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Court of the Dead

Oct 26, 2014

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INCOMING: Gary Baseman Wild Girls: Beverly Edition

... a little backstory, care of Gary's recent newsletter...

Who are the WildGirls and ChouChous?
In the Forest of ChouChou live the WildGirls, ChouChous, and demons. While the demons create chaos in the forest, the WildGirls are forced to live a life without any joy or freedom. The ChouChous offer their love and attention to the WildGirls, taking away negative energy and hate from them by absorbing it and oozing it out as Creamy Gooey Love from their bellybuttons.

Once this happens, their bodies melt away and they are left with nothing but their heads. The only way a ChouChou's body can grow back is if he is kissed by a girl of pure love.

These prominent Baseman characters were specially featured in the exhibition, "Hide and Seek in the Forest of ChouChou," shown in 2007 at Billly Shire Fine Arts in Culver City, California. They have since appeared in Baseman's sketchbooks, paintings, and even live art performances.

The regular colorway available to retailers like us- the Beverly Edition seen in these pics- is available for preorder right now in our shop here for $70.


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