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Court of the Dead

Mar 30, 2013

Custom Freight Train Box Cars by DrilOne

One to never stop working, DrilOne recently put up some HO Scale weathered freight Train Box cars in his store.
Image from DrilOne
These trains have been popping a lot more recently, getting worked and painted by some great artists. A perfect base for artists with a graffiti background, or any artist for that matter. These box cars remind me of sitting at a train track waiting for the miles long Santa Ana train to pass, all while admiring the passing graffiti. DrilOne has 8 of these awesome looking box cars up for sale, selling for $100 plus shipping. Sold blind boxed style, the buyer doesn't know which one he/she will get. As an added bonus, DrilOne will add a name or tag on the other side of the box car, making a truly unique custom.

Image from DrilOne
 From DrilOne's product page:
These are 7" long and 2" high. I did the weathering and graffiti. This includes your name/tag on other side. There is 8 and they will be blindly sold. You wont know which one you get till to receive it.
Please let me know the name you want on the other side. I can do certain pictures too....
Don't wait to long to purchase one of these pieces, it may not last long with only 8 being available.

Mar 29, 2013

Featured Product - March 29,2013

 Nathan Hamill Bellicose Bunny Stinker Edition

"Forged by the stars and space alike, and stuff and things, the Bellicose Bunny was enlisted by top minds throughout the universe to seek out, thwart and destroy all known evil. Equipped with a pair of space goggles and the Sword of Ulyssia, he mounted his Daucus: Class 8 Rocket and embarked on his quest. Now he's reached this galaxy and needs our help in his noble mission. Hear his cry for peace: 'Starbunny Fields Forever!'"
This 7 inch vinyl bunny on a carrot rocket was designed by Nathan Hamill and sculpted by George Gaspar. Limited to only 100 pieces, the retail price for this piece is $50 bucks, but you can get it for half that ($25) in the Tenacious Toys online store right now.


Mar 28, 2013

KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES Sumo Troopers drop this Sunday March 31st

 We are very pleased to announce a huge release this upcoming Sunday: Kris Dulfer of KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES has cast up his 3" resin Sumo Trooper sculpt for a simultaneous Super Series Sunday drop on both our website and the KiD iNK Hazarai shop page. The blue Sumo Trooper above will be exclusive to Tenacious Toys. The red one below is exclusive to Hazarai.

 But the hefty fun does not stop there... Kris is also hiding some Golden Tickets and chase colorways in the blind bags of both releases. Hazarai gets one Golden Ticket figure hidden amongst their 15 blind-bagged red Sumo Troopers. Tenacious Toys gets a number of GID figures, some hand-painted figures, and a Golden Ticket amongst our 25 pieces.

There's a ton of kick-ass resin to go around. Each blind-bagged figure will be $30- same price on both sites. Gotta visit both sites to get one of each!
To recap: Super Series Sundays this week (March 31st) will drop at 4PM EST with the release of the KiD iNK Sumo Troopers on two different websites: Tenacious Toys and Hazarai. Blind bagged figures will be $30 each. Hazarai has 15, we have 25. See you on Sunday!

We recommend you open your account and add your billing info to it before the drop so you don't spend time adding it all while other customers do their best to cart-jack you by checking out faster. There's been quite a bit of interest in this release, globally, so we expect it to sell out.


War Tourists for ToyCon UK

Stunning War Tourists customs for ToyCon UK...

So here are some of the customs that will be appearing in my custom War Tourist show that will celebrate the launch of the first series of blank War Tourists. The show will be the main feature at the Planet Domu stand at ToyCon UK next Saturday, the 6th of April. Ten artists in total.

Mr. De’Ath – RunDMB

Plod – Stu Witter

Scur of Albion – Jon-Paul Kaiser

Mahu – MapMap

Blue Samurai – Mister Lister

Peace Seeker – A Little Stranger

Relic From the Wreck of HMS Ocean Moon – Pete Fowler

Midnight Halo – Mimic
Follow Planet Domu here:


Lofing & The Magical Mushroom vinyl by D'creativeaholic x Creo Design


D'creativeaholic and Creo Design is proud to present the new release of "Lofing & The Magical Mushroom" 6" collectible vinyl figure.

Lofing, created by creator of D'creativeaholic, Shenly Yee - is the main character of the “Minimizer Dreamland” series which was developed in 2008. It comes with an incredibly stunning mushroom accessory, adjustable arms and feet. All figures are protected by blister and enclosed in a beautiful full colour packaging.
This figure comes in 2 versions, Full Colour and Blank DIY version limited to a worldwide release of 300pcs and 200pcs respectively.

Blank will retail for $30 USD (£20)
Full Colour will retail for $40 USD  (£27.50)

The UK release of Lofing will take place at ToyCon UK on the 6th April and will be availble via the Creo Design online shop soon after the event. 

Please check out more on their Facebook page too!

Rioteers by J.Riot

The owner J.Riot (Jonathan) from the Vinyl Riot store is not only selling toys but he is a gifted customizer too.....just look at these stunning and fresh customs from him!

Follow J.Riot here:

Featured Product - March 28, 2013

 DIY UNICORN!!!!! Straight from tokidoki comes this blank unicorn ready for you to transform. You could make it the cutest unicorn in the world or a minion of the dark lord. It is up to you. Never will you have more control over an object, cut it up, sculpt on it, turn it into a flask*. The sky is the limit with this thing. Not only do you recieve this 5" figure to do with what you please but also three, count them one, two, three tokidoki exclusive sharpies in Adios Black, Bruttino Blue and Stellina Magenta. Available now for only $20 in the Tenacious Toys online store.

*Tenacious Toys, nor its bloggers can be held responsible for any side effects in turning this product into a flask. The Tokidoki Unicorno figure has not been approved by the FDA as safe for ingestion of any contents from within.

Sametan: Don't Tread On Me March 29 show to save sharks

For one weekend only, March 29-30, 2013, the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco will host a one of a kind art exhibition featuring 30 custom Sametan vinyl figures designed by 30 global artists including Frank Kozik, Buff Monster, Jenn Porreca and many more.

Through this unique event they aim to generate greater awareness for the global plight of sharks and the importance of our oceans via creative and entertaining avenues in order to raise critical funding to support PangeaSeed’s ongoing efforts and groundbreaking projects.

Proceeds raised through the sales of the vinyl figures will help fund PangeaSeed’s 2014 “Year of Living Dangerously” art tour of Asia. Because Asia is ground zero for the trade and consumption of many endangered species, the 2014 Asian event will reach six major Asian cities extending our core message to critical audiences.

PangeaSeed - Sametan: Don't Tread On Me

"Peace Offering" by Color Chemist

Amazing painted custom for sale, grab this one fast!

"Peace Offering", the custom Giver by Color Chemist aka Bryan Collins is now available at

This is the first "Giver" customized by Color Chemist, and the first piece by him to incorporate these types of craft elements. See more details at

Folow Color Chemist here:
      - Don P 


I have seen some amazing customs for the Beefy&Co booth, will post them in the coming days. Really dig this one...

So this is for the Bad Bad Buddha custom show at Beefy&co. Decided to turn this into my grape ape as well as a working "tool" if so desired. Named him KRUSH..ya im bloody clever like that. Will be on display at Beefy&Co booth all weekend and available for $325. I will be at the booth from 2pm to 3pm on Saturday doing a signing so if anyone wishes to come kick there or be square. I will have some DCON leftovers and a couple things sent back recently from shows and of course always tshirts. All available at the BEEFY&CO BOOTH 1253!! 

Follow JRAD here:

Instagram @ratedrad
 -Don P

Mar 27, 2013

TAOMORLIA - Micro munny series 3

Insane moving sale from SquareFrogDesigns...
Hey all. So basically I am moving in 2 days. I would ideally like to have all these sold and posted befor I do so. SOOOOOOO, I am offering these at a discounted price of £30 + postage ($46 + postage) until tomorrow night (orginally £35). If you would like one message me or email

Follow SquareFrogDesigns here:
      - Don P 

Featured Product for March 27, 2013

Today's feature comes from Sucklord. Bootlegged in in Chinatown, NYC, this is the 2011 edition of the best selling classic Suckadelic figure. The figure is a 3.75" tall, resin piece assembled and "splattered" by Sucklord himself and mounted on a silk screened card back. Pick it up today for $40 in the Tenacious Toys online store.

Mar 26, 2013

Striking similarities...

Above: "London Calling" was a custom Vinylmation created by Evilos for our April 2012 Candy Coated Custom Show in NYC.

Below: The Union Jack 5" Mini Qee Bear by Toy2R- a production toy slated to arrive soon. I'm not sayin nuthin... just that the timing is odd on this. 1 year is usually the max roll-out time from concept to reality, at least for platform toys. It's been about 11 months since our show.

JC Rivera x outsmART originals: BEARCHAMP Limited Edition Tee

It was a matter of time...

BearChamp Limited Edition Tee by JC Rivera

Based on JC Rivera’s numerous BearChamp customs and original creations, outsmART originals is proud to release this original design as part of our Designer Series Collection. Out of the ring and onto your back, this fighter will be screen printed on grey American Apparel Fine Jersey t-shirts and available for both men and women.
Shipping in Mid-April for only $20.00, reserve yours today and support this brute as he goes on to become the heavy weight champ of the world (or the woods)…

For Wholesale information and a copy of our Spring 2013 Catalog, email us at

Shmurfy Beet and Undead Shmurfy by Scott Tolleson


Scott Tolleson continues the colorway parade of Deadbeets with the Shmurfy Beet and Undead Shmurfy set. Made up of mixed blue and white bodied Deadbeets, these Shmurfy Deadbeets resemble a very familiar color combo of the Smurfs.
Undead Shmurfy Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson
Shmurfy Deadbeets by Scott Tolleson
Available on Friday March 29th, at 10AM PST, the Shmurfy Deadbeet set will be bagged with a header card and retail for $130. Each set will come with both colorways and will be limited to 20 sets. These Deadbeets are sure to make a great addition to any collectors ever expanding rainbow of color Deadbeet collection.

Follow Scott Tolleson here:

- Mark-Anthony

Featured Product of the Day - March 26, 2013

Todays featured product is another Tenacious Toys exclusive, the Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson. This is the second colorway of this piece and availble only at the Tenacious Toys online store.  The vinyl piece stands 5 inches tall, is limited to only 500 pieces and was produced by Toy2R.

Scott Tolleson called Benny of Tenacious Toys one day and asked if he wanted to have the Argh Noir colorway as a Tenacious Toys exclusive. Of course, Benny did, but he didn't have the money to fund the run of 500 Mini Qees. So Benny turned to Kickstarter, the crowd-funding platform, and put together his first Kickstarter project. After a nail-biting 2 months, the Argh Noir Kickstarter was fully funded and the money was sent to Toy2R to begin production! We are now selling the Årgh Noirs as we would any other product on our website since all Argh Noir Mini Qee rewards have been shipped to the backers of the project.

Available now for only $28 at

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book