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Court of the Dead

May 16, 2014

SandLord 5" Kaiju by Super Sandbagger


Dropping Saturday, May 17th at 12pm EST, Super Sandbagger's SandLord is a 5" tall urethane MONSTER!  According Sandbagger it feels like production PVC in the hand.  It features articulated arms and lots of cool details like the spiral palm.  SandLord is limited to 5 pieces in this colorway,  Sunset Sand, and a special GID edition!  Grab one before they're gone!

-The Highest Fever

Forces Of Dorkness Store Returns!


News flash!  Scott Kinnebrew's Forces of Dorkness online store A) is awesome, B) has returned, and C) has new goodies to buy.  Go buy all of them.

-The Highest Fever

Mini Nugs Series 3


  Tomorrow at 4:20 pm eastern, Ian Z will be releasing Nugglife's "MINI NUGS Series 3".  There are 5 lucky strains for this set and each come with an accessory, and a 3x2 inch mini painting of your strain.  Packaged blind bag each one will be $50 shipped and available here.

May 15, 2014

The Masked Diggler Collab by Splurrt X Devils Head Production

Devils Head Production has teamed up with Splurrt to create The Masked Diggler. With a color pallet chosen and each part assigned out, the collaboration began. Joe from Splurrt painted the Digglers, which are clear purple vinyl with a GID double pour on the inside. Toby, from Devils Head Production, was tasked with painting up the Alavaka masks, which are GID vinyl. Once painting was complete, the two pieces were combined creating The Masked Diggler
The Masked Digglers will be available on Saturday, May 17(says the DHP Blog, even though the graphic says Tuesday the 27th of April) and will sell for $60 each plus shipping. Each Masked Diggler is going to be bagged with a header card and sold at random. At random??? Yes, in addition to the color scheme seen in the pics, there are also a few secret variations which are included in the bunch. As a teaser, you can see on of the Digglers is painted with a green face, rather then the blue. Be sure to head on over and pick up a Masked Diggler from Devils Head Production and Splurrt.

Mech Maker Kickstarter by IMAGIMOD

3D printed figures designed using the Mech Maker system

Ever think to yourself :
"I want to design some killer robot figures and then play cool games with them"?

You're a human being, so the answer is yes.  Unless you're a robot.  But the answer is probably still yes.  If you're anything like me, all your robot designs start out great in your head but then end up looking a lot like somebody turned over a scrap metal bin and didn't bother to clean it up.  And then you has a sad.  Well your sadness ends NOW!

IMAGIMOD has launched a Kickstarter for a mindblowingly cool new product/app/service called Mech Maker.  Mech Maker allows you to design your own custom robots, choose their colors and even have them 3D printed and sent right to your door.  By choosing from hundreds of different components and color schemes you can guarantee that the mech you design is unlike any other mech.  No more boxes of the same old plastic model you've built a hundred times.  Create an army of mechanical warriors, each with its own unique weaponry and style.  And not only will you be able to create online, IMAGIMOD has also created an iOS app that allows you to design whenever and wherever the creative bug strikes.  Design it, color it, print it and play it.  If you've got a 3D printer, then grab the file and print it right in your own home (or wherever you keep that thing)!

Mech Maker on iOS
Mech Maker uses booster packs to give you access to new and exciting components and patterns to build your army.  Some components are common while others are rare or even "prototype".  Want a component but don't want to wait to find it in a pack?  Buy it outright.  Got a ton of extra components?  Trade them for points to get that piece you really want.  If the idea of cracking open booster packs full of robot parts was cool enough, IMAGIMOD is partnering with big names in the game and movie world to bring you even more exciting parts to build with.

The Mech Maker system isn't just for designing and printing figures. On top of it all, Mech Maker allows you to create your own games to play with the figures you create.  Play them, test them, upload it and then share your game to the world.  Play thousands of games created by other players as well.

Head on over to the Mech Maker Kickstarter page and pick your pledge level.  All of the levels include some really great rewards.  I recommend the Paint Job pledge level.  You'll get access to several Kickstarter exclusive models, a ton of booster packs, and a 3D printed mech designed by you using the Mech Maker software and hand painted by Adam Pratt, one of the most talented miniature painters in the business!

This is an Adam Pratt.

-The Highest Fever

May 13, 2014

What're you doing on Sunday? Creatures Of The Sunday Night


What are your plans on Sunday? Maybe they'll include joining a fun creative activity cooked up by Brandt Peters & Circus Posterus.

The past few Sundays, Brandt has issued a #CreaturesOfTheSundayNight drawing theme over Instagram. The guidelines are simple; interpret the theme on the day it is given, post a photo to your Instagram and tag #CreaturesOfTheSundayNight

Participation is open to anyone of any background, and so far participants have ranged widely between casual fans, forum members, aspiring artists and professionals alike.



It's not a contest, or a competition, but there is a valuable prize on offer- creative feedback, direction, critique, tips & suggestions from Brandt and the creative community on The Sideshow Circus Posterus forum.

BP's delivering valuable knowledge based on experience as a professional independent artist. The cost of admission is $0, just participate in the drawings & forum discussion here. If growing what you do creatively is important to you, you'll be glad you did.

Check out #CreaturesOfTheSundayNight over Instagram and join the discussion on CircusPosterus forum.


I'd quite like to give the Yoo-Doo creater a high five...

Hot of the heels of yesterdays total d**k awards is something you might not expect... instead this is something so special I almost want to hunt down the brains behind it and give them a high five. Now just to be clear I'm in no way saying this guy is doing good- he's a bit of a c**k to be honest- but when you're so arrogant as to start a toy business selling DIY's of a DIY so universally popular and recognizable as a Munny by Kidrobot you at least deserve a golf clap.

And with that I present to you the Yoo-Doo, a 4" White DIY Vinyl product with a name that resembles a mid 90's catchphrase more than the name of a DIY product for the masses. Now I'm not saying this company (which up until a few hours ago had no social presence and has a website that would look dated in 1993) is a tad iffy and perhaps a quick-buck scheme but.... well OK, I am saying that. 

Seriously what else can it be? A quick Google search for "DIY toy" shows you a Munny, if you're not familiar with the Kidrobot product this is bootlegged from. If this company was seriously looking to breaking into the toy scene you'd at least expect them to do some research... or am I being mental? At $7.99 it's a low priced product and if it was something new then they'd be onto something. As it stands there probably gonna be sued by Kidrobot's lawyers. 


Ok so this got interesting fast, the folks over at Vinyl Planet Toys responded to the many post's stating the obvious. As you can read above this isn't some dude knocking out a copy of a more popular design, this guys buying and repackaging them from "some website". This is where it gets interesting, is it some factory/website in (insert sketchy country known for knockoffs) or are they in fact real Kidrobot Munny's ?. I'm guessing cheap knock offs seeing as Munny's are stamped on the feet, I could be wrong tho I hope I am I'd like this guy even more If he was that much of an arrogant c**k. 

- K

May 12, 2014

May's OTFMG Exclusives: Purple Zombie Pheyden & Blue Brocotal


October Toys has just announced via their blog that May's OTMFG figures will be a blue Brocotal and a purple Zombie Pheyden.  Both figures will be available May 15th at 3PM EST.  Set your alarm and don't miss out.

-The Highest Fever

Guest Blogger Lawrence on Urban Vinyl and the Amnesty International Freedom Candles

Hello Friends,

    Some of you know about my Penchant for "Urban Vinyl", some of you don't.
Urban Vinyl is a kind of Art Movement; born from out of the time when Graffiti became art, Urban Vinyl has become what has been a perfect marriage between Street Art and Progress.
    This art form finds only as many facets as the Imagination will allow.
My personal Favorite piece is the "Dumb Luck" Bunny, by Gary Baseman (to the left). It is the first piece I ever bought. As my collection waxes and wanes, it will also be the last piece I ever
let go of.

It looks like a Toy, doesn't it? Well, that's the Raw Fun of Urban Vinyl, ART in the form of a toy.
Produced in limited numbers and often in several 'Colorways' they are collectible and somewhat rare.
And look at this piece, look how proudly this Bunny shows off his 'Lucky Rabbit's Foot' despite
the peg leg he has acquired to procure this 'magical implement'. Dumb Luck indeed.

    Another group making history with these toys is called COARSE TOYS. The figures are angular
and bring to mind an appreciation for the Cubist Movement.

Artist Mark Landwehr's vision is often obscure and his subject matter leaves many details about what any particular piece is saying up to the viewer.

    And as you see here to the right, another Rabbit. Teddy Bears, Rabbits and other traditional toy subjects
have been reinterpreted by these different artists in many different ways. In Landwehr's work, where the human subject is actually in conflict with these childhood characters, there seems to be some suggestion in tow about the nature of growing up and developing the courage to question the status quo.

    The movement has taken many directions and has been interpreted by Artists of many genre's.
It has also been a driving force at times in addressing Social Issues.

    Here I am bringing to your attention the work of both Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk. They have
created for Amnesty International three different candles, each burns down to reveal a Bronze Statue and
these candles, they are currently on auction on eBay. There are 10 of each piece.
Please click on the video below and watch the short by Amnesty International
and please, take the time today . . .   to do something for someone else in the world.

    Thank You,

This month's total d**k award goes to…

In a toy scene that’s more and more becoming a toy scene built on the customisers/bedroom artists, and not the Kidrobots of the scene, It takes a special kinda idiot or arrogant tit to try and scam a hard working artist and think he’s gonna get away with it.

On that note this months total d**k award goes to…… Dominick Rosati of Hudson Florida aka
shadyzunit on Ebay (the irony in that username is a wonder upon itself by the way). According to Hugh Rose:
This kid bought a piece of my work, claimed it never arrived and received a full refund. After he attempted to sell it online, I messaged him to settle the amount as it was clear that the piece had arrived after all. His reply: "Suck my d**k”, he then deleted his forum account and ignored all of my emails.

Said item then appeared on ebay up until a few minutes ago when “the listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.” I’m guessing the community sent him a couple of messages addressing how much of a cock he was and that he’s mistaken If he thinks he can get away with something like this.

Hopefully with a community as small and well connected as ours we can keep guys like this outta the toy scene. If you know anymore info on this guy such as new forum usernames then get in touch. It’s hard enough to make a living making toys without guys like this screwing you over.

In the meantime go support Hugh Rose

- K

TOYSREVIL: Getting To Know Little Maddie & The Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse

 The "Little Maddie" Kickstarter is coming together and will launch soon! I will be handling the project on Kickstarter and also fulfilling on the back end. The concept, design and production is all Bigshot Toyworks. Link to Kickstarter will be posted soon, and I'll keep pushing it throughout the KS. We've set up a website here. Andy got the scoop on the KS:

TOYSREVIL: Getting To Know "The Four Horsies of the 'Pocalyps...: In anticipation of their Kickstarter happening "soon" in May 2014, Bigshot Toworks has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to ...

Nathan Hamill x Urban Vinyl Daily Curiosity 'MudHoney' Ed Resin


Urban Vinyl has teamed up with Nathan Hamill to release an all new painted colorway of his 'Curiosity' resins. The 'Mudhoney Ed.' of this 5" figure features an allover bronze paint job with drips of 'honey' randomly on the body. This limited edition release of 5 figures were cast by Oni Creations, will be signed/numbered, and sold blind. You will be able to get yours for just $70 each in the Urban Vinyl Daily store starting May 14th at 12pm EDT.

Whalasaurus Plush Kickstarter - Designed by a 7-Year Old

Diggin these parent/child creative projects.... especially on Kickstarter. Looks like a great opportunity to teach a kid about business, economics and proper use of social media... The Whalasaurus is based on a 7-year-old's drawing, brought to life by his mom (a seamstress). Love it. Check the video:

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book