives have just anounced their new plushies, the Poops, the soft marshmallow crap candies.  Measuring 5' tall and 4' wide and handmade with soft fleece and polyfil, the Poops Marshmallow Plushies come in 4 different colors: Yellow Fellow, Hot Pink, Baby Blue and Poopoo Purple.

These will make their debut at Furry Feline Creatives booth #1957 at Wondercon in Anaheim, CA and booth #A107 at Fan Expo Dallas in Dallas, TX on March 31-April 2, 2017.

The poops plushies are available now for advance purchase from the Furry Feline website for $12 a piece.

Caddyshack Doody Action Bar by Forces of Dorkness

"That thing in the pool from that golf movie released in 1980"

If you're a golfer, you've seen it.  If you like quality comedy, you've seen it.  If you are an actual human, you've seen it... if you haven't seen it, move along.

So there's this movie, and in this movie there is this scene when everyone gets a break and they spend a nice relaxing afternoon at the pool.  During this scene, teenagers being teenagers, one opens a candy bar, and another asks for a bite, and when the first says no, into the pool doth the second one toss said candy bar.  Well, this particular brand of candy bar has a strong resemblance to something we all create, and unfortunately some tend to leave in pools, creating the comedic chaos that leads to an emptying of the pool, and revelation that it is not a doody and actually a candy bar that has a name close to a famous baseball player.

This is a tribute to the classic movie "Caddyshack", one of those films that can be watched over and over, lines can be quoted, laughs can be had, and now you can own the "unofficial" star of the film.
2 versions of this release are available, one as the name of the candy bar, and one as "doody" so your choice is the before, or the after.  Each version is limited to 18 pieces (golf has 18 holes...get it?) for this release.

Each package come with an inedible resin cast of said candy bar and custom card art and packaging from The Forces of Dorkness.  

This is the perfect gift for that special someone who appreciates an amazing film.

Each package is 9" h x 5.25" wide x 1.5" deep and ships with a couple of stickers as well to show how much you love The Forces of Dorkness

Shipping in the US is $3.99 via USPS.

Note:  This is not a fucking toy.  It is also not edible, and more so it is only for ages 18 and up.

The figure is available in the FoD store: 

Follow Forces of Dorkness on instagram @forceodorkness 

Mar 27, 2017

Mike Slobot announces his new k-4SLO Security Droid for Sale


Truth be told, Mike has always wanted a protocol droid to help out in the Slobot factory, but has just never taken the plunge. A few weeks ago, one of these KX-Series Security Droids went Rogue and stumbled into the Slobot factory looking for repairs. Like K-2SO from Star Wars Rogue One, he is a re-programmed Imperial Droid. In need of repair and tired of looking like he still worked for the Empire, the newly rebranded K-4SLO got an upgraded processor pack, a fresh lime green paint job and some new wiring. Now the factory has the best parts of a protocol droid and a protector droid. No word yet on whether he speaks Bocce.

Standing about 20″ tall. with a glow in the dark eye, custom painted lime green and silver body, and glow in the dark wires the new k-4SLO Droid is available now for $250 from the Slobot factory.

More photos after the jump.

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