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Court of the Dead

May 12, 2014

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Guest Blogger Lawrence on Urban Vinyl and the Amnesty International Freedom Candles

Hello Friends,

    Some of you know about my Penchant for "Urban Vinyl", some of you don't.
Urban Vinyl is a kind of Art Movement; born from out of the time when Graffiti became art, Urban Vinyl has become what has been a perfect marriage between Street Art and Progress.
    This art form finds only as many facets as the Imagination will allow.
My personal Favorite piece is the "Dumb Luck" Bunny, by Gary Baseman (to the left). It is the first piece I ever bought. As my collection waxes and wanes, it will also be the last piece I ever
let go of.

It looks like a Toy, doesn't it? Well, that's the Raw Fun of Urban Vinyl, ART in the form of a toy.
Produced in limited numbers and often in several 'Colorways' they are collectible and somewhat rare.
And look at this piece, look how proudly this Bunny shows off his 'Lucky Rabbit's Foot' despite
the peg leg he has acquired to procure this 'magical implement'. Dumb Luck indeed.

    Another group making history with these toys is called COARSE TOYS. The figures are angular
and bring to mind an appreciation for the Cubist Movement.

Artist Mark Landwehr's vision is often obscure and his subject matter leaves many details about what any particular piece is saying up to the viewer.

    And as you see here to the right, another Rabbit. Teddy Bears, Rabbits and other traditional toy subjects
have been reinterpreted by these different artists in many different ways. In Landwehr's work, where the human subject is actually in conflict with these childhood characters, there seems to be some suggestion in tow about the nature of growing up and developing the courage to question the status quo.

    The movement has taken many directions and has been interpreted by Artists of many genre's.
It has also been a driving force at times in addressing Social Issues.

    Here I am bringing to your attention the work of both Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk. They have
created for Amnesty International three different candles, each burns down to reveal a Bronze Statue and
these candles, they are currently on auction on eBay. There are 10 of each piece.
Please click on the video below and watch the short by Amnesty International
and please, take the time today . . .   to do something for someone else in the world.

    Thank You,


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