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Court of the Dead

Jun 29, 2013

Custom Hulk Marshall by Rocketboy

Latest custom from Rocketboy...

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Steampunk Stewie and his mechanical Cephalopod… of Doom

The latest custom from Klang, love it!
He's about 6 1/2 inches high 9 inches wide and 8 inches long. Based on a Mr. Capman Kanser and kidrobot Stewie Griffin. He is available soon from:
priced at £150 for this one off custom
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Kid Achilles by Commandante

This custom turned out mind blowing. Amazing sculpt on this Mascot. Love all the details, just stunning! Another epic Mascot from Commandante.

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  - Don P

Narwalrus Larvae by Forces of Dorkness


Scott Kinnebrew of Forces of Dorkness has just announced two new resin pieces available in his store right now.  The Narwalrus Larvae is currently available in green or blue. But there's only one of each. And be warned, if you like a color you better grab it fast. Because each unique color way won't be duplicated! 

Narwalrus Larvae are $30 with free US shipping.

-The Highest Fever

Jun 28, 2013

No Joe t-shirt from Les Schettkoe


NO JOE! Cobra is low down and dirty. Crossing out G.I. JOE in the mean streets of territory disputes, this Cobra Soldier grabs a spray can and erases G.I. JOE from Joe's hood! That'll start something rawkus. Prepare for a fight Cobra!

From The Loyal Subjects collection designed by Les Schettkoe, the shirt is available in sizes small - XXL and is available for $25 on Sub-Urban Vinyl's website.

alto x Creo Design Little Blue Ox Resin Dropping This Super Sunday

If you're a follower of the Tenacious Toys Facebook or Twitter accounts, you've probably already seen  a sneak peak of the upcoming Super Series Sunday.  But in case you've been living under a rock or imprisoned in a factory by your own employees, here it is!

Alto x Creo Design presents their beautifully designed 3" Little Ox resin figure in a Tenacious blue color way.  Featuring eye-catching angles that create sharp lines and contrasting shadows this solid colored figure manages to capture plenty of hues.

But his beauty isn't just skin deep.  Little Ox features an articled head that attaches to the body via a set of strong magnets allowing the head to rotate freely. And topping it all off is the custom packing which features "nutritional info" on this little guy*.

This color way is being made available in a 10 piece run and will never be run again. Ever.  Don't miss your chance to add this once-in-a-lifetime piece to your collection.   The Tenacious Toys Exclusive Blue Little Ox will be available Sunday, June 30th, for $38.

-The Highest Fever

*Please don't eat your Little Ox.

Jun 26, 2013

Curiosity: Lava Edition by Nathan Hamill


Hot on the heels of the release of his cherry-flavorway Octopup vinyl figure, Nathan Hamill presents his Curiosity resin figure in its new Lava Edition. Limited to 10 pieces, these 5" figures come in a mixture of semi-transparent yellow and red hues.

The Curiosity: Lava Edition is a Vinyl Riot exclusive and will be available this Saturday, the 29th, at 12PM EST.


-The Highest Fever

"Little Moon God Plush" by Kaitlin Reid - Kickstarter Project


Kaitlin Reid of Sunset Dragon has taken one of her character designs that was translated into a vinyl toy a few years back and re imagined it as a plush toy that is simply adorable. The plush originated from a design inspired by an Inuit legend about the sun and the moon. She has been working on this character design for about five years now, and decided to translate him into an adorable plush perfect for both collectors and children.

Right now she has a Kickstarter project going to get this little guy into production. The plush stands 8" high, 6.5" wide and 9.5" long and features individual toes, embroidered face and a faux fur mane. The plush is available at the $35 level, but different tiers offer charms, a scarf, buttons, commissions and charms.  The project has already been funded and the first stretch goal met, but at the third stretch level a secnod plush will be made in addition to the Little Moon God plush. 

Coarse Toys Ruth and Void: The Passage releases online July 6th


The henchman

“Hurry!” I shout again. “We don’t have much time!”

Raindrops go pitpat on my head, and if I didn’t come back soon with a catch, Mr. V is going to pluck the feathers right off me. Oh, I remember the last time he trusted me enough to let me leave my nest and go searching in the forest for one of our visitors. I'll never forget that night so long as my heart beats and my head turns and my eyes go blink in the morning.

Thruuuuuush! The wind nearly knocks me over. It would be such a good night for flying games. But no! No, focus! This isn’t time for flying games. This is my chance to help Mr. V bring the final catch to his island. If I get this girl on the boat and to the island in one piece I will get my golden block! When I bring it back to my nest, all the other omens will say, "How did you get such a shiny golden block?" and I’ll say, "Mr. V asked me to catch the visitor," and they’ll say, "I don’t believe you!" But they’ll have to believe me. The golden block will be my proof.

Focus, focus! Is that her? Is it? There’s something coming through the trees.

It is! I almost flap my wings together, but I remember to stand tall (as tall as a little omen like me can!) and greet her with authority and poise.

“Ahem,” I say. “I see you have found the passage.”

I can’t help it! Flipflapflip! My wings sputter together and she jumps back in surprise.

“The passage?” she mutters.

“Why yes. The passage is right this way.”

I know if I stand there any longer she will ask more questions. That was my problem the last time, with the boy. I almost had him with me and he said, “Where does the passage lead?” Instead of saying, “It will take you right home,” I said, “The island of Mr. V, where all the children go.” He dashed into the forest and we never saw him again. Oh, how stupid of me! An amateur move. A thoughtless amateur move.

I hobble down the path as quickly as I can, but not so quickly that I get too far ahead of her. Her footsteps still make noise, crackling over the forest's debris behind me.

“Right this way!” I say. “Just a little further!”

At the bottom of the slope, the branches and the bushes clear and we are standing before the lake, the boat bobbing at the end of the dock. And there he is! Oh, what a sight he is, there in the flesh, waiting for me —for me! His horse mask catches the light from the moon and for a second it looks like those false eyes are generating the light themselves, that Mr. V’s eyes are made of fireflies. Just to be in his presence, to feel his power—that’s worth all the golden blocks in this forest.

“Good evening, Mr. V!” I shout. “Our guest has arrived!”

She emerges from the trees and her mouth opens at the sight of the water, but she does not speak.

“What’s your name?” I whisper. “I forget to ask you your name!”

“R—Ruth,” she stammers.

The rain starts to pour down all over us, cleansing the mud off both our bodies.

“Don’t worry, Ruth. Mr. V is strong, and when he starts rowing, the wind will dry you good as new. Now let’s go! We don’t have much time!”

I run to the edge of the dock and puff out my chest as she picks up her pace behind me.

“Ahem,” I say, bowing before Mr. V. “Ruth is here!”

The catch

“Hurry!” says the voice. “Walk this way. No, not that way, this way! Let’s go!”

I am lost, and the world is dark, and the forest’s mossy floor is cool on my bare feet. I was maneuvering blindly for—for how long? How long could it have been? I had opened my eyes in the depths of the silence, my head on a pillow of wet leaves. Heavy, swollen raindrops lost their grip on either the clouds or the trees and came down in soothing thuds on my face, drawing me awake and into this world.

I stood up and walked for what felt like hours, trying to avoid tree trunks and rogue branches, praying for the sun to rise. The wind kicked up every so often nearly tossing me aside, or perhaps I just let it toss me aside. I was tired and wanted sleep. Under the covers in my own bed would have been ideal, but I would have fallen asleep anywhere, just so I could close my eyes, because if I closed my eyes I would not be here, lost in these unknown woods.


“Hurry!” A voice. It doesn’t sound human, but I follow it anyway, tumbling over fallen trunks and roots. Mud gets lodged under my fingernails and I can’t get this grime off my skin.

“I’m coming!” I say, though I can’t be sure of which way I walk. This darkness is so thick I can’t even tell if my eyes are open or closed, if I am awake or lost in the labyrinth of my own dream.

The seducer

It was almost impossible to even get her to come on board. That stupid, little creature could barely look her in the eye and lie. Eventually she came on after that little omen made up a pathetic story about a waterfall at the end of the lake, a waterfall that would take her home.

This will be the last time I ask this one to do anything. He’s more of a fool than I thought if he actually believes he will be flying back to his nest with one of my golden cubes. With him keeping watch I wouldn’t be surprised if we sailed into a rock. But he did get the catch. He got the girl. She’s the last one I need. The last one I need for the island.

Just then she talks. Her voice is feeble and meek.

“You aren’t taking me home, are you?” she whispers.

For the first time since she has been here, I speak.

“Nowhere near home," I whisper, letting go of a deep slow laughter that reverberates off the lake and echoes softly, deep into the darkness of her dream.

How do I order this set?

These three distinct vinyl figures are part of the most complex story ever told by coarse within the last 10 years. With a boat length of 16'' [40 cm], a width of 8.5'' [21.25] and a height reaching 11'' [27.5 cm], be prepared to unpack an impressive sculpture.

The elaborate group includes the huddled Ruth, the domineering Void gripping the oars, and his minion Omen keeping watch at the bow. All three characters have found themselves crossing the waters in a heavily loaded rowboat heading towards Void’s island in the night.

Twelve golden cubes are also on board, so Void will keep his removable Trojan horse mask fixed tightly to ward off any rogue omens who might try to swoop in and snatch his precious cargo.

The Passage
Available July 6, 2013
Limited to 222 pcs

HK$ 3860 Includes global shipping*
(That's about US$500)

Available for preorder only at the coarse online store at the following times:
08:00 am Los Angeles
11:00 am New York
05:00 pm Hamburg
11:59 pm Hong Kong

Each set contains one "family and friends" application card.

- post by Benjamin Kline, info direct from Coarse
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