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Court of the Dead

Dec 1, 2017

9 Days Left to Back Fungisaurs Mini Figures & AR App on Kickstarter


Here's a pretty cool new mini figure toy line coupled with an augmented reality mobile app! We are getting high tech here! Fungisaurs are dinosaur / fungus hybrids!

Just like mushrooms, Fungisaurs spores travel on the winds...

Since 2015, they've been spotted everywhere, from bustling cities to remote national parks across North America, Europe, and Asia. Follow their travels on Instagram, you never know where they’ll turn up next....

Worth checking out! 9 days left so don't wait, you can back and get a toy for as low as $15.

Meet the Fungisaurs
8 species identified so far:


Nov 29, 2017

Fuzzy Puppet Reviews XXRAY Bugs Bunny & Tweety Bird Figures by Mighty Jaxx


We are super excited to work with the hilarious Fuzzy Puppet on a review video for the Mighty Jaxx XXRAY x Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird figures. Designed by our buddy Jason Freeny (maker of groovy things!), these mini figure collectibles were probably the weirdest items that Fuzzy Puppet ever got his furry little mitts on. He kept calling them "CRAZY" which is pretty much accurate.

Watch the video here:

Check out the Fuzzy Puppet Youtube channel here.

Buy these XXRAY figures here:

XXRAY Tweety: 
XXRAY Bugs Bunny: